Lockdown And Uncle! | Part-2

29th March,
(Fifth day of lockdown)

“Get up lazy bum!” I pated my wife’s spongy big ass lobe making her fat round ass lobe jiggle for a moment. It is already 9 AM and still she is not up and out of bed.
“Umm! Leave me! It is holiday for me.” This is the same repetition of words by her for last couple of days when I try to get her up.

Lockdown And Uncle! | Part-1

I could not insist much. For lifelong Sumi has always been up earlier than me. She has fulfilled every need and requirement of house before time. I waited for her to get up and out of bed. She was out of bed at 9.30 AM. It has started now to become a problem. Morning used to be hectic for her. Giving me bed tea. Prepare breakfast for me and Rimi. Prepare separate kind of breakfast for my parents as they are old. Make Rimi ready for school. List is endless. Her hectic morning schedule comes to an end after Rimi goes to school. Rest of the day she does her daily house hold work taking her time.

But now her hectic morning schedule is completely gone. She don’t have to adhere to schedule. No office. No school. She can work at her leisurely pace. It is not that I have to get my tea or breakfast on exact time or Rimi has to get her milk on exact time. But regularly getting up so late may affect her health.

I need to give her something which will motivate her to get out of bed early as before.

We finished our breakfast, and lazily sat on sofa seeing the news. I have already finished reading whole of the news paper, every line of it. Sumi was sitting over the double sofa with her legs folded peeling vegetables lazily with a vegetable peeler, occasionally looking at the TV. She has occupied the full double sofa shoving me out to single one; putting the vegetables in one side of sofa and she sitting on the other side of double sofa. Her milky white leg partially peeped under her printed nighty. My cock twitched. I wanted to sit by her side and caress her legs. But I know it is not possible now. She will not like it at this time, when she is working, besides any moment our daughter may come up from downstairs. The TV channel started showing some actor and actresses routine at home in lockdown.

“See how Shilpa Shethay doing aerobics at home.” My wife exclaimed suddenly with excitement. “What a figure she has!”
She did some free hand and then started doing yoga. Arching, twisting and turning as if she is made of rubber.
“You can also have such figure!. . . If you do work-out regularly like them!”
She looked at me to judge if I am pulling her leg. I was like previous times determined to pull her leg a bit. However I made my face look serious.

Many times we had talked about her going to gym. And be in shape and have flexibility. It is not that she is disfigured. But as age progresses, some unwanted adipose tissues has started to get deposited here and there on her body. Till now deposition of fat does not make her look bad or disfigured. In actuality this deposition of fat on her ass had made it rounder and spongy and look more full and bulging out. In last four five years her 36 ass has grown more fleshy and sexier to 38. A big nice round fat ass.. And her old 36 panties when she wears are stretched to their limits. Some of them which were of cheaper variety and non stretchable has to be discard. And obviously we refilled her Almira with newly bought 38 sized panties. I have passion for she wearing sexy panties so I have also gifted her many sexy panties and replenished the old ones with new. Surely her buts are now 38 size and may be still growing.

Her boobs also have grown in last four five years from 34C to bouncy 36D and still they are round and perky. She has got many old blouses and dresses which are her favorite so could not be discarded. Specially the dresses and blouses which were tailor made or brought at our marriage anniversary or which were made for some other marriage party or for special occasion. They have become so tight specially her blouses that it spills out lot of soft, unblemished milky white meat making her boobs bulging out and very prominent to conceal from the aimless wondering eyes of naughty guys.

With a waist line of approximately thirty three, whenever she wears them she has become an attention grabber. Every time she wears saree erotic fold can be seen on her fair spotless waist which is bare and it is enough to make anybody mad with lust. In a nut shell deposition of fat over the years have made Sumi look more lusty, curvy, sexy and erotic and inviting to any passerby who is not preoccupied with his worries will steal a glance or two towards her; in actuality towards her sexy curves and assets. And adding to this she has a cute innocent homely face with juicy lips which I always love to kiss and suck.

Needless to say her protruding out chubby ass and bulging out bouncy boobs are provocation and easy prey for the naughty boob and ass hunters in a crowded public place. They would inevitably try to nudge her boobs with their elbow, or touch her ass when she is in crowded bus or a crowded train. Bolder guys would try to shove in their elbows in her spongy boobs when gating down in a hurry from a crowded bus. Somebody more adventurous would try to grope and feel her or squeeze her big chubby bum.

Out of the many fantasy I have one is seeing my wife getting groped in public. However Sumi never liked it, never agreed with my fantasies. She is always cautious about hunters. She never ever agrees consensually to let anybody touch her. Only for once . . .

It is one of the thing one of my fantasy that she getting touched in public place by a stranger which I could make my wife agree. It was only for once. It was a deal, I have to give a commitment. . .

She is in her late thirties and if she don’t start controlling now and let more fat getting deposited then obviously in future it is going to be a problem. Not only will her figure look odd. She will lose her shape and gain weight. And she may also lose her flexibility.

I know very well it is not possible for Sumi to leave her morning chores and go to gym. She don’t agree on that. I had many times told her that I will fix my breakfast and go to office. And as Rimi’s School starts at 10.30 so Sumi can come back from Gym and make our daughter ready for school.
“What about your father and mother? They are old and they have to have breakfast and lunch on exact time. Otherwise they will miss the medicine timing before and after breakfast.”

So persuasion to make her go to gym dies. She has logic??

“I am serious. They work hard to achieve that figure.” I said with a serious face.
“But now it is lock down. No gym is open!” Now it was my turn to become confused. She never agreed to go to Gym. Is she pulling my leg?
I looked at her innocent big eyes. They looked serious. She is not much of a woman who can pretend at least not before me.
“Yes all Gyms are closed. But you can start doing it at home.”
“At Home?” she looked at me questioningly. “Who will teach me?”
“There are plenty of videos available in You Tube. They teach you basic aerobics and exercises, which will help you to keep yourself, fit and retain your shape.”
She looked at me with enthusiasm. To pull her leg I said with a questioning voice, “Then we start from tomorrow morning?”
“Yes! I don’t have any work at lockdown period. I can do exercise in the morning.”
To pull her leg more I said, “You have to wear gym dress.”
Sumi raised her eyebrows questioningly.
“Didn’t you notice Shilpa Shethay was wearing a tight dress?” Then I added with a naughty smile. “You have to wear tight leggings and tight T-shirt!”
“Ok . . . I will see what I have! Now I have to go and prepare lunch.”

I looked at her big and wide ass swing to her walking rhythm as she moved out of the drawing cum dining room towards kitchen. She has got a bouncy rhythmic walk making her ass swing more than other women. My cock throbbed. How many guys in our locality must have masturbated thinking about my wife’s ass? Surely two of my friends have. They have talked about her ass couple of times over drinks. One of them is very naughty but good at heart. He crossed the limit describing her ass in full details. But I liked it and he understands that I like it. Once I have not told my wife that he is coming over for a drink. Sumi was wearing a full length nighty made of silk. Her panty line was clearly visible. That day, only he and me were drinking. While we were tipsy he talked freely about Sumi’s ass and her panty line. Obviously my wife did not hear his lewd talks. However I was excited hearing my friend talk about my wife’s ass and that night I fucked her twice, hard.

I sniggered, “Tomorrow we start like the actress.”
“Yes!” I heard her from the kitchen.
Did she understand the leg pulling? I thought it was end of it. Like all previous times end of her Gym going. Which ends in planning only. And I was confident about it.

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