A Wife’s Compromise – 02

The conversation

Sunil, was to behave abruptly at times, but today he was little more angry and upset. Devika, was not able to understand. Most of the past 3 years, she had found him upset.
They reached home, and Sunil unlocked the door with his keys in a haste. Devika was not really able to understand Sunil, as Sunil hardly shared any problem with her. But today Sunil was looking more upset than usual. With a courage she asked Sunil-
” Kya hua, Saab theek hai na, aap aaj thoda jyada upset lag rahe ho”

Sunil was angry, but he also realized today how much he loved his wife. He replied trying to control the anger and frustration – ” Kuch nahin tum nahin samghoge, this is corporate politics”

Devika didnt ask him further. she knew that more conversation will make him more upset . Quietly she went inside the bathroom to change into her night suit. Sunil again engrossed him self into his glass of whisky, uncertain about his future and job. He had never been so helpless in his life. He was trying to figure out a way out, what should he really do. At times he thought of sending her, another thought was completely against it. He was seating in this uncertainity and he didnot even remember , which peg he was drinking.

Voice of Devika, woke him up from his deep thought
” Suniye ji, App bahut tensed lag rahe ho, please share na, kiya baat hai”

Sunil could not resist he wanted to share it with some one and he just could not hide it anymore .
” Devika, it is a very serious situation, my job is at stake. I donot know what to should I do, but I am sure I will get the job”

Devika became more curious -” I know , saab theek ho jayega, magar problem to batao, hum milkar kuch solution dhoond lenge”

After discussing with Devika for long, and avoiding to tell her, Sunil finally spoke –
” You know Devika, I have not been able to perform for past few years. My rating are very down, and my job is at stake. I am also unable to find a job outside. I have been struggling. Today I got another negative rating, and warning “

Devika looked surprise but astonished as she was not aware of anything like this.

” OH “

Sunil Continued- ” Today in the party, my boss the new MD, Anand me , salary hike of more than thirty percent and double promotion with a condition”

Devika saw the nervousness in Sunils face, ” What condition”

Sunil hiding eye contact” He wants to sleep with you this weekend, otherwise he will fire me.That bastard wants to sleep with my wife. How dare he made me this proposal. But you donot worry, I told him know. I will resign tomorrow. I love you Devika, even if you are not my dream girl. But I have taken 7 feres and I will protect you. Bus thoda upset hun, I will be fine by tomorrow. You donot take tension”

Devika looked proud of Sunil, she pasted a kiss on lips of Sunil and tried to give him confidence.
” Donot worry ji. I believe in God, wo sab theek karenge, I am sure your boss will forget everything tomorrow. Abhi aap so jao. I will be with you no matter what”

Sunil, felt little better after some pep talk from Devika. They both made love in living room only and post it Sunil was fast asleep.

Devika could not sleep whole night. She was very sorry for her helpless husband . She started having deep conversation with her own self
“Sunil bahut paresan hain, I need to help me. Should I take offer of his boss, atleast it will give Sunil happiness. Hey Bhagwan! mughe koi rasta dikhaoo. Agar kisi ko pata chal gaya to”

Devika kept on thinking about it whole night. Ultimately early morning, she decided to take a decision.

She knew what she has to do, for his husband who loves her so much. ” Savitiri bhi to Yumraaj se laad gayie thi, fir yeh to ek aadami hai”

Devika, started to search number of Anand, from mobile of Sunil. She found the number stored it in her mobile and went to toilet to make a call.

trin trin…

Anand picked up the phone in a lazy voice spoke ” Hello Kaun hai”

” Sir, Main Devika – Sunil ki wife”

The deal

” Hello Sir, Main Devika Bol rahie hun”

Anand- ” Kaun Devika”

Devika- ” Sir, wife of Sunil”

Anand-” Oh Devika, haan bolo bolo. Main Sunil ke phone ka he intezar kar raha tha, bolo kiya decide kiya tum dono nain”

Devika – ” Sir, I am ready for you proposal, magar, Sunil ko pata nahin lagna chahaiye. Main apne husband ki khushi ke liye kuch bhi kar sakathi hun, Yeah saari deal sirf humare beach raheni chahayie”

Anand, looks impressed ( Yeah itni innocent nahin hai jitna maine socha tha”, ” ok aur kiya”

Devika- ” Bus Sir, I will do what you want, but what is the guarantee that you will not back out.”

Anand-” Main ek businessmen hun, you can trust me, it is deal. Rahie Baat Sunil ki, that I will handle him. You just get ready. Kahan milna hain,kaise milna hai, I will let you know. Donot worry everything will be secret and deal between us”

Devika, nervously – said ok, and hanged up the phone.

Anand, started to day dream and fantasise the hot body of Devika, wow, he never thought it will so easy to get her. He started visualizing the positions and various way he will fuck her. Anyways, controlling his emotions, he woke up , took some aspirin to fight his hangover & went to his gym for exercise.

There are countless women he has fucked in his life, most of them were rich bitches and also few of them were wives of his employees, but all of them were educated and well to do off. Internally he also had a crush on Devika, but he wanted to really make a whore out of her for next 2 days or may be more. His mind was not in exercise, he has never felt so excited before. Sex was routine for him, but this was something new he was gonna experience. Fucking a sati savitiri kind of women. There was water in his mouth.

Anyways, he had to do something to get rid of Sunil first, as he knew if he is in town Devika will not come and he wanted to fuck her in this weekend only. After finishing his breakfast, he called Sunil.

” Sunil, main Anand bol raha hun”

Sunil with his increased heart beat, answered his call. ” Yes sir, Sir I told you I can never accept your proposal, I request you not to call me on this topic”

Anand, smiled – ” arey nahin nahin, Sunil, Kaal Nashe main mugh se galtie ho gayie. I called to apologise you and give you another chance. I know I have been offlate quite rude to you, and Devika to meri choti behen ki tareh hai”

Sunil, looked shocked with this statement.” Oh “

Anand- ” Dekh Sunil, you know you are not performing, but I have a proposal for you. There is a project for us in Banglore, today 4 PM is a meeting, I want you to immediately leave for Banglore and ensure you come after completing the project and with whole timelines extra, Tina will explain to you whole project and she will also come with you. “

Sunil- ” Sir abhi nikalana hai”

Anand-” Sunil, this is what you lack, passion, mauka mila hai, ensure you finish it off. Pack your backs. I want to see you back with complete plan , and also visit our plant in Chennai, on return, if you get me this project , than I will think of something good for you .”

Sunil was in utter shock of his life. He was completely taken aback by the change in stance of his boss. What has happened in one night . However, he knew this is his final chance. He called up Devika.

” Devika , my love my darling, pack my bags, mughe immediately airport ke liye nikalna hai, you were right, my boss had finally seen my capability. I will do my best my love. Thank you for your support ” and he planted a kiss on his lips, and went to bathroom to get ready.

Devika, gave him a plastic smile, because inside she knew, that Anand has played his card. Now she will have to be ready. She can feel the sweat on her forehead, she was not able to decide still whether her decision was really correct or not. But she was happy to see spark on Sunil’s face, it was after long she saw him so happy.

Devika in her thoughts started packing stuff for Sunil, she got a whatsup from Anand -” Devika I have done what you had ask, we will meet today only, I will send you details, call me once Sunil leaves for airport”

Devika, immediately deleted the message and continued to pack Sunil clothes with nervousness. Sunil finished his breakfast and planted a kiss .

Devika responded ” I love you “. Acha suno, is it ok if I go to mamaji’s house for this weekend , he has not been keeping too well “

Sunil never liked Mamaji of Devika, as they were rich and also they didnt like Sunil either. Devika knew in case her mobile is not reachable, Sunil will never enquire them. Thats why Devika wanted to be safe, in case Sunil calls at landline extra. Devika her self, didnt know how come she had this ideas, was she becoming a raand, she thought.

Sunil was in good mood, so he allowed her & he left for airport. Sunil can sense new love he realized for his wife. May be that was because of the new spark his boss gave him, he was unaware of that life of his and his wife is gonna change tonight.

In her thoughts, Devika was still trying to figure out how she will change this situation.

She was in this thought and as soon as she got the call from Sunil, has boarded the flight, Anand called up Devika.

Trin trin.

to be continued

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