Lockdown And Uncle! | Part-1

Did you people like my wife? Her back, her panty, her ass. When i proposed I should write the incident, Sumi (my wife) suggested the name of the real incident/event which I am penning down and volunteered for writing the name of the story on her back and post it as a book cover.

Hope she also gets some comments. Obviously erotic will be great.

Writers Note:
1. If you are looking for hardcore sex you will not get that here as I have tried to stick to the truth, the real incident, and narrate in sequence.
2. I have tried to narrate things as much as possible on, day-to-day basis. However, there were many daily routines, including sex, which I have refrained from depicting in the narration on a daily basis as they are repetitions.
3. I have left plenty of gaps and loopholes in the narration. It was done purposefully. The writing was getting too heavy and boring so I had cropped the wings which I thought may not interest the readers. You are free to imagine the gaps and if you want more clarification obviously you are welcome to mail me.
4. When you read obviously you should understand I am not a brilliant guy with high memory power. The dialogs written here may not be always exactly what I heard at that time. Some I remembered exactly, some I remember only the outline.
5. Don’t bother about grammar and spelling. I have never been a writer, specializing in language. I have not paid too much attention to grammar and spellings and don’t intend to pay attention to it in the future. I am more interested in recapitulating the incidents and pen it down; which is making me happy and obviously hard.
6. Thanks and happy reading. Hope you ppl also enjoy this reading as I do writing it down.

Obviously, I would like comments from you guys . . . any type of them is welcome—Good or bad It will inspire me. And maybe my adrenalin will rush and I will fuck my wife harder.

Word of caution: Please don’t try to mimic the incidents, things may turn out dangerous for you and your partner. Remember as every man and woman is different, every couple, every partner has different mental build-up, different chemistry. Which may be ok for us may turn out to be nasty, a disaster for you people.

—Thanks in advance for reading (HB).

NB : There were two events happening side by side. I have chosen one, which had interested me more and treated it as a single event. In the future, if ever time permits I will pen down the other event as another separate incident another separate story. The first event is named, “Lockdown & Uncle.”

Phase one of lockdown was declared by government of India and was implemented from 25th March 2020, limiting movement of the entire 1.3 billion population of India as a preventive measure against the COVID-19 pandemic in India. . .

We live in a joint family. Ours is a three storey house. My uncle (father’s brother) who is youngest among three with his family lives in ground floor and we with my parents and a daughter in 1st floor. And 2nd floor belongs to the elder most uncles. Elder most uncle is settled in USA and rarely visits India so his portion which is top most floor of the house was never completed and it is kind of attic with two rooms leaving rest of the roof vacant.

In our locality most houses are two storey building. Only few of the building like ours are three storeys. At back side of our house there lives another family. The guy is a retired police officer. Around a year ago they had bought this house and shifted here. The guy was in Police and mostly was posted in other cities. His wife is a nice looking old lady. Being back to back neighbors there is bound to have some interactions with them. Specially my wife had some interaction with that family. What I am trying to explain that Aroti Bhabi (Wife of the retired police officer) has started mixing with my wife. And I came to know from Sumi, my wife, that they have a son who lives in Canada and got married recently. The local people who know him tell that he is one of the most unscrupulous, corrupt guy and always lusting for women–A women-chaser. Anyway what we have to do with that, if he used to be corrupt or used to lust for women. . .

Lock down was declared suddenly. That time my uncle with his whole family was at his son’s place at Pune and sudden declaration of lockdown made them stranded there.

Initial couple of days of lockdown was hectic and filled with worry. How to arrange for rations and daily needs of house? Arrange for computer at home so that if needed I can work from home. And also I had to arrange medicines for my parents. After initial couple of hectic and tensed days we started to get bored. Nothing much to do, even daughter also doesn’t have much to do. Most of the news in TV was regarding corona virus. Mostly we were using online shopping. So we were not going out even.

My parents decided to shift to the lower portion of our house. That is the ground floor where our uncle and aunt lived. Their logic was that as there will be no people in the streets so it is dangerous to leave the ground floor vacant. Some burglar may break in at any time. They argued stubbornly and at last I had to give way to their wishes. However as they are very old so I decided that our daughter should also live with them on that floor (Ground floor). My daughter, Rimi was more than happy to be there with them because she has to face less nagging of her mother for perusing her to study.

27th March,
(Third day of lockdown)

“Hi baby! Why are you sleeping so late today.” I tried to wake my wife from bed. Her face as fresh and innocent as raindrop and as beautiful as rose. She must be seeing a dream and smiling. Dimples form on her light pink cheeks when she smiles. Her moist juicy luscious lips are bit parted making it look like as if she is inviting guys for a blow job.

I slap her ass in a play full way. “Get up baby!”

She doesn’t like her ass to be slapped. I take the liberty to slap her ass play fully once in a while when she is in deep sleep–a soft pat. Her round ass lobes covered generously with adipose tissue making it round and spongy, jiggles slightly from my pat. I keep my hand for a while on her big curvy bum, massaging and squeezing it.

I was already up. It was not that I got up earlier then her. I am a late riser. Generally I get up and out of bed after she gives me morning tea around 7.30 AM. It is very rare thing to find her sleeping after I get up. And today it was one of the rarest occasions. I have been already out of bed for quite some time. Hoping every minute she will wake up. But today she is going on sleeping. We had not slept late also. And it was also not that yesterday night we had sex. Our sexual routine has become boring. Maximum three days in a week. After one and a half decades of marriage you don’t expect something like a newlywed couple. Foreplays have become short. It is not that we are not happy. But I miss that extra punch in sex–The punch from her side which I used to get when we were newly married. Even after Rimi, our daughter was born our sex life was great. But as the years progressed, I got couple of promotions and work pressure increased and as my parent got old family pressure on Sumi also increased havening no time for ourselves and at end of day we were so tired that we both didn’t felt to have sex. It was not that we did not love each other it was tiredness and monotony of same thing which engulfed us. We did not have time as well as energy to come out of same monotony of sex, making sex life dull and repetitive.

Sometimes I drift to fantasies. However fantasies are fantasies after all. They are never meant to be real. Read some porno stories. Some time imagine scenes. It is not that Sumi don’t pose for me, and I don’t take sexy pics of her. But the pics are confined to the bed room. Those photos are never meant to get out of bed room. And as daughter started getting older and she getting access to camera and computer we totally stopped taking pics, even deleting the older one . . . Now I know for sure my no fantasy is going to be true, going to be real.

“What happened? Are you all right?” I asked her worried.
She opened her eyes. Still full of sleep. “What time is it?”
“8.30 AM”
“Ummm!” She pulled a pillow, and curdled her left leg over it. Her nighty rode dangerously high making her thick very fare unblemished thighs and glimpses of her cotton printed 38 size panty exposed. “Let me sleep!” Then added with a sleepy voice. “Rimi don’t have school. You don’t have office. What I will do getting up early? It is a holiday for me.”

It was true. We don’t actually have nothing to do. Just sit at home watch TV. It is boring and as we are not going outside no daily chores for her. She has become jobless. I have humorously told her that she is the first victim of losing job in this lockdown period. I did not felt to bother her. It took her another 30 minutes to be up and out of bed. It was a lazy morning. And Afternoon and evening went like same–Lazy—boring, how long you can watch TV?

To Be Continue…

Did you people like my wife? Her back, her panty, her ass.  When i proposed I should write the incident Sumi (my wife) suggested the name of the real incident, an event which I am penning down and volunteered for writing the name of the story on her back and post it as a book cover.

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