Received a new message for Anu, its from Rahul
R- Hey dear, can we have a quick session while in the evening at my place.
A- No way I’m tried
R- Bitch you have action with your husband yesterday?
A- yeah, What your problem? A day before you guys fuck me right!!
R- Shut up my bitch, don’t make angry we will tear your holes
A- shut up idiot
R- Don’t tease me that your fucking idiotic husband having bigger than us.
A- Hahaha
R- Come in jeans and a t-shirt
A- I won’t come in that Smile
R- Bitch then I’ll show him who his wife was slut
A- I’ll handle it
R- I know that your clever bitch I will be sent him your college time slut one with me so that he understands that you whore of mine.
A- Fuck off, I know how to handle that too
R- Haha then I sent him now, yet see reactions
A- shut up, I will come jeans and a t-shirt
R- Sent me a nude Pic now
A- No way servant has come to clear my house, I can’t send now bye catch in the evening.

Their conversion makes me angry more over her, fucks she cheated on me before my marriage and she never stops it too and continues after marriage with me. Anu was destroying herself my love over her. I open the download file from their cloud id, check her folder found it open say a lot of folders like college, Day before the wedding, Anu honeymoon, Professor, Anu friend, Anu after marriage,1, 2,3,4,5, up to 27 folders wherein. She was cheated on my family and me, I was angry with her parents too if they that their daughter was slut and made a marriage with me that I will revenue them too. Fuck all the bastard that 4 guys and Anu ruined my life.

Time was,3 pm I drove back home from the farmhouse reached the home at 4 pm, Anu was surprised looking at me. Vicky what up you come earlier today, yes I got changed in the plan so that I’m free we can go shopping and have dinner in the hotel. walked to the server of CCTV turn on the switch of recording. Anu was silent what happen bae your having any plan with your friends that I’ll join with you. No Vicky we can as per your plan, no issues. Fine I just refreshed and come we can go Anu.

Anu ping on the ANU GROUP – sorry guys I can’t come today my hubby plan changed I’m going outside with him.
S- what the hell this Anu!!
R- It’s okay.

Rahul sent a personal message to her where fuck our both going my bitch.
A- I don’t where taking me he said shopping and Dinner at the hotel
R- Okay ping me the Hotel name When you know
A- Why?
R- Shut up and do it Bitch
A- Okay, don’t come there.
R- Hmm

Anu asked me while diving where were going, Vicky? we’re going to purchase a Carpet for my office cabin. You can buy some household if you want. We reached the household factory. It was a large shop, we went to each section of category in the household, Anu purchases something for home and Bedcover we have gone to carpet selection look for my cabin space. Pay for things and tell them to deliver the carpet to the office and leave from there. I asked can we to the hotel YXZ barbecue she says yes, Anu text to on her phone, I know that should be Rahul.

At the barbecue, I already booked the table we sat and order, Anu asked me why I’m upset today? Nothing Bae one guy cheated on me, just think what to do with him. Really who was that Vicky, why are you think that guy should be deserved the punishment, No Anu he was very closer to me. So that what you’re not punishing him yourself right, give Police complain they will. But I can’t give any Complain on him, just detail in between us only. Then you have to Revenge on him!! Bae yes darling if you don’t then you will be a loser.

R- Hey Anu, I just backside of your table.
Anu turns back for a second turns to me, Bae needs anythings yes Vicky needs water, Okay. I saw them but I can’t figure out who was Rahul and Suresh?
R- Bitch your looking hot from the backside.
Now I saw the table, find out Rahul he was having the phone in his hand other was ordering food. Your food has arrived.
R- Can I sent the pic now let me see his reactions my bitch.
A- Shut up idiot
what’s up Vicky walked straight toward their table grab the phone out of Rahul’s hands. Saw the Pic of Anu Suresh was standing frozen, Rahul says sorry sir unfortunate happen I open the camera it click I was trying to delete it, Really I slap on his face, Suresh tries to defend Rahul and me Anu was standing without knowing whats going on. Delete the pic throw the phone on the floor hit hard on my shoes pour the glass on the water on it, left the hotel.

Anu asked why react like that in Hotel, Actually bae I need to call the phone, but I don’t want to spoil his life, it may happen uncertainty too, for that only I have broken his phone, it was just one pic otherwise I call the police. Now I saw all four guys.

The next day at the office asked the finance team to submit the non-payment dues for the company. Sir here is the files, why Anu & co not paying dues. Sir, your father says to leave the dues from them, which our father-in-law company. Roopa comes to my cabin, yes sir. Prepare the Report notice to pay due in 10 days if not we will acquire them as per our mutual agreement, but sir just kept it when asked the notice I need it immediately, and I know my dad needs to sign but at the time we will do it. just keep it ready yes sir. Your guys all leave now, Roopa fixes the appointment with Ajay (lawyer) as a personal one yes sir.

Dad and mom tomorrow at 10 have I arranged the meeting at our office with our lawyer, you going to buy property no mom, just come you will be surprised. Okay, Anu comes to the office tomorrow at around 12 Noon. In the morning my dad and mom were shocked to see the affairs of wife Anu and their lovely daughter in law. Mom was shocked seeing it says Vicky how you handle this, I can’t she started to cry I said to my parent I’m very clear to Revenge her back, even Anu itself just it to me.

At 12 Anu comes shocked to she shouted to stop there. Don’t come in front of me, Ajay goes to her with divorced papers handed it to her she saw the paper broken tear looking at me, asked Vicky what going on here? I took the tablet show her all action from college days till her birthday fun. She falls on my feels says sorry Vicky, her parents entire on the right timing my mom shouted her mom, my father slap her father says I trusted you and your daughter and saved your life from debts but your family has done a great thing to My son and destroyed his life.

Anu father says I don’t know any of thing before marriage, I shouted but your wife know that our daughter having some affair, I played the audio file she said but I never know that he has done this. I asked to sign the divorce paper and termination letter from the office, I drag her office out of the office all our company employee has watched it. Anu begged me to forgive her I said bitch I asked you about this only yesterday you only said to Revenge back. So that now I’m doing it get out of my site.

Yesterday tell Roopa to Prepare the Anu & co debt notice and asked my dad to sign it and forward it to them and take the file with my drive to Anu home where her father was there only. I said your due of 25 CRS should be pay in 10 days otherwise our company acquires your factory, office, home, and vehicles too. I looked at Anu she was crying I said get ready to me face this in 10 days. Keep the file leave the place. Roopa what gypsy going in the office. Nothing Sir, definitely there should be something. okay, leave that what the matter? Sir, Anu madam asked the appointment of yours about her dad’s company matters!! Fine tell her to come to my home today evening or If she needs me to meet only on the company then you fix an appointment on tomorrow.

Sir, Madam said she will meet at home itself. Okay, inform her to come 6 pm okay sir. leave to home while Anu was standing outside asked her to follow me. okay, Madam tells me what you need to talk about our company. Vicky, we need time to repay your company, who much time your needs? 6 months. Hmm if we give 6 months you pay the full amount. No, we can some amount, Madam it not 25 lakhs its 25 crores even you slept with guys all day in 6 months I thought you cant earn 25 lakhs. Vicky why are doing this to me, please help my parents out of this. Okay, what will I get back in return. Vicky you itself says that what you want.

Lawyer says it takes 3 to 4 months for divorce processes so that you take that time to repay the full amount of 25 CRS.

After 3 months get officially divorced, our company sent other notice for the due of ANU & co. Anu, once again comes to meet me, asked me to save her parents from his, Okay then we both come to an agreement I ready to save your parents out of debt by acquiring your factory and office. I just leave your home and bank balances. But you should accept the deal of this. what that Vicky? I need you as my whore, if you’re ready to me it then signs the blank papers. Otherwise my company acquires day after tomorrow ready to face it.

Vicky I’m your ex-wife, So that what even your my wife your bitch to someone, now your not my wife and just me my bitch. There is nothing else right? I’m not forcing you, it’s on your decision, you are dealing will be!! Anu sign the paper gives to me, Get ready bitch for action…..

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