Brother’s Wife Geetha… | 02

The next morning when I brushed my teeth I felt severe pain where my sister in law slapped me. 

She brought me tea when I had finished my brushing but I ignored it and went out. 

She was bit desperate to woo me it seemed, perhaps she had thought she had done a mistake. 


When I was busy repairing my fisherman’s net I saw my mother returning from the market. She went to the kitchen and started breaking a news to my brother’s wife, “Geetha, you don’t go to canal for bathing anymore there are a lot of leeches in the water. Yesterday a leach caught our neighbor Villu, do you know where it bit”, she hissed something into Geetha didi’s ears and I heard a gasp from her. I guessed the place where the leach might have caught. “She killed the leach by pulling it by a damp cloth but now she can’t urinate the whole pussy is now swelling, I just saw it poor girl she is crying, they are planning to take her to the doc, imagine what they will do they will operate to remove the sting”. 

My didi was feeling guilty she understood if I hadn’t removed the leach skillfully she would now face the same problems. 

So my neighbour Villu was bitten by the leach. I sneaked to her house through the broken compound wall separated our compounds. When I entered her house she was alone and was lying on the floor in a mat. She was wearing only an underskirt and blouse. The tits were proudly struggling under the blouse. I had been a great fan of her. She was the most generous person who always showed me her tits and butt while bathing. 

She knew I was there watching her, but she did not show any protest or concern. She would assess the surrounding and if none is watching her she would hike her towel and start soaping her fat buttocks. While adjusting her towel she would display her hairy pussy to my direction. I don’t know how many times I had masturbated seeing her pussy and buttocks. 

“Villu dear, what happened to you, my mother told you are ill”, I asked her. 

“Oh Vasu, I was bitten by a leach and now severe pain, I can’t tell you where it bit me, go away I am dying” she said. 

“Don’t worry its not you alone who was bitten by the leach my brother’s wife was also bitten by it, almost on the same place where you were bitten”. 

“Is it Geetha too bitten well how’s her doesn’t she feel any pain?” she was curious. 

“No I was there when she was bitten and I applied some country medicine and the leach fell down without putting its sting into the flesh, you should have waited for the leach to go away by itself, it’s the sting causing problems”, I said. 

“Oh Vasu, what to do I was panic, see my condition I can’t walk or urinate, it bit right on my pussy, now my mother is taking me to hospital. All people will know and they will see my pussy too sometimes they may operate”.

“Don’t worry if you apply some country medicine which I suggest it will be cured, no need to go to hospitals”, I said. 

“Is it so?, then please tell me Vasu, please help me”, “Its turmeric mixed with Tulsi leaves and if you apply that paste it will be cured”, I said. 

“Oh Vasu, you did that to Geetha no? please can you make the paste and apply on me, please”, she asked. 

My God! I could not believe the words. “I will come soon”, I ran back to my home. I picked some Tulsi leaves and dug some raw turmeric, I went to the countryside mixer  which was a long stone and a carved stone pole to move over it. I put the contents on the big flat stone and crushed it with the carved rounded pole like stone. 

The noise caught attention of my brother’s wife Geetha. She came to the kitchen and asked, “Vasu what are you doing making chutney? I have made it no need for you to make any curries while we ladies are around”. 

“Shit, why cant you mind your own business bitch?”, I tried to reply but the words came out was ” I am making a herbal paste , please don’t bother, I am experimenting a thing, go away”, I said. 

“I know what you are planning you are trying to peek under that girl Villus clothes, you are a horny boy with a dirty mind, why do you make herbal remedy when she is going to hospital”, she questioned. 

I was taken aback, the bitch had guessed right about my intentions. 

I took the paste in a coconut shell and ran to Villu’s home. When I reached there still none had come. “Villu I have prepared the medicine now show me where the leach bit you”, I said. 

“No dear I can’t show it to you its my secret place”, she said. 

“Well let then the hospital people do operation”, I said. 

“No please wait, I can’t hike the dress you lift my skirt and close that door before doing it”, she said. 

I bolted the door and hiked her dress, she was beautiful but not like my brother’s wife. She was a princess and Villu can be a servant to her. Even then she was sexy and had a milky white thighs and when I saw the forest between her legs my prick started growing inside my knickers. Her puffy triangle was swelling with the injury , there was a foul smell of rotten fish coming out of her pussy. I thought it might be because she had not bathed for two days. 

One thigh is fatter than the other perhaps there also the leach bit, there was tiny hairs all over her thighs and her bush looked like a reserved rain forest to me. The bit mark was red and there was signs of pus. The mark was just after the channel between the pubic triangle. I put  my finger there and spread her pussy folds open she was shutting her eyes and writhing in pain. I applied the paste to the injury point and rest around the pussy orifices. I inserted a finger into her pussy in the pretext of examining and I felt like dipping my finger into a heated oil pan. Why women’s pussies are such hot? I wondered. I spread the outer walls of her vagina and looked at the inner walls, they were red while the outer folds were black and a lot of long hair curled around. I examined further inside and my finger met a stub at the top of her rose inner folds, it was the clitoris my brother’s wife told me. 

I played the same game and rolled at the edge there was a skin cover on it and when I moved the soft skin which looked like the food canal of a chicken, back and I could see a white pearl like stub. It was so small but when I rolled at its top using my finger pad, she was pressing her thighs together. I moved my finger on her clit stub and she began to make a hiss sound. Then I saw the paste was doing its job and the red mark became more open and yellow pus was oozing from the bit mark.  I used my two fingers at its sides and pressed unexpectedly to her. 

She cried an ‘ayoooo ah ayooooooo’ a lot of pus came out and the swelling was gone. 

I squeezed twice again and she clenched her fists at my wrist. “Now the pus is out you will be alright by tomorrow, no need to go to hospital”, I looked at her clit again. 

She tried to down her skirts but I did not allow her, “Well lets see if other marks are there, you have got a great amount of hair than my Geetha didi that’s why your swelling is much less”, I said. 

“Have you seen Geetha’s pussy?” , she exclaimed. 

I cursed my foolishness and corrected, “No I overheard my mother asking her”. I moved my finger again around her clitoris and found a sticky white fluid around the lower fold. “what’s this something white fluid ” I tried to sniff at it and my face twisted in a nausea mood. 

She saw my expression and flinched, “Who told you to sniff at it it’s a white discharge which is common for ladies”. 

Then I heard my mother and Villu’s mother talking. I hurried to jump out after taking the bolt away, but I did not forget to take one more view at Villu’s dark pussy. I moved to verandah and while Villu’s mother entered through the main door I moved away through the side door.

I entered my house through the back door. Before entering the house I sniffed at my fingers again, “bAh’ I felt nausea again. I went to the well and drew water and used a soap to remove the dirty smell. 

Even though I washed thrice the smell remained, anyway I went inside and I was surprised to see my brother’s wife standing at the door. “So you sniffed at her pussy, she is dirty I know, are you not ashamed of yourself, you are a dirty boy, Ah what a dirty smell your fingers are having! Go away, I feel nausea”, she said. 

Then my mother appeared and asked “Geetha what are you taking to my son”. 

“Nothing mamma, I was asking what was a foul smell here “, my heart jumped. 

My mother sniffed around and said, “I don’t feel any smell”. 

I was cursing my brother’s wife, why did she mess everywhere.  

Then my brother came and the talk stopped.


The next day when I was making garden my brother’s wife asked me, “Are you not going to treat neighbours today?”. 

“What’s wrong with you? you are a busybody” . 

“No you are a busybody, you lift other’s skirts , you peep when ladies bath, don’t you know how ladies treat you, they were all laughing at you and I don’t like my brother to be called as a peeping tom, that’s why I stopped you going to the canal”. She was advising me. 

But I was not in a mood to waste my time hearing it, so I went to Villu’s house. When I reached there her brother was playing outside, I asked him about his sister and he said she has recovered and told me to go inside.

When I entered her room she gave me a smile of gratitude and asked me to sit on the cot. 

“How’s your pain now?” I asked. 

“Much better, you will be a good doctor in future, how do you know this medicine”, she asked.

” Well I tried it on my brother’s wife”. 

“Then you should have seen her pussy also”, she was curious but I didn’t give any clue. 

“Dear tell me, did you see her pussy, she is very beautiful you are lucky, is she hairy down there?”, she was not going to leave me. “Why do you pest me, all women have hairs down there isn’t it?”.  “She might be cleaner than me, I had not been bathed for two days, that’s why its stinky there, I smelt the thing you rubbed on my underskirt , sorry I was bit ugly”. 

bit, my foot you were stinking lady, but the stinking smell from a pussy is aphrodisiac to a man. But my brother’s wife had cleaned her pussy well and not much hairy too. Villu had not that hygiene, but then god created different kind of pussies and the pussy itself is a wonderful creation. Unlike men its completely hidden between the legs and it has got a lot of folds and then there is that pink little meat when sucked can take them to heaven, even if men don’t care about it they can do it themselves and achieve pleasure. 

I got an idea that she was thinking I did not like her pussy, but I decided to prove otherwise. “Well let me see how the swelling is now”, I lifted her skirt and looked at her thighs. 

She put her legs in a V fashion and I tried to closely examine the place where leach had bit, the injury mark was gone a fishy smell welcomed me, I put my hands on her folds and opened them and saw her red rose channel it looked like a hibiscus flower torn open by a wicked boy. I found the small bud pulsating I rubbed it and said, “There is still a leach here”, I rubbed its tip and it began engorge like a small pebble. 

“Take your hands away, its not leach it is called clitty”, she said. 

“But my brother’s wife doesn’t have that thing”, I lied. 

“So you have seen her pussy, tell me how’s there , does she shave there”, she was curious again. 

“I don’t know it was dark, but the hairs were trimmed”. 

“Did she smell like me?” . 

“Yes but she smelt of soap, she just had a bath”. 

“I know I smell bad”, she was sad. 

“But I like your smell, I want to inhale it if you allow me”. 

“Go on…” She said

“Well then show me”, I dived into her pussy and started slurping at her pussy folds using my thick lips and not biting it. Then I took the bud between my lips and started sucking it like sucking a sour thumb. 

She put her hand on my head and started weaving my hair. I dived ignoring the fishy smell and began to rotate my tongue inside her pussy. I created an imaginary whirlwind inside it. She was pressing my head more and more closer. The juicy pussy was wetting my tongue tips the smell of jack fruit emanated from her vagina enthralled me. I was eager to make her believe that I was not intimidated to her pussy and its fragrance, she was enjoying the pussy eating. 

For all those male chauvinistic pigs who are still afraid to put your face to a pussy my advise is just dive into it!. However reluctant you feel for the first time you may start loving it, the thrill is not from eating it but making her surrender and beg for your nib, jab, rub, gag all using your tongue lips plaque combination. Once in a hundred you may be blessed with a good aromatic pussy which you will feel eatable. It’s a job for unselfish guys, once you did it to any woman please feel they are obligated to you for lifetime.
So I pleased Villu with my sharpened tongue and its folds she was begging to stop but I felt the rock was coming from her inner cave and final explosion was inevitable. Then she fell with a thud with her fat buttocks hitting the floor. 

There was no time and safety to satisfy my desire. I just opened the door and went outside. Thank god, Villu’s mother had just appeared with the grass cut for the cows. 

I tried to sneak away without facing her, then the boy playing outside saw me and asked, “Brother don’t you have tamarind in your house? You have a big tamarind tree there?!”. 

I did not understand his absurd question. “Which Tamarind? What are you talking?”, I asked. 

“No, your brother’s wife was here before some time, she asked for some tamarind and when I said I would search the kitchen, she told me that she would find it herself and just now she had gone out to your house!”. 

My God! So she was here, she might have been peeping at us, surely she could see Villu’s room from kitchen window. What am I going to tell now, I walked to my home fearing the worst.

To Be Con….

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