Anitha’s Sex Experience In Train Toilet

Hi dirtytamil readers, I am Anitha. I am 32 years old. I have a round face, big eyes and deep dimples.I have a wheatish complexion and have never failed to attract any man who comes my way. I always get a second look when I go out. So I assume that I come under ‘very beautiful’ category.I came across KE very recently. This is a wonderful place to share our experiences. I have lots of experiences to share with you all. Let me share my latest experience with you first.Two days back, I was taking the night train to Bangalore. I normally love such night journeys, because I always happen to have different experiences in each journey. As usual, I was wearing a transparent saree and a sleeveless blouse. My blouse had a very low cut in the front and back. I had worn my saree way below my hip. I was not wearing bra or panties.I love to show off my assets. Men get really horny when I expose my assets and I love to see the expression on their faces.

When the train was about to leave, I saw a tall, muscular man take his seat in front of me. I was instantly attracted to this handsome guy.I decided that he was my target for the night.After he settled down in his seat, I got up, bent down and pushed my luggage under his seat. I purposely let my pallu drop. I acted as if I was not conscious about it. Through the corner of my eyes, I could see that everybody’s eyes, including my man’s eyes were fixed on my huge boobs. I casually got up and wore the pallu again. But I made sure that my right boob remain exposed. My man could not take his eyes off my boobs. I looked at him and gave a seductive smile.Then I got up to go to the toilet. I could feel his eyes roaming in my navel area. I went to the loo and came back. I could see that he had a hardon. He was trying to hide it from everybody.

Then it was time to sleep and everyone occupied their berths. I was in the lowest berth and my man was right opposite to me. I was lying on my side facing him so that he could see all my assets. He was struggling with his hardon and I was enjoying it. After some time, everyone was asleep and I pretended to sleep too. I could feel a hand removing my pallu from the shoulder and instantly knew who it was. I kept my eyes closed. The hands moved to my boobs and started pressing and kneading them. A mouth kissed my cleavage.The hands were now kneading my navel area. I could feel the hand now moving up my thighs in search of my pussy. When the hand touched the pussy I shivered. Two fingers were inserted into my pussy. They were moving in and out.I could not hold on anymore. I opened my eyes and looked at him. His eyes were red and he had the wildest expression on his face. He bent down and whispered,”come to the toilet”. He got up and went to the toilet.I went after him.We made sure nobody was around and locked ourselves inside the toilet. He quickly unhooked my bra and started sucking my nipples. He tried to eat as much of my boobs as possible. Then,he hurriedly opened his zipper and took out his cock. I loved his huge 8″ cock.He pushed me on my knees and thrust his cock into my mouth. I started to lick and suck his huge cock.When he could not take it any longer, he asked me to stand up and lifted my saree. He inserted his tool into my pussy and started pumping really hard. I was holding on to him for support. His pounding became faster and faster. We climaxed together and had an orgasm. I hugged him tightly. When we recovered, he kissed me on my lips and thanked me for the wonderful sex.. We straightened our dresses and came back to our seats. I enjoy life whenever i get a chance 🙂

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