A Wife’s Compromise – 05

Making of a Slut

Anand entered the room .

Devika with a sense of fear, looked back, trying to cover her her self with the pallu of her saree. She was definitely, nervous, shy and uncomfortable. She tried to stand but the Heel, she wore again made her uncomfortable, and she continued to sit on bed waiting for Anand to come near her. She had removed her heel now so that she can drop on legs of Anand, and request him for mercy.

Anand was wearing nice sleeveless jockey vest, with a boxer shorts. His chest didnot had hairs, and though he was in early 40s, but he had a perfect athletic body. He was smoking a cigarette, and straight away went to the bed to greet Devika. He knew Devika will choose a Saree, and looking at her covering her self, he felt even more desperate. He didnot say anything and was looking at her .

Anand, reached close to Devika. Devika stood up with tears in her eyes and looked at Anand with a mercy and innocent way. Anand stood still, with smoking a cigarette, and admiring her from top to bottom. (She looks like an innocent bitch, he thought to himself)

Devika was trying her best to cover whatever part she could through the Saree. She was continuing to sweat, she immediately dropped herself in the feet of Anand.
” Sir, please mughe chod do, I am sorry sir, mugh se nahin ho payega”

Anand ,remained silent.

Devika continued to speak ” Main Sunil ko bahut pyar kartie hun sir, main usko dhoka nahin de sakthe, please sir, mughe nahin pata main kaise tyar ho gayie, iske liye, please mughe chod de jiye”

Anand, remained silent, he was like a stone, was continuing to smoke, as if not worried about what is happening.

Devika, disturbed by his silence, continued to plead, in this pleading the pallu she was using to cover her shoulder came apart, and her naked shoulders and one side of cleavage was now easily can be seen. Her focus was more on pleading hence she didnot observe that Anand was looking at her like a nasty beast.

Anand, waited for a minute, made a call.

“Sunil,” Devika, got shocked. She stood up in a nervous tone.

“Sunil,kaise rahie meeting , koi progress hai ” and gestured at Devika and whispered ” kiya Sunil ko bata dun ki tu yahan hai….,Saali “

Devika, started shivering and could just hold her hands and silently wait for next.

” OK Sunil keep me posted” and he hanged up.

Holding Devika from her shoulders , looking at her eyes Anand said to Devika -” Dekh Devika, agar you do what I ask you to do, to yeh saab humare beech he rahega, magar agar to yeh saab naatak watak karegie to ab chaye to mughey de ya na de, main Sunil ko bata doonga, isliye samaghdari isme hai ke chup chap karne de. Vaise bhi main tere naam ki kai baar muth mar chuka hun, aur aab mere control ke bahar hai”

And he pushed her with force towards him self and pasted a kiss on her lips. Devika was not prepared for it, plus she could never bear the smell of Cigarette, but the more she tried to take her self out from his clutches, the more Anand kept on kissing her. This continued for a while and despite all her efforts to loosen her self from his grip and trying to cope up with the smell of cigarette, he continued to kiss or I must say molest the juicy lips of his prey. Devika had never been kissed so harshly by Sunil, he was always gentle, she continued to try to resist as much as possible but Anand was an expert, he kept on imposing his lips into her lips.

He must have kissed her for ages, I cannot say accurately was it 10 mins, but it looked more than that and he seemed to enjoy this kissing. Lips of Devika, were pinkish and as she was only a one man touched, perhaps thats why they were tasting more sweeter. The taste of her lips was like of a Vanilla ice cream.

As Anand, removed his lips from her lips, Devika stumblingly tried to move back from Anand, with trying to relieve the pain on her lips through her tongue. She felt was if her lips has swollen. This was a very different kissing she had felt. Many times Sunil, had tried her to watch some hot movies, but she never liked it and hence never watched them. She felt a feeling of being kissed like that. As she was still scared and nervous, she didnot like the way she was being kissed. The way she was kissed increased further, the fear in her mind of what was suppose to happen. She was also irritated by the action of Anand, but also knew that now she will have to pay the price for her foolishness. Inside she was feeling like a slut.

Anand was smiling ” Maaza aaya Darling , abhi to raat baaki hai”.

Devika didnot reply, she was still to come out of the terms of this.

Anand, holding his dick, now started moving towards Devika, he wanted to now make this innocent girl his slut. His eyes were full of rust, he didnot want to give Devika any chance of come back. He just wanted to fuck this Innocent Diva. He just wanted to fuck this raand.

Devika was still trying to come out of the shocking kiss of Anand. Anand, rushed towards Devika with a speed of light, and tried to pull her back towards him. Anand didnot want to give any chance to Devika to relax or reflect. He wanted more of vanilla .

But Devika this time was little bit more alert, and she was able to move back little backwards, but in this movement, the mangalsutra of Devika came in the hands of Anand. And snatch, it got broke. Devika like all Indian house wife, who believed in the purity of their husband in this mangalsutra, immediately tried to hold it from her hands. Anand, taking full charge of the situation, was able to snatch her back to him.

Devika requested-” Please sir, atleast mangal sutra to theek se rakhne do”

Anand, didnot say anything, only thing which was driving him right now was to fuck this innocent bitch. He himself, snatched the mangalsutra from her neck, and threw it to a couch , ” aab do raaton ke liye bhool ja Sunil ko, tu sirf meri biwi hai do raato ki”

and flash he snatched the pallu of saree of Devika.

Devika tried to cover her cleavage, which were hardly getting hidden in the uncomfirtable blouse. Ofcourse there was no bra.This action of Devika, made Anand, even more horny. He was loosing more control with these pretty actions of Devika. Devika was still in shock and tears.

Anand left her, like this for few seconds. Devika tried to cover her self with the pallu of saree.

” Donot cover it, apne haath hata”

Devika, with lot of effort and fight in her heart, slowly removed her hands from her cleavage.

Her breasts, were peeping out of the blouse. Perhaps if someone would have looked at them more closely, he could have seen the nipples of her breasts also. The navel of hers was little oval, with few red marks, may be from the wax she did today. There was not a single fat on her tummy. Her cleavage and tummy were shining like milk in the cozy lights of the bedroom of Anand.

Anand couldnot help him self, but admire her beauty. He must have fucked ample ladies by now, but no one was as hesitant and shy as Devika. This innocence was what making him even more crazy for her. Devika had kept her face down, and she was standing like this, but shivering with shame.

Anand, waked slowly towards her and started to lick her beautiful cleavage. The blouse of Devika,which was hardly a blouse, was also little offset. Devika knew the inevitable . Anand was putting his saliva on her body and Devika, was doing nothing except, like a helpless lady letting this bastard play with her. Anand was an expert, and Devika though tried her best to behave as she is a stone, but the art of Anand had started to work on her body.

She was human after all. Anand by now had completely topless Devika , and though she tried her best to cover her naked boobs with her hands, Anands, rudeness again made her feel the pinch. Anand asked her to walk to the swimming pool . and then called her back. He will then ask her to lie on bed or make her make a pose of titanic on sofa. He was ordering and she was just following. Everytime she will try to cover her breasts from her hand, he will again shout at her.

And then he will lick her open breasts and molest them with his hands. The color of nipples of Devika, were little pinkish ,and he will again take them to his mouth and swallow them. He will do it, then will stop and then will ask her to walk .

Anand wanted to admire her body as much as possible. He wanted to actually take her to that level, where she will herself support him to fuck her. Anand , kept on doing like this for sometime. The nipples of Devika were errect, though her tears had still not stop yet.

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