Bollywood Sluts :Deepika's New Shoot- Day 2, Aishwarya joins the shoot

Deepika’s New Shoot- Day 2, Aishwarya joins the shoot

As Deepika Padukone sat in her car on her way to the studio for the second day of her shoot with Abhishek Bachchan, she could feel her pussy moisten with excitement as she recounted the sequence of events the previous day. In the second take of the shoot, the director had asked Abshishek and Deepika to shoot the sex scene completely nude. Not only did the actors agree to being completely naked on set before the director, his assistant and 3 cameramen, they took it a step further – Deepika had made Abhishek suck on her nipples before making him eat her pussy. She had also made the director and crew strip naked and had given the director’s assistant a naked lapdance until he came on her toned ass while holding onto her perfect 34B tits. The shoot had been a revelation for Deepika – she had her fair share of sex with actors before but this was the first time she was doing so on set before an audience and too with a married actor.
Abhishek was married to the gorgeous Aishwarya Rai, a former Miss World and a leading lady of Bollywood.
As Deepika’s car pulled into the studio, she could feel her panties almost soaked with her juices – the anticipation of the upcoming shoot where they would shoot more of the sex scenes was making her horny and wet.
As she entered the studio, Deepika received a message from Abshishek on her phone saying “Hi Deepu, Aish is joining us for the shoot today, no worries she is completely okay with whatever happened yesterday.”
Deepika’s heart missed a beat, it was one thing to get randy with an actor on sets in front of the crew but it was a whole different ball game to do so when the actor’s gorgeous wife was also on set.
The director called out to her as she entered the studio, saying “Deepika, great to see you on set, why don’t you get ready for the shoot, we’ll first review yesterday’s shoot before shooting the next sequence and I suppose you already know that Aishwarya is joining us on set.”
Deepika smiled and nodded before heading off to her greenroom. She quickly stripped of the floral dress she was wearing along with the set of lace bra and panties.
Putting on her robe, she called in the make up artist who dabbed small amounts of cosmetics on her face. Soon she heard a knock on her door, she heard Aishwarya’s voice asking for permission to enter the room. Dismissing the make-up artist, Deepika asked her to let in Aishwarya on her way out.
As the door opened and Aishwarya entered the room, wearing a formal, form fitting black shirt with short sleeves, along with a pair of white trousers which although formal, showed off her long legs and voluptuous ass quite well to the willing eye. With long dark hair, she was a vision of beauty despite the fact that she had delivered a baby a few years ago and was at least 42 years – twelve years older than Deepika. At 5’7” inches she was a couple of inches shorter than Deepika but she still had a great set of 34B tits that stood proudly on her chest.
Aishwarya greeted Deepika with a warm smile saying, “Hi Deepika! Great to see you after so long. I heard you and Abhishek had quite a shoot yesterday.”. She winked as she said the last part of that sentence.
Deepika blushed slightly as she rose to hug Aishwarya, suddenly self conscious that she was completely naked under her rob. As she lightly hugged Aishwarya she could feel her nipples stiffen as they smashed against Aishwarya’s bra clad tits.
Worried about the consequences of yesterday’s shoot, Deepika asked Aishwarya “I hope you are not upset, I got a little carried away yesterday with the shoot.”
Aishwarya laughed it away, saying “Abhishek’s been really stressed about this movie, since it’s his first movie after a long time. Yesterday was the first time in ages that he came home like a dog in ‘heat’ – it’s been a long time since he’s fucked me so good!”
Deepika’s eyes widened with amazed, thinking to herself “Prim and proper Aishwarya Rai is talking to me about her sex life!” and saying out loudly, “Glad to be of help, your husband really knows how to eat a pussy!”
Now it was Aishwarya’s turn to blush. She held Deepika’s hands in her hand guiding her to the sofa. As Deepika sat down along with Aishwarya, she could feel the short robe drawing apart as she sat. She quickly crossed her legs, in an almost reflex action to protect her modesty.
Eying her toned thighs, Aishwarya began to speak, telling her “I can’t thank you enough of agreeing to do this movie with Abhishek – he really needs it to get his career going and I want you to know that I’m completely okay with you guys doing whatever on sets – as long as Abhishek comes home and fucks me like he did last night.”
Deepika’s mouth dropped opened when she heard the words uttered by Aishwarya.
Blushing, Aishwarya continues, “Abhishek and I have an open relationship”.
As she said this, the former Miss World placed her right hand on Deepika’s toned thighs, running her hand up towards her crotch, saying “Abhishek told me you that you taste really sweet”. Deepika’s heart was beating ten times faster by now, she couldn’t believe that one of the world’s most beautiful women was coming onto her.
Ever the diva though, Deepika seized back the initiative by slowly uncrossing her legs, all the while looking into Aishwarya’s stunning eyes. She could make out that the older actress was turned on now because of her elevated breathing and she could also make out her erect nipples making themselves visible as two small bumps against her shirt. Aishwarya’s body was on fire by now and she moved her right hand up Deepika’s thighs until her fingers grazed against the younger actress’s soaking wet pussy. She slipped two fingers lightly into Deepika’s pussy, eliciting a low moan. Aishwarya was amazed at just how wet Deepika’s pussy was, her fingers were soaked. She gently removed her fingers and winking at Deepika, put the fingers into her mouth, sucking Deepika’s juices of her fingers.
“Abhishek was right, you are sweet!”, Aishwarya naughtily told Deepika before they were interrupted by a timid knock on the door.
A now gasping Deepika, called out in a faltering voice to the person knocking on the door, “Come in.”
It was the Director’s Assistant, the same young man who had ejaculated a load on Deepika’s butt the previous day. “Deepikaji, the Director wanted to know if we could review the footage and start the shoot soon” said the young man, who had a difficult time deciding which of the women to stare at.
“Yes, let’s start”, said Deepika, before cheekily asking the assistant, “Why are you clothed, I thought I made it clear yesterday that everybody is to be naked on set?” The poor guy was speechless as both Aishwarya and Deepika stared at him with naughty grins on their faces.
Deciding to get the party started, Deepika stood up, walked towards the assistant with an exaggerated catwalk, put her right hand on his left shoulder and twirled her body behind him, so that both of them were looking at Aishwarya sitting on the sofa, her chest heaving heavily. Wrapping her hands around the Assistant’s waist, Deepika pressed her breasts into his back before whispering into his ear, “Would you like Aishwarya to help strip you naked – the world’s most beautiful woman, I can convince her!”. While emphasizing on the word ‘naked’, Deepika drop her right hand down his pants and gently squeezed his hard cock through his pants. He moaned out a yes, warning Deepika that he may cum in her hand.
Catching onto the game quickly enough, Aishwarya walked towards the assistant and asked him, “I hope you’re not feeling shy on my account because I heard you gave a pretty great performance yesterday.”.
He was stammering for a response, when Deepika turned to Aishwarya and suggested, “I don’t think the guy has enough blood in his head to process what we are saying, why don’t you help him undress Aishwarya? But first, he needs to get this robe of me.”
With that Deepika turned around the assistant so that he was facing her – she placed her hands on her hips and ordered the assistant to disrobe her with a saucy smile on her face. The assistant hesitatingly reached out for the knot around her robe and undid it. As the robe parted, exposing a slice of Deepika’s body, from her moist pussy to the side of her breasts, the Assistant placed his palms on Deepika’s firm, taut stomach and slowly ran them up her stomach, grazing the side of her breasts until he reached her delicate collar bones after which he gently pushed the robes off her shoulders until it fell into a pool of cloth around her feet. It was Deepika’s turn to be speechless at the sheer eroticism of the Assistant’s move. Aishwarya and the Assistant, took in a view of a completely naked Deepika, wearing nothing but a pair of heels.
“You’re a goddess”, muttered the assistant, as he ogled her. Deepika laughed back, playfully slapping his cheek with one hand, while extending her other hands to gently run her fingers over his erect cock through his trousers.
Aishwarya walked up behind the assistant and even before he could say anything, she extended her dainty fingers to unbutton his trousers and pulled down his trousers and underwear. Eying his cute tushy, Aishwarya couldn’t resist the temptation of squeezing his bum with both her hands. Feeling her soft hands on his butt, the Assistant’s cock got even harder, if that was even possible. Deepika undid his shirt from the front and soon he was naked between two of the most gorgeous actresses that Bollywood had seen over the last two decades. Like any hot blooded 20 year old man, the Assistant, wasted no time in taking his erect cock into his right hand to start masturbating.
Deepika smiled looking at the young man beating himself off and asked with eyebrows raised, “You’re jacking off with two gorgeous women standing before you?” This drew a laugh from Aishwarya, who hugged the assistant from behind with her firm shirt-clad breasts pressing into his back. Peering down towards his cock, Aishwarya couldn’t resist dropping her hands down to grasp his cock and balls, one in each hand. She could feel the assistant’s heartbeat against her breasts and it was quickly getting elevated as she began stroking his erect cock. Deepika had by now dropped down on her haunches, her legs spread wide exposing her pussy briefly before she dropped her left hand to stroke her pussy – her thumb on her clit, while her index and middle finger stroked her pussy lips before penetrating her pussy. With her right hands, she massaged her breasts, taking in the erotic sight playing out in front of her. The young man had reached back to feel Aishwarya’s face which was resting on his shoulder as she stroked his cock and as his fingers found her lips, he slipped his index finger into her mouth letting her suck his finger. Her silky tongue twirled around his finger generously bathing it with her warmth.
Aishwarya’s gaze shifted to a visibly horny Deepika stroking her herself while sitting right in front of the young man’s cock. Seeing an opportunity, Aishwarya naughtily whispered into his ear, “Want a blowjob from Deepika?” Even before he could reply, Aishwarya, who was still stroking him from behind, pushed him forward a bit to line up his cock with Deepika’s open mouth – her eyes were closed as she stroked herself. Once his cock was lined up with Deepika’s mouth, Aishwarya asked “Deepika can you open your mouth wider, we’ve got a special surprise for you.”
There was little doubt in Deepika’s mind what the surprise in fact was but she played along and open her mouth in a o-shaped pattern, all the while keeping her eyes closed. Aishwarya held the young man’s erect cock and first ran it along Deepika’s lips a couple of times while her tongue darted out desperately seeking to get a taste of his cock, before Aishwarya finally pushed in the assistant’s cock into Deepika’s mouth.
Deepika let out a slow groan as she began sucking on the assistant’s cock while still pleasuring herself. Aishwarya held his cock in place, stroking it gently while Deepika began a vigorous blowjob, sucking his cock with some vigour. Not satisfied with the pleasure that she was handing out, the still clothed Aishwarya slipped her left foot out of her heels, slipped her left leg between the Assistant’s parted legs. While her thighs gently grazed the Assistant’s balls, her foot reached out until her toes could reach Deepika’s pussy. With her toes she began ‘fingering’ Deepika’s pussy, running her toes over her clit before inserting her big toe into Deepika’s soaking pussy. Deepika was beyond turned on by now, almost speechless at the sensation of Aishwarya’s toes running around her pussy. The assistant who still had Aishwarya sucking a couple of his fingers, slipped his free hand down Aishwarya’s trousers, slipping into her silk french cut panties stroking her pussy. As he was reaching his climax he began vigorously face fucking Deepika’s mouth, while rapidly fingering Aishwarya’s soaking pussy. He could feel a landing strip of hair above her pussy and placing his palm on it, his fingers alternated stroking between Aishwarya’s clit and pussy.
The young man was the first to cum exploding in Deepika’s mouth, as the first spurt of his cum hit the back of Deepika’s mouth, she too orgasmed primarily from the incredibly erotic footjob given to her by Aishwarya. As the young man continued to ejaculate, Deepika removed his cock from her mouth and he ejaculated all over Aishwarya’s hand. In no time, Aishwarya too was cumming from the combined sensations but especially from the enthusiastic fingering being administered to her pussy.
As the assistant finished cumming, he opened his eyes to the incredible sight of his cum dripping out of Deepika’s mouth and off Aishwarya’s hand. Both women had smiles plastered on their faces – Deepika swept her tongue over her lips to catch some of the cum that had spilled out, while Aishwarya brought her cum covered hand to her mouth and licked up the cum.
“Thank you ladies”, said the assistant with a wide smile, before sucking Aishwarya’s pussy juices off his fingers. He continued, “We better head out to the set now, before I get fired”.
“Of course”, replied Deepika before walking to the dressing table to put on some lipstick while Aishwarya shared a deep kiss with the assistant.
Once Deepika put on her lipstick, both actresses locked in their arms with the young man – one on each side and walked on to the main set – Deepika and the assistant naked, while Aishwarya remained clothed.


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