The party the play

The night was warm, humid, fecund even the very fabric of the old warehouse building lent character to the atmosphere. An underlying scent of bleach was accentuated by the familiar background of the Ganga smoke, poppers and heavy male sex aromas that by 0200 had built up with the exertions of the participants of the party and the play.

Miss Lilo, dressed to the nines was lolling in her private leather crib watching the Sling-room activities of her naked slut and for tonight, gay gang-bang queen through the two way mirror that made up one wall of her comfortable hide-away. The only ‘clothing’ was the tight cock and ball strap that prevented him cumming and turned his cock and balls into swollen purple play things.

Miss Lilo was watching her ‘slut-fuckfest’. This monthly entertainment was where she delivered her slut to do whatever she’d chosen and then sat back to enjoy the debauchery, sometimes of herself, sometimes of her slut . As much as possible Miss Lilo tried to expand their horizons with new and /or extra activities, people, objects or objectives.

Having a very compliant slut, Miss Lilo was able to do or watch just about anything, and her slut, Penisleeve revelled in any perversion she could imagine, if Miss Lilo wanted to see it, do it or have it done she only had to order Penisleeve and it would happen.

Tonight Miss Lilo had decided she wanted to see her slut getting utterly used by as many men as she could encourage to use him. She let it be known throughout the sauna complex that an ‘anything goes slut’ was in the main sling-room, the one with the big mirror and that he’d be taking bare-back fucks, fists, toys, deep-throating any cock and swallowing, piss games permissible, double entry either end, and was generally available until closing time for any perversion anyone wanted to experience.

Miss Lilo was wearing a royal blue basque, patterned stocking and heals. Her gloves were above the elbow patent leather and her harness was a custome-made leather affair which allowed her by now permanently swollen clit to be deliciously stimulated whenever her huge strap-on was thrusting in any hole she chose to use. She loved the sensations tingling through her body from her clit as the friction from her thrusting her hips or having a slut thrusting their pussy, arse or throat up and down the 12 thick inches of her squirting dong. She’d pound away or order them to pound away until she was overcome with passion and her orgasms were announced by her screams and then mindless pounding of the sluts fast stretching hole, whichever one was being used for her delight.

This evening Miss Lilo lay back and with a pump expanding her clit she watch as penisleeve opened his mouth and chased a thick dribbling cock that was being slapped about his face. The precum was shining as it coated more of his face and from her position just a couple of feet away behind the two way mirror she had the perfect view of his body, perfectly smooth. Striped, bound to the sling, cock, balls and nipples all pumped and bound so they were swollen and purple. His arsehole a greasy loose receptacle and his throat an eager cock sucking, begging cum smeared mess.

“Skull-Fuck” was all she said and the cock being whipped about smearing precum was shoved roughly straight down Penisleeves’ gullet! One second he was whimpering for drooling cock then he was choking and gagging and swallowing as the owner of that drooling cock held his head to his crotch and force face-fucked the willing slut. Miss Lilo saw the spittle spray from her lovers lips as the strangers good 7″ went straight in to the balls.

“That’s it skull-fuck the faggot, fuck his face and blow down his throat.” She commanded.

More men were entering the sling-room and starting to join in groping etc. Penisleeve swung in the sling his head being used as a point of reference as the cock impaling him began to throb. Penisleeve was besides himself knowing his first dose of cum was about to flavour his throat and he tried to encourage it. Miss Lilo loved watching her faggot slut straining against his bindings trying to get more cock. The one in his head blew and cum squirted out of penisleeves’ mouth and nose. “Keep fucking the slut” she ordered and quickly another cock was pushed past the spit and cum back in to the tunnel he called a throat.

Another man stepped between his thighs and miss Lilo encouraged him to “Rape his slack atsehole” he did. One massive shove and he had everything balls deep and easy. He just grabbed the chains of the sling and began to pound the sloppy hole before his hips. It was huge, loose, open and running with lube or cum already. Miss Lilo had prepared him by making him sit on Chi Chi all the way from home and now his hole was at least 10″ deep and 3″ wide. The man pounded on but needed more sensation even on his thick cock so he forced one hand inside penisleeves’ arsehole and began to wank off inside the size queen. Another fed penisleeve cum and was replaced as he groaned and moaned in utter piggy pleasure. Miss Lilo encouraged more and more men to fuck him, face-fuck, wank, twist his nipples, pull his balls, fuck, fist, double fuck and double fist his ever bigger hole. She had them untie him and had him squat over one cock while two others were forced up his arse. He had to wank two onto his face while swallowing as much as possible. Cock after cock just blew across or in penisleeves face, chest, cock balls and of course his arse. Eventually Miss Lilo had everyone just line up before his arse or face and take turns blowing on or in him. She then came out from her room to inspect her sloppy slut.

She paced over to his smeared mess, made him kneel at her feet, his knees way apart and his hands behind his head. Cum was everywhere and the stream that ran from his uncontrolled arsehole was impressive. Miss Lilo stood over him and let her thick 12″ squirting dong brush his lips. “All of it baby” was all she said as she leaned in towards his face. She placed one hand on the back of his head and placed the thick head between his lips. “All off it now!” And she pulled his head towards her hips and buried 12″ of vibrating dong down his throat and stimulated her engorged clit to make herself cum. She growled and grunted in deep animal satisfaction. The slut was only satisfying her needs right now, his disregarded in her urgent lust. He was struggling slightly as she held him to her groin and the sounds of gurgling, gasping and spluttering accompanied her ecstasy finishing with her squeezing the bulb to ‘insemenate’ her slut with her mixture, designed to increase the recipients lust.

She propped herself up on the sweating kneeling pig in front of her and slowly regaining some semblance of control pulled her cock free. Drool and cum hung from it to the floor and covered penisleeve. “Turn round and present slut.” Penisleeve turned and pressing his forehead to the ground presented for Miss Lilo.

His presented arsehole was just a dark cum filled gape, more than a dozen cocks, fist and toys had stretched it and Miss Lilo just put her both hands palm to palm,

“Cannonball!”, whereby she pressed her clenched fists against his hole and pushed to force then straight in. Penisleeve moaned, his lust again rising, he didn’t resist as Miss Lilo proceeded to cannonball him, he push his arse out willing her huge knobbly fists to stretch him, penetrate him, dominate him. Both fists fingers entwined to form one HUGE knobbly weapon rammed in and out of his hole, determinedly destroying his flesh, stretching, bruising, using him unto his ecstatic screams reached a climax and miss Lilo only now believing he’d cum properly via his sloppy fuck-hole let him have his orgasm and come down this was the only way he’d cum for hours, a true anal size queen taking pleasure from having his gaping hole pounded.

After having the slut lick the sling, toys and floor clean Miss Lilo walked penisleeve out the back of the club to their car, still naked and with his arse full of a huge plug. He had weights on his balls and nipple clamps biting in to his nipples. All in all Miss Lilo still hadn’t seen enough and when she got home he was going on the wall hooks and the electric torture of his nipples and balls could start.

The drive home took 30 minutes during which Miss Lilo had her slut wank himself constantly but wouldn’t allow him to cum, the stimulation and drugged ‘cum’ raising his lust and lowering his morals. As he announced his impending orgasm she’d slap his balls hard causing him to squeal and prevent him gaining satisfaction. His hole was just a loose bag with a huge plug fully inserted, the towel he sat upon was becoming soaked with the excess cum from the Party which he’d have to suck out of it when she got him home. Miss Lilo made sure she hit every bump she could on the way home to make the plug stimulate his battered prostate turning it into a swollen, mashed mess of sensitive demanding flesh deep inside him. Miss Lilo decided to take a detour and pulled into a carpark, just off the main high-road she pulled behind a small shopping centre and alongside the skips ordered,

“Over the bonnet slut!”

Penisleeve immediately staggered out of the car and bent forward his sore nipples contacting the hot bonnet, his cock, balls and arse vulnerable as he spread his feet widely apart and waited for whatever Miss Lilo wanted. The indirect lights of passing traffic drew weird shadows across his exposed, vulnerable, naked body. His chest was burning but he dared not move as Miss Lilo alighted from the vehicle and stepped behind him.

She was still wearing her outfit and the cool leather of her gloves massaged his buttocks as she favourably massaged his bruised flesh. She even favoured him with a kiss and lick of his stretched pucker, “Mmmmm, tasty slut.” Penisleeve was increasingly excited as he loved the feel of her mouth. She gasped his purple balls and squeezed then until he squealed and then began wanking his cock. Penisleeve was breathing heavily and sweating like the pig he was as she ministered to her slut, he knew he was about to be anally abused for her pleasure once again and anticipated the limitless pleasure she’d soon grant him. Suddenly she yanked the huge plug out of his arsehole and before it could even begin to shrink rammed her strap-on balls deep into his very guts. Penisleeve squealed, the echo bouncing off the concrete walls and metal skips about them, if anyone heard they’d surely investigate. Penisleeve didn’t care, let them line up again, he’d started to anally cum again and would continue to do so as long as she stimulated his fuck-hole in that manner and Miss Lilo loved to hear him impassioned by her actions and it drove her to greater efforts of lust driven defilement. HIs legs gave way, he sagged back towards her driving hips and impaling dong and Miss Lilo had the utter slave that so excited her, he lay prostate across the bonnet and she used him with greater and greater energy as her passion rose again. After about 5 minutes she rammed her dong so deep inside him she was able to lift him bodily off the car forcing the harness against her swollen flesh and causing her to orgasm. She dropped him onto the bonnet and quickly pulled her dong from his hole causing him to collapse onto the ground where she made him lick the dong clean before crawling back to his seat and mount the plug sat there for him.

Miss Lilo drove home.

Once home Miss Lilo wanted to play and quickly had penisleeve tied to the hooks on the play-room wall. His toes only just touched the floor, his legs spread wide by a spreader bar. The plug had been removed as the dong holder was mounted on the wall so that Chi Chi was fully inserted inside his loose hole and his genitals and nipples were fully exposed and available. She used a dong-gag to quieten his later screams and then set about attaching the electrodes to each ball and nipple and inserting the extra one into his urethra. She blindfolded him and informed her slut that she was going to enjoy torturing him until he passed out and then leave him there until she woke up the next morning.

Penisleeve whimpered but was utterly helpless and in any case so aroused that all he wanted was to satisfy Miss Lilos’ lusts no matter war they might be.

Miss Lilo took up her soft whip and began to whip his thighs and belly and chest and eventually his genitals and then for the next hour Miss Lilo alternately stung his nipples, balls or eventually deep inside his cock. With enough stimulation not even the tightest jockstrap could prevent him ejaculating screaming his thanks past the gag and passing out, sagging against his bindings and remaining there until the sun rose.

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