The Humiliation of a Couple – 03

“I’m hungry” he said taking out his phone, “I’m ordering pizza”

All the men cheered. He ordered the couple to maintain position till the pizza delivery arrived. Payal kept starting at her husband’s still erect cock. while she held her still dripping pussy over his face for nearly half an hour.

“So, here’s what will happen next slut,” Roy spoke addressing Payal, “Once the delivery boy arrives, you are going to convince him to put 2 fingers in your ass. And you, doggie boy will record a video while he does that and lick his fingers clean after that. And find a way to pay for the pizza too.”

“NO!” Raj protested, “Enough is enough! You banged my wife already, and we will not take any more humiliation!”

“Really?” Roy laughed, “Why not? Apparent this whore of a wife you have here likes it, she came twice already, didn’t you see? Well, let me show you!”

Roy played the video his men had recorded of his wife masturbating and getting fucked. “I think I could send it to all the contacts in your sweet wife’s phone, and let everyone know, wouldn’t that be nice? Let me start with her in-laws.”

“No, please, no” Payal begged, “We will do as you say…”

Payal was very afraid of her father in law. She liked to live a modern lifestyle, wear sexy clothes but her father in law was very conservative and forced her to wear a saree and always cover her head and face with a “ghunghat”. He believed that women should always remain covered from head to toe, not speak until spoken to, keep their eyes downcast and must always serve their husband and his family. She was afraid that if he sees this video, he would kill her.

The doorbell rang. The couple began to dress up quickly. Roy smiled at their eagerness and walked into their bedroom along with his men.

“Remember if you don’t get the boy to finger your ass or you don’t get me the video of that, I’ll send out these videos. And bring me the pizza before you start your slut show…I’m starving!” he said jeering at the couple.

Payal opened the door and found a young boy, of 18 years of age. He was 5’5″ tall, very skinny and had a dark complexion and average looking facial features. The body was mesmerized to see a beautiful Payal standing in just her stain night gown in front of him.

Raj took the pizza from the boy and went inside the bedroom to give it to Roy and his men.

Payal asked the boy to enter and closed the door behind him. She looked seductively at the boy and said, “I’m sorry I don’t have any money to pay for the pizza but would you like…something else?”

The boy was taken aback. He never expected anything like that. He was a very nervous she kind of boy. Payal was also equally nervous.

“Li…like what?” he asked.

Raj walked into the room and the boy got even more nervous seeing her husband.

“Like you would like to see my boobs?”

The boy looked at Raj in astonishment.

“It’s ok,” Raj reassured, “She is beautiful and she likes showing off. I don’t mind either.”

“Okayyy…” the boy said.

Payal reluctantly slipped her night down, slowly revealing her large milky breasts. The boy’s jaw dropped. He had seen porn videos, but he was a virgin and he had never seen a woman strip in front of him. And Payal was so beautiful, he had never imagined that a poor boy like him would ever see such a beautiful woman’s breasts.

He stood mesmerized. His immediately felt a tingle in his groin and his pants tended up due to erection. Raj started recording a video as he had been ordered he felt his own erection too, but even this young boy seemed to have a larger cock than him.

“May…may..I touch?” the boy asked taking a step towards Payal. She instinctively took a step back.

“No…no touching…I mean…ok” she reluctantly agreed, as she knew if she wanted him to finger her ass, she needed to give him some incentive first.

The boy cupped her huge breasts with his trembling hands and squeezed them gently. He was feeling the softness of a woman’s breasts for the first time. His eyes clearly showed his delight. He rubbed her nipples with his thumb and she moaned.

“What happened?” he asked as he suddenly got nervous, “Does it hurt?”

“No…it feels good,” Payal replied feeling ashamed of herself.

That excited the boy more and he started groping her breasts and stroking her nipples, enjoying her moans as he now knew that meant that she felt good when he did that.

“Please..” Payal begged, her cheeks red with shame, “Will you please put your finger in my ass?”

The boy suddenly pulled away in disgust. “What? Put my finger in your ass…chiii…that is dirty!!”

“No please…I like it,” Payal desperately tried to convince him as she knew what would happen if she would fail, “I really feel good when someone fingers my ass.”

“Yuck! No!” the boy persisted, “I am not putting my fingers in anyone’s ass!”

“Please…I’ll let you touch my pussy also…” Payal begged.

The boy thought for a while. He realized for some strange reason she was really desperate to get his fingers up her ass.

“Hmmm…if you need it so badly…I’ll do it if…you..kiss my cock…” he said, his voice showing his excitement mixed with nervousness.

“Ok, I will do it…” Payal agreed reluctantly.

She knelt before him, and unzipped his pants. She pulled down his underwear and his erect cock sprang free on her face. She was surprised to see the large size of this young boy’s cock.

She gently held it in her hand. The boy moaned as it was the first time a woman had touched him there. His personal hygiene was rather poor for her taste, she didn’t like the smell of dried urine on his cock. But she desperately needed him to finger her ass so she kissed the head of his cock as she had promised. The boy moaned loudly as he felt his cock twitch.

“More, more please…kiss me all over…and my balls too!” the boy demanded.

Payal hesitantly complied. She showered the entire length of his cock with kisses and when she started kissing his balls, the boy couldn’t take anymore. With a loud moan, he ejaculated all over Payal’s face and hair. When he opened his eyes after the orgasm, he was delighted to look at the delicious mess he had made. Payal felt degraded. Even her husband had never cum on her face. And now she was coated with a delivery boy’s cum.

“Ok, now I’ll do your dirty work but please be quick, I have more pizzas to deliver,” he said zipping up his pants.

Payal turned over without wasting any time and got on all fours. She lowered her head and raised her ass. The boy’s cum was still dripping from her face, she tired to wipe it from her face with her hands, but it was so warm and sticky, she ended up getting messier.

The boy was delighted seeing the sexy woman offer up her ass to him, begging him to put his fingers inside. He put one finger on her asshole and started pushing in. Her ass was very tight, it was hurting her. Raj was filming the whole thing as ordered but he felt bad seeing his wife in pain.

“No..please not like that” he said shamefully guiding the boy, “It will hurt her if you try to insert a dry finger. Please put your finger in her pussy first so that it gets lubricated.”

Raj couldn’t believe what he was saying. He was giving instructions to a stranger how to systematically degrade his wife. His cock grew harder as he watched the boy dip two fingers in his wife’s dripping pussy.

“What is this white thing?” the boy asked as he inserted two fingers completely in her pussy.

Payal moaned at the pleasurable sensations.

“It is cum,” Raj answered feeling utterly degraded.

“Did you just fuck her?” the boy asked.

“No, another man did,” Raj said.

“Wow!” the boy exclaimed, “She really enjoys being touched and fucked by other men, doesn’t she?”

“Yes, she does” Raj replied.

The boy stroked her clit a little and she moaned. She just hope she wouldn’t shamefully cum again in front of this boy. She felt the boy slowly slide his now wet finger into her ass. She relaxed and accommodate it. The feeling of being filled made her moan.

“Wow, she is really a slut!” he boy said as he sensually moved his finger in and out of her ass and she moaned louder and louder, and he observed her pussy get even more wetter.

“Please…” Raj requested remembering Roy’s precise order, “Please put in one more finger…”

The boy chucked and said, “You also must like to have your wife fucked by other men.” He slid in one more finger. Payal moaned again as her tight ass gripped the boys two fingers. It wasn’t as dirty as he had thought. He was actually now enjoying finger fucking her ass, and he never wanted to stop. Just thinking of how it would feel to have his cock up there made him hard again. She was moaning wildly. The boy started teasing her clit with the other hands and she began to feel the heat rising in her groin. She started rhythmically moving her hips. The boy enjoyed the view. He played with her ass for some more time and finally withdrew his fingers just before she could cum again. She moaned in disappointment. But she was relieved that she had finally completed the task and her video will not be circulated.

“Where’s the bathroom?” the boy asked, “I need to wash my hands. Can’t be delivery pizzas with hands smelling of ass.”

“Oh, I’ll clean your hands” Raj said as he immediately took the fingers in his mouth and began to lick and suck them clean.

The boy was shocked, but he let Raj lick anyway. He smiled at Payal whose face was still covered with his cum. She was now holding the camera recording her husband sucking the delivery boy’s fingers which were in her ass a moment ago.

To Be Conti

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