Austin Gets Lucky

There was a mirror above a sink in the bathroom of the hair salon. Before Austin got dressed, he stopped and looked at himself. He was in good shape. Lean and muscular. He had soft brown hair and a beard that always seemed to grow in by the early evening. His eyes, a dark brown shade, were big and round.

As he stood naked, he picked up his larger than average penis in his hand and gave it a squeeze. He wasn’t hard yet. He wondered if he would be able to get hard and stay that way for what was about to come next. He worried he wouldn’t be able to perform. Maybe he couldn’t maintain an erection. Or worse, maybe he cums too quickly and the show’s over before it even starts.

As he studied his plump cock, he thought to himself:

What did I do to deserve this thing?

No one he knew was this big. His ex-girlfriend used to tell him he’s twice the size of any guy she’s ever met. Austin used to fantasize about showing off his cock. Watching women as they obsess over it. He used to imagine himself jerking off in front of a group of women. Maybe even having sex with one as the others watched.

He thought about this often. Ever since he was old enough to realize his dick was special. His member was something to be very proud of.

Never in his wildest dreams did he imagine this day would actually come. Here he was, in a hair salon closed to the public. A group of women were on the other side of the door ready to see his cock. They were ready to have fun. They were ready to fuck.

He took a deep breath, squeezed his cock one more time before getting dressed. It was time.

“Everyone’s out there,” Jess said to him as he emerged from the bathroom. He was dressed as a police officer. His half hard cock was bulging and jutting out across his upper thigh, tightly concealed by the way-too-small costume. She glanced down at it and fought back a laugh. “You look ridiculous.”

“Should I change?” he asked, suddenly embarrassed.

“Hell no! This is perfect!”

“Ok good,” he said as she started for the main room, but Jess stopped him. Out from behind her back she held up a Halloween mask. “You… umm…. should wear this.”

Austin took the mask. It didn’t really go with his police theme at all. “Seriously? Frankenstein? Why? It doesn’t even go!”

Jess looked towards the main room and took a deep breath. She turned back to Austin. “Because she’s here.”


Two months earlier

No one in the apartment was awake yet. Austin slowly opened his eyes to see the sun coming in through the small crack in the blinds. For a brief moment, he had no idea where he was or how he got there. Then, like magic, his memory returned, reminding him he had passed out on the couch again.

He stretched as far as he could and grabbed his phone. It was 9:15. He had several missed text messages. There was one from an unknown number that said “Had fun tonight. This is Ada by the way.”

After a brief moment of recollection, he remembered who she was. Austin had danced with her all night. But despite his best efforts, he had too much to drink and squandered his chances at love. He vaguely remembered his buddies dumping him into an Uber to get him home. Yet again, his night ended alone.

He glanced at the coffee table to find a bag of Tostitos still open. He then rested his pounding head back down on the pillow and closed his eyes.

Just as he was about to get back to sleep, he heard footsteps and chatter. Female voices approaching the living room from down the hall. They giggled and chatted until they entered the room and saw him.

“Shhh, he’s asleep,” one voice whispered as the other one laughed.

“Not anymore, I’m not,” Austin said at normal volume, eyes still closed.

“You slept out here again?” asked Jess as she sat down on the love seat, opposite the couch where Austin slept. Jess was a cute blonde with blue eyes and a slim body type. She wore short shorts and a tank top, her typical outfit for sleeping in. Her feet were bare and hair in a messy bun. She crossed her legs and smiled at Austin, waiting for his answer.

“This was not intentional,” he responded without opening his eyes.

“Oh really?” she joked. “I figured you just prefer the nasty Craigslist couch to your own room.”

“Jess could have had your room, ya know,” Kelly said as she walked over to join the others. She carried with her a bowl of cereal. She tapped Austin’s legs with the back of her hand, signaling to make room so she could sit. She also crossed her legs as she ate her breakfast. Kelly was an Irish-born girl, with fair skin and dark red hair. Her green eyes were large and bright. Her bigger than average breasts were hidden underneath a baggy U2 t-shirt. Austin couldn’t tell if she had any shorts on.

Kelly was best friends with Austin’s younger stepsister, Emelia. She had known Austin since they were ten years old, well over a decade. When they each found themselves in need of a new apartment at the ages of twenty-three and twenty-four, respectively, it seemed like an ideal fit. Emelia was fine with the arrangement, and actually encouraged it. She and Austin were so close in age, they were truly best friends.

She turned to Austin in between bites of Cheerios. “Rough night?”

He finally opened his eyes and looked at Kelly. She simply laughed, shaking her head. “Yeah, looks like a rough night,” she said as she answered her own question.

“Dude, you need to practice self-control,” Jess said.

“Oh I do? Says the girl who can’t even make it past the pre-game,” Austin teased.

“Hey, that was literally one time!”

Jess was another friend of Kelly and Emelia’s. She recently broke up with her boyfriend and had been spending a lot of extra time at Austin and Kelly’s apartment, often sleeping over with no intention of leaving in a hurry. Austin never minded her around. Mainly because he found her to be drop dead gorgeous. This morning was no exception. He snuck glances at her smooth legs and tight stomach whenever she wasn’t looking. He even felt himself growing hard under the confines of the blanket.

Kelly leaned forward to fetch the TV remote and in doing so, her t-shirt draped down off her chest. Austin could see she wasn’t wearing a bra and nearly saw her entire breasts. Between that moment, Jess looking hot, and fresh memories of grinding with a girl at the bar all night, Austin easily gained a sturdy morning erection all in the presence of the girls. He stealthily played with himself as the two of them chatted about the night before with the TV on in the background.

Austin jumped in and out of the conversation as well. He found it somewhat devious to be stroking his cock without either of them knowing. As he wondered how long he could keep it going, the buzzer to the apartment rang.

“Bagels!” Jess called out.

“You got bagels?” Austin asked. Jess nodded excitedly and pointed to her phone. “Door Dash!”

“I’m so excited right now,” said Kelly. “I’ll get some plates and napkins.” Kelly dashed off towards the kitchen leaving Jess and Austin together. The buzzer rang again.

“Aren’t you going to go get them?” Austin asked.

“Umm, I paid. And looks like Kelly’s getting everyone’s plates. So, that kind of leaves you to do something.”

Austin was under the blanket with nothing but boxer briefs. A moment ago, he had a full erection, but now it had subsided by at least half. “I’m kind of exposed under here.”

“Gross!” Kelly said as she returned with the plates. “You slept naked on our couch!”

“No! No! I’m in briefs, guys. Relax.”

“Then chop chop, I want my bagel!” Jess said, playfully putting Austin on the spot.

“Ugh. I hate you guys,” he said as he quickly tossed the blanket aside and hopped up to head for the door. Both Jess and Kelly watched. Despite living together for over six months and knowing each other much longer, Kelly thought about how this is the first time she had seen this much of Austin.

They immediately noticed his body was tan and muscular. Years of playing sports gifted him a meticulous physique. But that was only part of what they saw. His crotch area was massive. It looked like he had a sock stuffed in his underwear. Despite his attempts at moving quickly so they wouldn’t see, it was clear he was hiding a lot more under his briefs.

They kept their observations to themselves for now, opting to pretend they saw nothing. Austin threw some shorts and a t-shirt on before heading down to the street to get the food. He returned to the girls with the bagels and sat on the couch while they began to eat breakfast.

Being a particularly curious girl, Jess tried several times to check out Austin’s crotch as he ate. He wasn’t great at hiding it and now that her interest had been piqued, she couldn’t help but stare at it. His bulge was noticeable. Much bigger than most boys she knew. Her imagination was now running wild, wondering how big Austin must be down there.

“So do you normally sleep in the nude, Austin?” Jess asked as she cracked a smile.

“I was not nude, Jess!” Austin said. “And so what if I do? Free-balling is good for mental health.”

“Free-balling?” Kelly asked. “Is that what you call it?”

Austin shrugged as he took a bite. “Birthday suit sound better?”

Jess laughed. “I had an ex-boyfriend who was, like, obsessed with his balls. I’m not even kidding, he would literally take them out all the time and shake them around.”

“That’s hilarious!” Kelly said. “Kind of disgusting too.”

“How do you just take out your balls without your dick though?” Austin asked. “That seems really difficult.”

“Oh he didn’t have a problem with that,” Jess said as she and Kelly burst out laughing. Kelly seemed to be in on the joke, whatever it was.

“What?” Austin said, unsure what was so funny.

Jess looked over at Kelly before she turned back to Austin and held up her pinky finger. The girls cracked up laughing.

“I see,” said Austin. “Poor dude,” he said, shaking his head.

“He was a really nice guy,” Jess said. “Super nice…. But yeah… definitely lacking in one certain area.”

“See, that’s the thing,” Kelly began. “Boys know immediately if we have big tits or not,” she said. “I mean, they are right here!”

Kelly held her breasts up over her shirt to make her point. “But we have no idea what’s happening under there,” she said, nodding towards Austin. “Could be a big surprise or a tiny disappointment.”

“I see what you did there,” Jess laughed. “But I agree. It’s always a mystery.”

Austin raised his eyebrows. “Oh is it now? But, girls, I thought it doesn’t matter, right?”

Jess and Kelly looked at each other and laughed. “That’s just a little thing we say,” she said as she sipped her coffee. “Not necessarily what we mean.”

Austin nodded for a moment. “So, tell me. How important is it?”

Kelly looked up as she pondered the question. “Ok, so… not super duper important, no. But it definitely carries some weight, ya know? Like… you can’t be packing a three incher and expect us to shrug it off.”

“Or four,” Jess added. “Or five.”

They cracked up laughing. “Jeez, Jess,” Austin said. “Talk about high standards.”

“Oh please!” Jess argued. “As if boys don’t want big tits! I see you staring at Kelly’s like you want to eat them, ya know!”

“Jess!” Kelly said as they each started laughing. “Stop it!”

Austin blushed a bit. “I mean, yeah. I guess I can’t deny a good ol pair o’ titties.”

“You’re gross,” Kelly said. “I’m telling Emelia you’re talking like this,” she playfully threatened.

“Well, at least I now know whether or not I qualify for Jess’s ridiculous dream man,” Austin said. He could feel his cock tingle as a result of the conversation that he was intentionally developing.

“Oh you do now?” she asked. “So tell me, are you in or out?”

Austin shook his head and laughed, dismissing the question. Jess looked at Kelly and back at him. “Well? Are you qualified?”

Austin took a long time to finish chewing his food, before looking up and smiling. “I would say I definitely qualify.”

The girls erupted in laughter. “Whoa! Ok, then!” Kelly said. “Too much information!”

Jess shook her head. “Not enough information is what I say. Tell me, Austin, are you… six?”

“Jess!” Kelly again scolded.

“What? I wanna know! Austin?”

Austin first looked at Kelly who was clearly uncomfortable with the conversation. He then eyed Jessica. He said nothing except held up one finger pointing up. Her eyes got wide.

“Bigger than six?”

He nodded and smiled. Kelly scrolled through her phone. “I am not listening to this,” she announced.


Austin cracked up laughing and again pointed up.

“No! Austin! No way!” Jess said. “Eight?”

Austin nonchalantly took a bite of his bagel as he shrugged in response.

“C’mon. Eight?” Jess asked again.

Austin glared at Kelly who was shaking her head looking at her phone. She was starting to blush. Once again, he grinned and pointed his finger up.

“What?!?!” Jess said in astonishment. “Nine?!”

Austin then held up his index finger and thumb close together, signifying the “little bit” indication. “Just shy,” he said with confidence.

Jess’s mouth was wide open. She covered it instinctively with her hand. “Austin,” she said. “I don’t believe you.”

Kelly interjected. “Can we not talk about this, you guys?” She was embarrassed to be discussing her best friend’s step brother’s penis size. “Something tells me this is wrong,” she laughed.

“You’re probably right,” Austin nodded. “My bad.”

“I still don’t believe you. I’ve never seen a penis that big. You guys, that would be, like, three times my ex-boyfriend.”

“Seriously?” Kelly asked, displaying genuine amazement for the first time.

“For real. I’m dead serious. He was small, but that’s… that’s really big.”

“What can I say? My mother was good to me!” Austin said proudly.

“I don’t think Karla would appreciate the compliment in that context,” Kelly said. Everyone laughed. Jess continued to shake her head in disbelief. “I kinda wanna see it. Is that bad?” she asked.

“Yes!” Kelly protested. “This needs to stop!” Despite her best efforts at stopping it from happening, the tone of her voice indicated she wasn’t all that serious. So the others carried on.

“You gotta show me your boobs then,” Austin proposed. “Boobs for dick. That’s a good deal.”

“That’s not gonna happen,” Jess said as she crossed her arms. “Besides, I feel like you’ve probably seen them once or twice.”

“Never,” said Austin. “Never seen those before.”

Jess shrugged. “Hmm. Oh well. You’re definitely not seeing my boobs.”

“Then no Johnson for you,” said Austin.

Jess was unphased. Austin’s plan was backfiring. He quickly regretted making the offer because he did in fact want to flash her. He decided to backtrack.

“I’ll show you over-the-pants, how’s that?”

Kelly shook her head as she scrolled her phone. “La la la, I am not hearing this. I am not hearing this.”

“Hard though,” Jess said. “You have to get it hard. Look at porn or something.”

Austin laughed as he subtly rubbed his cock over his shorts. “I don’t need porn,” he said with confidence. Jess watched his hand as he massaged himself. “This is crazy,” she said as she took a sip of her coffee. She didn’t expect to be so nervous, but here she was, waiting for Austin to get an erection for her.

She crossed her legs and got comfortable. Austin had a determined look on his face. She could clearly see his bulge expanding. It wasn’t hard to miss. She glanced over at Kelly who adamantly refused to look over. She scrolled on her phone in silence. Jess felt perhaps she may have brought things too far, but there was no going back now. She returned her attention to Austin’s crotch.

“Here,” said Austin as he removed his hand and put it by his side. Tenting out under his shorts was a fully erect, eight and a half inch cock, begging for release.

Jess covered her mouth once again. She was speechless. She stared at the unseemly rod jutting out from under Austin’s shorts. It was clear that it was not only long, but very thick. It appeared to be stretching the fabric so tight that it might pop a hole.

“Oh my God!” she finally said. “Austin! Is that real!”

Austin laughed. “What do you think?”

She made eye contact with him before looking back down. “I think you’re playing a joke on me!”

“This is it,” he said as he tapped the tip of his cock twice. “I call him Little Austin,” he said, making up a name on the spot.

“May want to rethink that name,” Jess joked. “Austin, that is fucking enormous!”

“Why thank you,” he said as he repositioned himself on the couch. As he sat up, his erection was still visible but not as pronounced. Jess turned to Kelly. “Kelly, you have to look real quick. Just glance.”

She stared at her phone. “I am not looking at it.” Her face was bright red. Austin didn’t press the issue with Kelly. Admittedly, he was a bit nervous too.

“Ok, ok,” Jess conceded. “Put your shirt over it or something.”

Austin tried his best to cover up. He was still achingly hard. He turned to Kelly and let her know it was safe to look over. Without thinking about it, she turned and looked at his crotch first. She was relieved to not be able to see anything. “You guys are ridiculous,” she said.

“How do you have sex? Seriously, where does it go?” Jess asked. She was not satisfied with ending the topic of Austin’s penis just yet.

“Most girls don’t have an issue. Some of them, but not so much.” Austin was happy to brag about his well endowed member. “Head can be a challenge.”

Kelly glared at Austin. “Sorry, sorry,” he said.

“Do you need to go jerk off now or something?” Jess asked.

“Arghh!!” Kelly cried out, frustrated. “I’m going to take a shower. You two can keep talking about whatever the fuck!” Kelly stormed off to the bathroom. She wasn’t truly upset, but it was clear she did not want to be present for this conversation any longer.

“Uh oh,” Austin said.

“She’s fine,” Jess said, dismissively. “It’s all in fun.”

“I probably do,” Austin said.


“I probably do need to jerk off. I’m hard as a rock,” he said as he pulled his shirt back up, revealing his erection.

Jess stared in amazement. She couldn’t keep her eyes off it. Then suddenly, she stood up and joined Austin on the couch. “Where will you do it? In your room?”

Austin was stunned by her behavior. Jess had historically never really showed any interest in him, despite his many attempts at flirting. Yet here she was, openly staring at his erection asking him about his masturbation plans.

“Yeah. Or I could also just get it over with right now.”

“Now? On the couch?” she asked.

“Kelly’s in the shower. I can do it now, sure.”

“You’d do that in front of me?” Jess asked, although she already knew he wanted to.

“Watch,” Austin said as he slowly pulled his shorts and underwear down to his ankles. He held his cock up by the base and allowed Jess the chance to stare helplessly at it. “What do you think of it?”

She was nearly drooling as she marveled at his massive penis. It’s size, shape, and thickness were like nothing she had ever seen before. “It’s huge,” she responded. “It’s seriously so big.”

“Do you like the veins?” Austin asked as he traced one prominent one with his index finger.

“They’re very pronounced, huh?” Jess asked. She giggled. “I’m not sure I’ve ever seen ones like yours.”

Austin let her continue to gaze at his cock. He stared back at her tits as they were nearly spilling out of her tank top. He could just make out one of her pink nipples.

“I don’t know what to say,” she finally muttered. “It’s really impressive,” she whispered. “Does it do tricks?” she laughed.

“I can think of one,” Austin said as he began to openly stroke his cock in front of her.


கண்டிப்பாக .... விரைவில் எதிர்பாருங்கள் ...

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