A Wife’s Compromise – 04

Build up to the Action

Devika, was sweating despite the fact, ACS were at 16 degrees. She was still tensed and she was also shivering with fear. She was simple women, with simple desires of her life, but she had never thought that she will be able to reach this far. She had come from a family, where girls are ” Ghar ki Maryada”. His father was very conservative , and strict. She had always lived in a very protective environment, and city of Mumbai anyways like a dream city for her. She was an obedient wife, but also very practical. She was a religious lady, she her self was not able to believe her self, when decided to agree to proposal of Anand. She was not a romantic lady and sex life between Sunil and her was not very extra ordinary. He will make love to her once in a while, but she was totally dedicated and faithful to Sunil. She must have taken this decision emotionally, to protect her husband. Typical Indian Lady.

It was a long waiting, then, the servant of Anand, broke the silence.

” Madam,Sahab ne aapko upar jane ke liye bola hai “

She grasped the glass of water, shivering followed the instruction.

Ramu, the servant a old guy, then took her to the upper room. The upper room was fantastic. It was bedroom , with mini bar, and just outside , was big terrace and a small swimming pool. The terrace , was lit up with lights, and the bedroom was full of attics. It was a nice cozy glassy room. Anand, mostly used this room to relax and come back to his senses. She really liked the room. But of course, again her silence was broken by the Servant.

Ramu ” Sahab nain yeh letter diya hai”

Devika, actually had come with a plan to lie down on the feet of Anand, and ask for forgiveness, but the wait was making her more nervous. She was not too sure, what is she gonna expect, and she was just going with the flow. She opened the letter and started reading it :

” Dear Devika, I know you will be nervous, but I assure you this night will transform you . Now, as we have done a deal, and you are not giving me your self freely, I want you to be the way i want to be. Remember, you and I are doing a business. So next two nights, I will do whatever I want. I have bought few dresses for you, I want you to try them out and wear something out of them for me tonight. Shh, No nakhras. Nakrhas means deal is over, I will see you in sometime
tumhara do raat ka Husband

Anand was an expert, he knew that Devika will do nakhras and crying, and he wanted to avoid all the emotional dramas. He didnt want to do jabaradasti with Devika, but slowly and steadily wanted her to become his slut.He had ample time with him and he knew that she cannot escape from here.

Devika, for long looked at the letter and then the watch, it was almost 9 PM, it was already an hour , she was waiting. She had never wore any hot dresses extra in her life, Sunil had asked her many times, but once she wore a small nighty, but she was not comfortable with it. They both quarreled on this for long, but Devika never wore it again in her life. She quietly opened the cupboard to check. Anand had already made prayers.

First dress he had kept was a Black color, hot G string.

2nd one was a pink color lingerie, where panties were a thong.

3rd one was a school girl uniform with hot panties.

4th one was Saree, with a hot sleeveless blouse and a thong and a small peticoat.

5th one was a hot see through nighty.

and then there were few short skirts and lingerie

And then there her two pairs of black and pink high heels.

Every cloth on it had a rose and chocklate, with a some comment. Like in school girl uniform it was written- slutty kid.
in saree was return- Indian raand .
extra extra.

Devika was very amused on seeing all these dresses. She had not even wore shorts, and here this man was asking her to wear all this. The Servant Ramu was still in room. It was almost 15 Minutes that Devika kept on looking at all those dresses.

Ramu gets a call on his mobile ” Ji Sahab Ji Ji Ji “

and hangs up.

Ramu in a stern tone looks at Devika and says ” Sahab nain bola hai agar tu in main se kuch na pehene, to mugey pasand ho wo jabardasti pehena dun , tere ko nanga karke- raand “

Devika was shocked by the rude tone of the servant. She knew there was no way he can runaway from it now.
” Pehen rahi hun bhaiya pehen rahie hun.”

Ramu- ” Main check karney aaona, 10 Minute main”, the bedroom door had no lock.

Devika, in her own thoughts with tears in her eyes, choose the Saree. She dropped her Salwar, and removed her blue color old fashioned panties. She slowly , took that hot looking thong inside her. The thong had only one stripe at behind and she tried to adjust that stripe to feel comfortable but she was not all. She some how managed to adjust it. Then she started wearing the peticoat, which was not a peticoat, but a short skirt with elsatic to adjust her Saree. She somehow managed to wore it. . Then she removed her kurta, and her old fashioned white color bra. The blouse which had come was little tight, and her breasts were kind of trying to peep outside from it. She had no option but to try to adjust her to her breasts. Then she started wearing the saree sent , and tried her best to cover her naked back and shoulders . She then moved towards the shoes, removing her sandles, she started wearing the high heels . She felt very uncomfortable while wearing them, but she had no choice. She fall many times, before somehow reaching the bed.

Ramu came exactly in 15 minutes and laughed at seeing her fall. He helped her walk to the bed, and purposefully tried to touch her breasts. She got scared.

” Donot worry, hum to touch kar ke he maje lete hain, tu hai to saahab ka maal”

and he left the room, to inform his boss.

After around 30 Mins, Anand entered the bedroom

to be continued

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