Indian girl discovers new facets of herself abroad – Lust in London

(this story is a work of fiction with all participants above the age of 18 years)

I had to go to London for some bank audit, and as usual, my fiance could not join me due to his exams. Well, it was entirely his loss and I was determined to have fun come what may. As I landed it was bitterly cold, and though I was well prepared with my warm clothes and multiple layers, I still felt a chill going down to my bones and didn’t like it at all. My cousin had come to pick me up at Heathrow, and I was glad to be staying over with her for the weekend at her council house. It was nice to see a familiar face in a foreign land and her tips would help me get accustomed to life in the city easier.

It took nearly an hour to reach her place, but it went by in a flash as I couldn’t take my eyes off the trees lining the road. They were decked in the fall colors and the golden hour made them even more beautiful, as the rigors of the long flight were soon forgotten. It was a cozy row house with a small garden out front. The kitchen and living room were on the ground floor and the bedrooms one flight up. I deposited my bags in the guest bedroom, after she showed me around, and freshened up for dinner.

My cousin was around ten years elder to me, and I had met her a couple of times on her previous trips to India. Even though we were meeting again after nearly five years, she made me feel comfortable and right at home. She had a dusky complexion with short hair in a bob. Though she was petite, she had curves in all the right places and very likable too. Though it was initially difficult to grasp her accent, she was quite a chatterbox and we soon descended into an easy familiarity, reminiscing about things back home and joking too.

Dinner was at her mom’s place just a block away, and she advised me to wear a coat as there was a nip in the air. What she termed as a slight chill was literally like being stuck in a freezer. I hurried down the street as the biting wind made my face numb and lips blue. Glad to get indoors once more, I enjoyed the piping hot Indian food that her mom had made tucking into it with gusto. Belly full we relaxed with my aunt, overdosing on nostalgia at the after dinner conversation.

The walk back home was even worse, with a light drizzle that made it a wet and miserable jog home. As soon as the door shut behind us, we collapsed into each other’s arms giggling like schoolgirls, on how amusing we looked rushing to get back in the dark. I was tired after the long day so I said goodnight and prepared for bed. She turned the heating on, and after making sure I was comfortable, said that her bedroom was just across the hallway, if I ever needed anything.

As I shut the door and got out of my wet clothes, I felt a slight chill even though the room was quite toasty. My nipples free of the confines of my bra were stiff to points and there were goosebumps on my arms as I changed into my cotton nighty. I could see the moonlight streaming through the open window and as I tucked myself into the soft bed with the comforter snug around me, I felt a wave of loneliness creep over me, missing the feel of his warm body next to mine. I closed my eyes and imagined his hands roaming all over my aroused flesh.

My hands mimicked my feverish imagination, as they caressed my face and stroked my nipples in turn. My thighs opened to ease the access of my fingers to my wet cunt. My actions became more frenetic as my body responded to my touches and soon I had worked up a sweat, throwing the covers of as my fingers pleasured my clit. My eyes still closed, I let off sighs and soft moans of pleasure as my touches became more urgent and rough inflaming my passions. Soon I was writhing on the bed as my hips thrust upwards as my fingers explored my depths, my vagina closing around them coating them with my cream. I had passed the point of no return and bit into the pillow to muffle my scream as I gushed out, with waves of pleasure coursing over me.

I lay back spent, flushed from the hectic activity as my body relaxed once more. As I opened my eyes again, I felt a wetness on the mattress and was ashamed at my lack of self control. Repairing to the bathroom, I got a washcloth to clean up the stains on the sheets. I silently cursed myself for not sticking to the vow of abstinence, that I had made to myself before I embarked on this trip. His surfeit of love at home, where he couldn’t keep his hands off me had turned me into a sex addict, from the timid, goody goody girl I once was.

I hoped that I had been discreet enough to not embarrass my cousin with my cries of passion, wishing she was already asleep. But as I calmed down, I heard creaking and whirring sounds reverberating in the silent night. I was frightened and opened the door, making my way to her room. Her room door was ajar and in the moonlight streaming in from the window, I could make out an apparition on her bed and peeked within, mouth agape in astonishment.

What I saw was a revelation, making me both hot and wet again. She was bouncing on the bed in the throes of ecstasy, completely naked, her dusky skin glowing in the dark. She had a vibrator in her hand and it pulsated between her thighs as she bounced up and down on the bed, groaning with pleasure. Her head was thrown back, with a glazed look in her eyes and her sexy curves silhouetted against the moonbeams. Indulging my voyeuristic side my hand went to my pussy, stroking it to action again. With a shriek she came, and I scurried away before I was caught in the act.

Even though I had just had a delicious dinner a couple of hours back, all this action had made me hungry and I traipsed downstairs into the kitchen to satisfy my midnight cravings. I opened the fridge to see what I could rustle up when the lights lit up. I thought it was the motion sensor at first, but on hearing my name called out, I was startled and turned around.

My eyes were wide as saucers and my whole face beet red as I saw her smiling at me. Not only was I embarrassed at being caught in my kitchen foray, but I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She didn’t have a stitch on her, not even a robe, quite comfortable in her own skin. I kept staring at her red lips her ample bosom topped by dark erect nipples, her hourglass figure, her pierced navel in the middle of her stomach, her wide hips and curved bottom.

Much as I wanted to look away I was transfixed by what I saw, as my eyes gravitated to her smooth mound, still wet and shiny from her lubrication and her thunder thighs. She was the color of dark chocolate and my mouth watered for a taste of her charms. I was jolted out of my frozen state, by her tinkling laughter, and averted my gaze to the floor. She was amused that we both had the same idea, a sort of mental telepathy.

It helped melt the ice, as she got out a tub of ice cream and we discussed our lives and our loves over dessert. I told her about my fiance and how much I was missing him, and she confided that she was seeing someone too. But she still hadn’t broken it to her mom, who was slightly old fashioned. She felt that her mom might not take too kindly to the fact that she was in love with a woman.

I was surprised too, but not shocked when she asked for my opinion. I told her it was better to come clean than bottle up feelings inside. I was sure that her mom would be happy for her that she had found love, everything else was just an inconsequential detail. She was amazed at my liberal attitude, despite my conservative upbringing and scooted over to give me a kiss.

She smiled conspiratorially feeling the wetness in my nightgown as she enveloped me in a hug, but didn’t say anything, not wishing to embarrass me further. I was yawning by now, eyelids drooping with sleep. She pushed me upstairs with an order to go directly to bed, without any more hanky panky as we had an early start the next morning.

I woke up as the sunlight streamed in through the windows. I was having a particularly vivid dream and my cousin’s naked body featured prominently in it. I looked beneath the covers and found my pussy wet and tits stiff with arousal. It was still early morning so I went downstairs to make myself a cup of tea, looking around for my cousin who was not in her bed, nowhere to be found. I had just put the kettle on the stove, looking out of the kitchen window when I espied her in the garden.

She was looking as fresh as the dew, which was sparkling in the morning sun as it carpeted her body, which didn’t have a stitch on it. It seemed she was quite fond of the naturist lifestyle and was in the middle of a workout. I was amazed to see her uncovered in the cool morning air, and an involuntary shiver ran through me. She saw me staring at her and gave me a smile and a wave, her breasts juggling.

She inquired whether I had sweet dreams, and I blushed at the thought of her reading my mind. I asked her to come in from the cold, but she said it was the reason for her good health and maybe I should try it too. A warm feeling ran all through me culminating at my pussy, which got wet again. To divert her attention I asked her if she wanted tea and breakfast.

She said okay for the tea, but said we would have breakfast on the road, to try and make the best of an early start. As the kettle whistled she came in, putting on a teensy black robe to cover her nakedness. She was glowing after the workout, and as for the robe, it revealed more than it hid, directing my attention to her considerable assets. As she bent down to pick up a dropped spoon, the robe rode up exposing her round bottom as well as her fleshy labia through her thighs.

I was tempted to stroke it, but restrained myself with a great deal of self effort. We went upstairs to get showered and ready and I had to rub one out in a shower to relieve the itch in my cunt, as I imagined her soaping me up and down there as well. I got ready, making sure to layer up and she was downstairs waiting for me.

She tried hard to suppress a guffaw, saying that I looked as if I was off on a polar expedition, but giggled again as I blurted out my motto, “Better safe than sorry.” She had worn a leather skirt with fishnet tights, and a lilac sweater which complemented her features. The outline of her stiff nipples could be seen through the front of the sweater and I wagered she wasn’t wearing any panties either.

We started on the road and as the morning haze cleared, the countryside came into view with the farms, fields and the forests by the side of the road and the hills in the distance. It was getting really warm in the car as I had erred on the side of caution and soon had to start shedding my layers to be more comfortable.

She watched with amusement, raising a quizzical eyebrow as off came the scarf, the cap, the coat, the sweater, and the gloves as I was feeling really stuffy. I was flushed red and wished I hadn’t worn the thermals below my clothes as my sweat started seeping through my pores. She saw the growing pile of discarded garments in the back seat and a quick side-ward glance saw me flushed and sweaty. She gave me a knowing look and switched on the ac to full blast. As my body cooled down, I was grateful to her for not rubbing it in, and for her thoughtfulness.

She had goosebumps as the car cooled down and her nipples were getting stiff again, poking out like points on her top front. I apologized profusely, asking her to make a quick stop so that I could get out of my thermals. She patted my thigh saying it was okay. We were scheduled to stop for breakfast soon, joking that we could hold a garment sale if we ran out of cash.

As we halted for breakfast, I made a quick dash to the restroom to remove the thermals and soon returned, relieved and at ease. We enjoyed the local fare and resumed our journey in comfort, as we climbed up the hills, chatting and singing along the way. The vistas grew prettier as the scenic lakes nestled between the rugged mountains came into view, we lowered the windows taking in the fresh air as well as the incredible surroundings.

After a few miles we pulled over at a lovely spot down a deserted road walking some distance to a placid lake surrounded by hills carpeted by green and a lonely oak tree. I had never imagined such a beautiful scene even in my dreams and sat spellbound taking in the whole scene, breathing in the crisp mountain air, on cloud nine.

She had meanwhile divested herself of all her garments and was wading in the lake. I looked away, not wanting to make her uncomfortable and intrude on her privacy. But she called my name out loud, asking me to join her. I was a trifle self conscious and started making all sorts of excuses, starting with the weather, not having carried my costume, not being a good swimmer and what if someone saw us etc.

She brushed aside all my objections entreating me to come into the water, flashing her wet tits at me. Though spellbound by her wet body as it rose out of the water, I refused to listen and she started splashing water on me. As I moved further back, she ran out, and before I could react started pulling my hand gently.

I asked her to wait for a moment, removing my jeans and shirt. Clad only in my bra and panties I let out an involuntary shiver, not so much from the chill but the arousal of being unclad in such close proximity with her voluptuous form. I was in a quandary, wondering whether to dispense with my undergarments that would boldly let drop the final fig leaf that masked my arousal, or be a bit more circumspect. Lost in that train of thought, I heard her voice say something to me.

She asked me if I had a spare set of undergarments, and when I nodded in the negative, my choice was made up for me. I released my bra catch and stepped out from my panties, reveling at breaking free of the shackles of conventionality that had bound me for so long. I was proud of my body and didn’t need to hide it from the world. It was a watershed moment for me and I was enjoying every moment of it.

I looked over at her and she was staring at me, as if she hadn’t seen a naked female form before. Her pussy was wet and the liquid flowing out of it was certainly not water. She stood transfixed as I blushed, placing my hands at my genitals and breasts, feeling awkward at the intensity of her gaze. Though I hadn’t stepped into the water as yet my loins were completely wet too, as my sexuality manifested itself.

She came up to me, kissing me on the lips and putting an arm around my waist guided me to the waters edge. As my feet touched the water I let out another involuntary shiver and goosebumps covered every inch of my flesh. She bent down and lifted me up in her arms tenderly. I was amazed at the strength she displayed in such a petite package and touched by her concern, brought my lips to hers again.

This time the kissing was more intense, our tongues seeking the other. I didn’t even notice till she was shoulder deep in the placid blue waters and I was too, as she gently let me down. We resumed our kissing and started exploring the other’s body too, amazed at how good it felt. A woman’s touch is so unlike, a man I thought, she is more interested in giving pleasure than receiving it.

As currents of delight streaked through my body as she fondled my tits and I, hers. She put my head to her engorged nipple and as I sucked, bit and twisted it in my mouth. As I alternated between her breasts, her head went back, moaning in pleasure. I wanted to experience the same feeling, looking up into her eyes. She didn’t need much prodding as she latched on to mine.

Paroxysms of pleasure ran down the base of my spine culminating at my loins. My pussy felt as if it was on fire even though immersed in the cool azure water. I pushed my other breast towards her face, as one felt sore from her ministrations. I was near orgasm and my fingers went towards her slit that opened to welcome them in.

We were now on the home stretch panting and breathless, neither wanting to slow down as she sought my clothes underneath the water. We upped the pace, grinding against each other as we neared the climax. With a scream I came, collapsing into her arms and she joined me orgasming, moments later. We relaxed in the cool blue water, getting our breath back and rinsing our privates of the sticky residue.

I started walking out towards the shore, she watched in rapt attention as my naked butt emerged out of the water. Not finding her behind me, I turned around giving her an unrestricted view of my pussy and tits. She licked her lips suggestively, liking what she saw, as my nipples hardened as a cool breeze blew across them.

As I motioned her towards me, she walked slowly, ensuring I got an eyeful of her as well. As she started towards the shore I was drooling, my mouth agape as her ample tits slowly came into view , followed by her sexy belly. As her slit rose out of the water, glistening in the sun, my hands found their way to my clit, moaning as I caressed it. In a few steps she was by my side and her hand had replaced mine, which had made it’s way to her wet folds.

Still kissing, we made our way to the shade of the tree, seeking a place to lie down protected from the wind and the sun where we could give our passion full flow. I shivered slightly, still wet and in anticipation of some tender love. Seeing that I wasn’t dry as yet, and no sign of towels anywhere around she scooted her lips all over my trembling body, sucking away until all traces of the moisture were gone. Though if truth be told she lingered a little too long at my nipples and snatch, triggering a flood of fluid from within as my body heated up under her tender touch.

I similarly caressed her entire being, especially intoxicated with the strong scent that exuded from her underarms, and groin. Pretending to flick off the extra moisture at her bottom, I lightly slapped her butt cheeks, inflaming her even more as I sucked on her belly button piercing. We were now lolling on the grass like bitches in heat, our actions more frantic, legs splayed, our core open to the other.

She ducked her head to my nether lips and probed my depths with her tongue, sucking greedily as my liquids gushed out of me. Her pussy was near my face and I gingerly put out my tongue, never having performed cunnilingus before. But I really seemed to enjoy the rich complex flavor that emanated out of her depths and soon was matching her lick for lick, drinking greedily the warm cream that she churned out in response to my pressure.

I found her clit as she ground her loins into my face, pushing apart her lips and pulling her bottom towards me, greedily not spilling a single drop. Her vaginal walls pulsated around my tongue as it felt the different textures of her intimate cave. Soon a gush of fluid poured out of her as her legs closed up around my face. I too was nearing orgasm as her fingers and tongue worked their magic on my pussy, squirting out a huge volume of sticky white fluid as my body tensed up, coating her face with my creme.

I had never experienced such an intense feeling in my loins before as wave after wave of pleasure washed over me and a series of orgasms wracked my body, until they finally subsided, and I lay back drained. She turned back to look at me, her face shining with the remnants of my love potion. I was exhausted and didn’t have the energy to move, so she turned around and kissed me, transferring a goodly portion of my cream back to my mouth.

As I enjoyed my sweet taste, I suddenly started feeling very hungry. The cold air and the sexercize, both stimulating the appetite and asked her when could we go for lunch as I was famished. She asked me to wait awhile, as she went to the car, soon returning with a basketfull of goodies. She joked that she was a wish granting genie, and if I had asked for the moon I would have got that too. I told her that I was already seeing stars from my experience a few minutes ago.

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