A Wife’s Compromise – 03

Trin Trin.

“Hello, Devika, Main hun Anand”

Devika ” Yes Sir “

Anand-” Dekho, I called you for a reason. I have sent Sunil to Banglore, aab humara rasta saaf hai”

Devika- ” Ji Sir”

Anand continued in a harsh tone- ” Tumne jaisa kaha maine kiya, saam ko theek 8 Baje mera driver tumhe lene aajayega, you be ready.”

Devika like an obedient slave, could only say ok.

Anand- ” Dekho Devika, I dont want a single hair on your body except your head, isliye parlor walar jana hai to ho ana. Mugey teri chut main bhi ek baal nahin chahiye aur sun wear your best dress, aur do teen deen ke kapade rakh lena”

Devika was taken a back by Anand rudeness, this rudeness made her even more nervous, she knew that she has no other option.

Anand hanged up the phone, Anand knew that Devika will not be a lady who be shaving or waxing, but he hated hair on women body. He wanted everything clean as clean as a milk booth. He wanted to demand lots of things for her, but he wanted to keep all his fantasy for night. He sent his private secretary Anchal to go and buy some hot stuff. She immediately knew that Anand, has got a new prey tonight. She was Anand’s permanent private secretary and she was the one who was to take care of all secrecy of Anand. She was also Anands, good friend and he knew that she will choose what he likes .

Aanchal, bought a pair of very high heels, few hot lingerie with thongs, few short skirts and some sex toys,like handcuffs,vibrator extra. She also bought a black color ready made Indian Saree and few stuff for make up. She completed her shopping by early evening and entered the cabin of Anand. Anand was still engrossed in dream of fucking Devika.

” Anand, Yeh lo jo tumne kaha tha le aaye, magar yeh to bata aaj kaun shikaar hai”

Anand didnot answer her, he continued to engrossed in his laptop. Anchal knew , if Anand has decided not to share than he will not share. Anchal was more or less a everything of Anand, but about Devika, Anand had not shared with her.

Anand, checked all stuff and thanked Anchal, with a kiss on her cheeks, ” Aaj kuch special hai, baad main share karonga ” and with all the stuff he left.

Devika, still nervous, didnot know what Anand intentions yet. She took a number of beauty parlour number , took her appointment and went to get ready. She was waxing her legs for the first time, though she anyways had very less hairs, but it pained. She like normal Indian women, will not shave her armpits regularly, but the wax stripes made her scream in pain. She had never shaved, and when the therapist started pulling hairs from her cunt, it made her shcok in pain. Though she was doing all this, but in her own heart, she was still very nervous. No one had touched her body except Sunil, no one had ever kissed her, she took such a big step. Now she knew she can only wait for inevitable. The therapist asked her, if she will like to remove her hairs from Ass, and which broke her silence. She inside was not feeling normal, but deal was deal.

In the mean time, Sunil called her ” Kidhar ho Jaanu”

Devika ” Thoda bahar aayie thi”

Sunil ” Meeting was very good, but Monday tak he kuch final hoga, I will be in touch ,Love you ” and he hanged up the phone.

Devika never lied to anyone in her life, she felt bad on lying to her hubby. The therapist removed whatever hairs she could from every part of her body and left for facial and shower.

She choose a red color salwar kameej, which Sunil had gifted him, and she didnt have any hot lingeries. She had a normal bra and panties. Heals she had never ever imagined in her life, and she still in nervous ness not knowing whom to talk, started to wait for the driver to come. She was not aware that today, she is gonna become a slut. She was not aware , what will happen with her and she was not aware of future, perhaps she was not even so nervous in her wedding night. She was close to get a heart attack. No hairs in her ass and cunt, were making her feel little different. She took her Ipill, and was sipping a cup of coffee, that she heard the door bell.

She opened the door, and it was driver of Anand. She was meeting her for the first time. He opened the door of car for her and mummored something in his mouth
“Raandi Saali”

These words stuck in the heart of Devika like arrow. Oh Am i doing the right thing, m I really a raand???

The driver was taking her out of the city, she asked him reluctantly, ” Hum Kahan Ja rahe hai”

Driver replied ” Saahab ke farm house, Panvel main “

” oh” her breath increase further.

They reached a nice farm, where there was hardly any electricity. The driver dropped her on the main door, which was opened by the servant, who looked at her with a juicy eyes from top to bottom and took her inside the bunglow.

Devika was now waiting anxiously for what will happen next!!

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