Adultery Plan to get laid with my hot neighbor pavithra – 04

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Raji was very close to me. I was standing completely nude with my hot thick dick was touching her thighs. I pulled her ass and pressed it once.

She held my thick dick and shagged few minutes and then came near my ears and started whispering.

Raji : Turn back handsome boy. You just relax I will take care of you completely now
Me : Sure Raji..I am all yours do whatever you want
Raji : You have awesome dick and also awesome body kinky boy
Me : You too have an awesome structure Raji. God you look really sexy in nude
Raji : Love rubbing your back…waaaw ur ass is soo fleshy and awesome. Feeling like biting it
Me : Bite it you slut…I am all yours
Raji : Dirty boy you look very innocent but you are too dirty and kinky
Me : I love to be kinky you big bum lady
Raji : Your words are making me more and more wet. I am flowing between my legs
Me : (She was softly applying soap on my back and also was rubbing my ass as if she was playing with the ball) You are playing nicely with my ass dear. Ohhhh I am really going crazy.
Raji : This is just beginning dirty devil. I am going to show you heaven just enjoy all my work
Me : I am already enjoying you slut
Raji : keep calling me with some dirty names Venu. I am getting aroused for it
Me : (She was rubbing my dick so softly and sensually. My dick was so aroused. I was thinking I may shoot anytime.) Goddddd where did u learn all this you bitch?

Raji : I am good in massaging dear. I give massage to some of the ladies. (She slowly moved her fingers inside my ass crack and was rubbing my asshole. I was feeling really strange experience. So softly she was touching my asshole. I was really in heaven. Slowly she moved her hands under my ass crack and reach my thick dick)
Me : Ohhhh sexy boobs, you give lots of surprises. Goddd it’s so nice the way you are playing with my thunnee (Dick)
Raji : You will have lots like this sexy boy…how is this shag? Are you liking it baby?
Me : I am enjoying my slut..keep doing it… I am going mad
Raji : how are you feeling about my body dear?
Me : Ohh your balls are rubbing my back so softly. I am really feeling as if some big cotton balls are rubbed on my back.
Raji : Your structure is so nice dear. First time I am doing this to a man. It was my dream actually. Never had a chance to think of any nice male to feel myself like this
Me : Ohh Raji…. I am feeling really blessed
Raji : turn this side now nasty fellow
Me : mmmm….(I turned and saw the slutty Raji was full wet now. Soap was slowly flowing from her boobs till tits and slowly it was flowing towards her stomach. She was not so dirty as I expected. She really had a nice firm sexy boobs. I could feel she had maintained her body and also her neatness)
Raji : ohhh Venu..look your dick how much hungry it is. It really needs the right treatment dear
Me : (She started moving her whole body all of over my body. She was licking and kissing my body. But I didn’t do anything. She came near my face. Licked all over my cheeks and neck and slowly she moved towards my mouth. I didn’t want to kiss her lips. She understood. but she didn’t turn off. she continued to lick all over my neck and check and started biting my nipples. she was sucking as if I have milk in my nipples. it was arousing too much for me.) Ohh Raji, what are you doing dear? it’s so nice I am going mad
Raji : Why only you boys should lick our tits, why shouldn’t we lick your tits Venu? You liking it right my dear boy
Me : too much….I am going crazy. (But I loved her ass it was too lovely and round in shape. I was kneading it as if I was kneading dough)
Raji : (Slowly she was moving down kissing my stomach and licking all over the navel. She was holding my dick softly and then slowly moved her face near my dick. She was me once very naughtily while holding my dick and her face was neat the dick. she smiled at me and kissed to tell she is going to eat it.) Venu.. I am going to eat this long-heated rod now
Me : Sure, you hot ass slut…suck it and take it till your throat
Raji : (She took it inside and it was difficult to take it completely. Guess it was touching till her throat) Ohhh kinky fellow it’s too big to take it fully inside.

Me : Take it till where you can slutty boobs suck it ohhhh my godddd first time I am experiencing something like this
Raji : Venu, you have a such a delicious dick baby.. Not able to stop.
Me : don’t stop you slut..keep sucking it…keep sucking till I leak inside your mouth
Raji : ummmmm mmmmm aaahhhhhhhh so tasty venu..I am really enjoying it
Me : Ohhhh Raji, I am feeling I will come now.
Raji : Hold on dear… I will stop for a while (She stopped sucking my dick..she didn’t want me to leak so soon because she wanted it for more time. I was complete in her hands. I was just enjoying what she was doing. I didn’t want to do anything even when I was a kinky dirty fellow. Just wanted to see what sensual dirty kinky talent she has)
Me : Ohh god what a pleasure you bitch. Ohhhh I am really in heaven
Raji : (Now when she stood and took my hand kept on her boobs to ask to squeeze them. I took them in my hands. It was difficult to hold her complete boobs) Just squeeze them till they become lose you dirty boy
Me : Raji you have nice pair of melons
Raji : Thanks a lot too have nice’s really has a very good length and shape. Not too big and not too small. Perfect for any ladies’ pussy
Me : Thanks, dear. I am just eager to spread Pavithra’s legs and fuck her till I fill my cum inside her pussy
Raji : Shortly you will get that also dear. You don’t worry about pussies. I am there no? you just keep enjoying. But please keep me also happy dear.
Me : Sure, my sexy slut. I will surely keep you happy. (I was squeezing it in my own kinky way. She was liking it and could feel she was in heaven. She was moaning too loudly. Her dusky skin and husky voice an added advantage for me to get too aroused.)
Raji : (She took one hand from the boobs and guided it towards her pussy) its hungry dear try to make it happy too..pleaseeeeeeeeee
Me : Ohhh you are pouring you bitch…how much you are wet. Goddd (I just put my middle finger. It went inside so easily. I started fucking her from my finger. She started moaning loudly)
Raji : uummmmm oohhhhhhh Venu…..abhaaaaa very nice venu, you really know how to make a lady happy. I bet you are not virgin. You have enjoyed many pussies..tell me the truth
Me : Yes you slutt…what do you think I am just a fresher?
Raji : You look as if you don’t know anything.. idiot you are such a nasty b**st..godd I never had such heated fucking thing inside my pussy…how much you are making me flow..look my juice is flowing under my thighs
Me : yes, it’s getting mixed with the soap water and getting on to the floor
Raji : Now let me take your thunne (dick) again I know it’s now ready for the suckss…
Me : yes, please start again you slut boob
Raji : are you happy only with the suck dear? What about fuck?
Me : Raji not today (I was trying to avoid it actually)
Raji : Sure Venu, I understand take your time.
Me : Please don’t mind you slut
Raji : no dear. But at least can you just move your dick under my legs?
Me : Sure, slutty bitch (She took the dick and put it under her legs. She moved her ass front and back to feel as if I was fucking her.)

Raji : ohhh it’s so nice dear from outside only. What if I take it inside…ohhh it will be really heaven
Me : Raji, I need a blast now..I am feeling I am Cumming
Raji : Sure, you nasty boy…I know how it feels
Me : Shagg me to leak it dear (She took my dick in her hand and started shagging it very fast and soft)

Raji : Leak it on my boobs I love to take that cum and rub all over my body
Me : waaaaw I love to do it..all over your body and also on face
Raji : Sure, just spray where ever you feel you nasty fellow of this slut
Me : (She shagged for some time and then also took my dick inside her mouth and then I sprayed my cum all over her face boobs) ohhhhhh Raji…mmm aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh
Raji : Mmmm Venu mmm waaaw you shot it so hit me so much hard on my face and boobs. It’s like bullet hitting me..godd you are too damn good in this dear

Me : (She was rubbing it all over her body…was loving it and was feeling so nice about her kinky ideas she was showing me) you are too kinky like me Raji (I was breathing so heavily)
Raji : Yes, I love to be kinky and dirty you nasty kinky boy
Me : I too love it dear

She again rubbed allover my body and then then cleaned everything and then she also stood under the shower and applied soap and then cleaned all the cum and then she wiped me with the towel and I moved outside towards the room. She also wiped herself and picked all her clothes and was wearing it in hall in front of me only. Now we both had no shame between us. And I knew she will be really helpful in getting more and more aunties and girls to fuck.

It was too late for both of us. She got ready and told that she is getting late and then came near me. I was still in underwear. She just squeezed my dick and told “Naughty thunne (Dick) you have nice dick. Pavithra will surely go crazy for your dick. hope to get it inside soon nasty..ok I am getting late bye..” and without hearing anything from me she starting quickly.

I just sat on sofa for few minutes and just gone mad how can this happen so soon. But I knew ladies will be mad for me because of the kind of dick I had and the way I flirt with them.

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