My Divorcee colleague Sheela ‘DIDI’ gets desperate ! | CHAPTER 1

my first sexual encounter, and it was with a female who was nearly 7-8 years elder than me. My name is Hemant, somehow after finishing my bachelors and after doing professional course of my choice, I joined one company which was located in the one of the business city of U.P bit away from my home and there I met Sheela Didi with whom I experienced sex for the first time.
At personal background Sheela Didi was divorcee, in her late thirties or may be very early forties and was only child of her parents and at that time she was living with her old mother after separation from her husband, and since then she was working here in this company can say from last 6-7 years.
In appearance I will say that initially I did not found her sexually impressive to influence a boy like me, though she was fair and average looking female and had good height nearly equal to me, with a good luscious body but truly speaking initially I never got attracted towards her, may be because of her typical gestures of that state, can say bit of village looks and way of talking,
moreover she always seemed me a female of spiritual thoughts and every morning she use to put sandalwood tilak on her forehead, with some dark brown beaded spiritual mala around her neck which she always wore. At that time for me all these things use to kill her sex appeal, though she was well educated and average in English just like me but I use to consider her what do we say Dehati.
Though I was much younger than her in age and work experience, I was ranked above her, in monitory concern because I was educationally and professionally more qualified than her. In the beginning I was facing bit ignorant behavior from her, may be because of some sort of inferiority complex or she must be having job insecurity because of me and she use to feel envy from me
but gradually because of my casual and concerned nature things went smooth and she realized that I am not harmful for her job and we started working as a team. At professional front our combination clicked and ultimately within time span of 4-5 months results got evident to the management of the company and by this time we were good friends,
at her end I could see that instead of colleague she was considering me her friend and on every spiritual occasion she use to come up with something to eat and at my end while working with her, Sheela Didi’s casual and village gesture was impressing me, with time I was realizing that she is really good in nature, very down to earth and very concerned,
she use to speak whatever she has in mind with a simple and straight forward words which use to be mostly in Hindi. On the other hand in other perspective being a virgin male of late twenties who was lacking opportunity of having sex, I could not stop thinking about her in that perspective too, by this time for me things which were killing her sex appeal in the beginning were her scoring points especially her village and spiritual looks along with her good Hindi vocabulary.
If I had to detail Sheela Didi in short, I will say Sheela Didi was standing nearly equal to me 5′ 5”. Her breasts were reasonably big and nice but I must say not at all well shaped as girls of urban places have, she was bit over weight for her height and she didn’t had flat tummy, and over all she was bit chubby as there was good amount of flesh on her thighs and ass.
As I said initially for some time I never gave a thought to her in that perspective, but now after working with her for nearly 5 months, in spite of the fact that I use to address her Didi after her name which actually means sister, I could not stop myself masturbating while thinking about her and I use to fantasize her naked and getting fucked by me wearing just her spiritual beaded mala and a sandalwood tilak on her forehead.
Anyway like that couple of months more passed while working together and our personal relation enhanced, Sheela Didi invited me couple of times at her place for a meal and I accepted her hospitality and met her mother too, though Sheela Didi never visited my place but she very well knew where I stay.
At professional front things were moving smoothly for me, my work was getting appreciated with our joint efforts and as I was leading the show I was getting good rewards for that. Suddenly one day things turned around Anand Bhaiya, our so called GM who was actually our Boss’s relative called me to give me a shock about Sheela Didi.
He straight forward asked me that if I can work without a support of Sheela Didi. After asking the reason he told me that he does not want to continue with Sheela Didi because she was asking for a raise. Actually I was unaware of this fact that Sheela Didi’s raise was due from nearly last 2 years neither Anand Bhaiya told me that, for him her demand was not genuine.
After seeing the results of our joint efforts Sheela Didi was pursuing owners for a cumulative raise which should be given to her long time back. I was really very shocked and at that time, giving just a negative reaction to Anand Bhaiya saying that for me it will be very difficult to handle all the things alone, I ended the conversation.
I desperately wanted to talk to Sheela Didi about this but I did not dared to talk to her about this. Things went even bad when later in the evening Anand Bhaiya told me that he is ready to appoint a new staff for my assistance but he does not want to continue with Sheela Didi. By the time I reached back home after calling a day off I was really very depressed.
Few days passed and we continued working together, Sheela Didi was as she was, behaving casually and never told me that she has asked for a raise to the company or whatever is going on between she and Anand Bhaiya. Couple of times I thought about talking to her about the discussion I had with our GM but I really failed to gather courage to talk to her, to tell her that her job is in danger and that is all because of me.
Finally weekend came and around 10 on Saturday night Sheela Didi called me and somewhat informed me that she will come to my place on Sunday afternoon with a prepared Lunch. I was not aware of what Anand Bhaiya has said to her but I was sure that they have spoke in this context because on same evening when I was about to leave Sheela Didi was sitting with him in his cabin and I could make out some serious conversation was on.
Throughout Saturday night I was really uneasy and could not sleep, I was having bit of guilt feeling that because of me Sheela Didi is losing her job. Finally night ended and Sheela Didi came with a prepared food. That day Sheela Didi was looking something else, intentionally she was wearing kind of clothes which were bursting out her voluptuous body.
Usually I use to see Sheela Didi in simple Salwar kameez with bit lose fitting but that day she was wearing clothes which were in tight fitting with her body I still remember she was wearing light brown color Kurta which was tightly fitted to her upper half and I could see the exact size of her luscious breasts as they were jutting out of her top with bluish chuddidar pajami or can say leggings,
which was also tightly fitted on her lower half and as I said Sheela Didi had good amount of flesh on her thighs and her buttocks were round, fleshy and healthy nicely spread in width and in that outfit I could make out each and every curve of her seductive body and her overall appearance with a sandalwood tilak on her forehead and with that spiritual mala was arousing me a lot and I was getting more and more uneasy as the time was passing.
Anyway after bit of television and casual chit chat we started to have lunch. Apart from feeling aroused I was really afraid of the matter of her job, as I could see that Sheela Didi was not normal, she was over conscious though she was trying her best to behave casual but I could make out, again and again she was trying to look into my eyes without saying a word.
Finally lunch ended too and it was really best of Sheela Didi. Once again we sat together in front of television, yet there was no discussion about that subject but from Sheela Didi’s gesture I could make out that it is about to happen. Finally Sheela Didi broke the silence and started the concern by saying, “Aapse ek baat karni hai” “Haan haan bolo” I replied casually.
“In a day or two Anand Bhaiya is going to talk to you about me” Sheela Didi spoke and I silently kept on listening as if I am unaware of the matter. “Actually I have spoken to him about my increment, jo humen 2 saal se nahi mila hai” “and he is going to talk to you about this” Sheela Didi continued talking to me about the salary she is getting and somewhat compared it
with mine and nearly it was a difference of three folds and other than that I was having a privilege of having a fully furnished flat to live which was given to me by the owner. For some time I continued listening her and felt really very pity for her and decided something within myself. After bit more of her comparison with me and my monetary gains she somewhat requested me to favor her by saying,
“aapse request hai, jab Anand Ji aapse baat karenge to aap humara favor kariyega…..” she stopped for a fraction and then spoke again, “Anand Ji ke reaction se lagta hai ki…. Wo humen job se nikalne waale hain…” I was realizing that Sheela Didi is aware of this fact hat Anand Bhaiya is going to fire her,
I was about to say something to rest her assured that I will speak in her favor but before I would have give her expressions that I want to say something Sheela Didi spoke again, “humare liye ye job bahut zaruri hai…I have a loan to pay off….. aap chahenge to humari job bhi nahi jaayegi…..aur increment bhi ho jaaye ga…..aap jo bolenge wo ho jaayega” I smiled sarcastically within myself,
I very well knew this fact that things are not even in my hand and I was about to reveal the truth when Sheela Didi spoke again and this time she left me in shock from her words, “AAP AGAR CHAHO TO HUM RAAT KO YAHIN RUK JAATE HAIN….AAPKE PASS….”…. “AAP RELAX HO LIJIYEGA HUMARE SAATH”
( means if you want I can stay here for the night…with you….you can relax yourself with me) I could not believe whatever she said, Sheela Didi offered me herself for a night for the favor she was asking, though Sheela Didi was really very hesitant to say all that, she was fumbling in saying that and I could make out her heart was beating high, for a fraction I too went nervous and could not think of anything as a reply.
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