Brother’s Wife Geetha… | 03

I did not go to my house directly instead I wandered around the fields and met some of my friends. 

I reached my home at night. Then my brother and father had come and they were eating supper. 

“Where were you till this time?, what are you doing wandering here and there?. Don’t you have anything to study?”, my brother questioned me. 

“I was at the library”, I said. 

My brother’s wife was checking me, she took the waste dish and emptied the fish bones and other waste to the waiting the country dog’s face. 

“Go away, you filthy rascal, coming after licking all the dirt I cant stand the smell of you, take these and go away”, she said to the dog. 

“what are you telling, let that dog lay there its not disturbing any of us and why did you took the waste dish now we are still eating, don’t we?”, her husband asked.

“He was wandering in the neighbourhood from the morning and god knows what he sucked. He had no decency, he will sniff at any dirty things, I cant stand his smell”, she said. 

I guessed she was indirectly hitting at me, she has been referring my pussy-eating episode with the neighbour girl Villu. 

“Dogs always smell, its nothing unusual, he doesn’t bath everyday”, my brother said. 

“I know, but I can’s stand this rotten smell, it’s the smell of rotten coconut husk, perhaps it may be coming from somewhere else”, she kept digging at me. 

“Hey boy, come here, is the smell coming from you, have you cleaned your face and hands?”. 

My blood boiled. 

“Why are you quarelling with him, he has just come from the culvert after usual gossiping, boy, eat supper and study something”, my mother intervened. 

“I think Geetha is off mood today, she is quarrelling with everybody today, is it time for your periods dear?” my brother asked. 

She did not expect such an open remark about her periods before the entire family, her face became red and she went to kitchen. 

I was happy with the escape. The bitch!, spying on me and then trying to make others get clue of my sexual adventures. Boy!, she calls me a boy, bitch you see my prick once and you will never call me a boy.


On next day my mother went for a wedding and I was alone at home. 

“Don’t you have any fishing today boy?”, my sister in law asked. 

“No, why do you bother?”, I asked. 

“Then don’t you have that herbal paste, I want it some”, she asked. 

“Shall I apply it for you?”, I asked. 

“No, I know how to apply it, just give me that stuff”, 

“Ok”, I went and made the paste once again, but this time I added leaves of a plant called ‘choruthana’ which is infamous for its itching spell. I tried to peak around and peep when she applies it.  

She went inside the countryside bathroom made of coconut leaves. I tried to peep at her through the walls but she heard my footsteps and jumped out of it.  She asked me to go away. 


The next day when I awake in the morning I saw my brother scratching his abdomen and the pubic region frantically. He was in a hurry to go to his shop along with my father. 

My mother went to her daily grass cutting routine. 

When I sat for break fast my brother’s wife asked me, “What hell was that you made yesterday?”. 

“Which one”. 

“That bloody paste of you for the leach’s bite”. 

“Oh that, it was same turmeric, tulsi, oh I forgot, I also added some choruthana too”. 

“You dirty pig, choruthana!!  so that’s why its itching everywhere”.  

“Is it, then it should not be added to that paste anymore, oho, now only I learnt that”. 

“You rascal, are you experimenting your remedies in my pussy? Rascal wait till I tell to your brother, he will kill you he has been itching and scratching for hours”. 

“But I gave the remedy to you only no, why should it cause itching for him?”, I wondered. 

“What to tell to you asshole, don’t play innocent, you did it on purpose, to make my pussy itching, but it’s your brother who suffered most from it”. 

Then the boy who is Villu’s brother came and asked, “Vasu, sister is calling for you, please come”, 

“Ok’, you go I will come”, I said. 

“Go , eat that dirty hole from morning itself, what a boy, worse than a dog”, my sister-in-law said. 

“Why you worry, its me eating what I want”, I went away.


When I reached Villu’s house she was happily standing there. “Vasu, thank you dear, my ailment is now fully cured, you saved me from the embarrassment, how did you learn such remedies dear?”. 

“Trial and error, but my sister in law is cursing me for that”, I said. 

“Why, its so effective no?”. 

“It was but I added some choruthana to it, but its my brother scratching his pubis for that”. 

“Ha ha ha , its natural no?”. 

“How, I gave it to my sister in law no?”. 

“Are baba, he might have put his prick into your sister’s pussy yesterday night and naturally the paste hit his prick no?”. 

“Oh, I did not think that angle, now I got it”. 

“Ok, if my brother knows he will kill me, why did you call me, shall I see your bite marks”. 

“No, I cant show it now, the boy is outside, but I will show it when no one is here.” 

“Then I am going”, I said. 

“Wait, you applied that paste to your sister in law no? So you might have seen her pussy, is she shaving there?”. 

“No, she applied it herself, I don’t know, why do you bother about her pussy anyway?”. “I was curious, 

“she is from town no? I heard ladies from town shaves their pubes, I was wondering, well are you sure you haven’t seen it?”. 

“No, I have no idea, if you are so curious why don’t you ask her directly?”. 

“She is not that approachable, she doesn’t show her privates even when taking bath together”, Villu said. 

“Why you are crazy about her privates, anyway you women have got everything in common, isn’t it?”, I asked. 

Then Villu’s mother came and we changed subject. I knew there was no possibility for any adventure that day , so I left to my home.

When I reached my home, my mother was not there. I heard my brother’s wife humming a song and taking her bath in the outside bathroom. I tried to peep through the narrow holes but there was no chance, then an evil thought came to my mind. She had peeped at me while I was busy eating Villu’s pussy, so why couldn’t I hide in her bedroom and if possible to have a nice view. My prick jumped at the thought and I entered her bedroom without making any noise about my presence. 

I looked around the room. There was no hiding place like cup boards, big almarah etc. The ground was cement floor with black oxide coating. Our house was not electrified, so the rooms are not  the brightly illuminated. The only possible hiding place was under the double cot, there was a bundle of used rug and her big iron trunk under the cot. The cot had plastic wires interwoven and a mat on it. I could see if I lay under the cot but very risky to get caught too. Then I heard the humming near, I had no time to move out so I did hide under the cot. I did position there, holding my breath, and my heart was beating fast. Then my brother’s wife entered the room. She closed the doors and put latch from inside. Little did she know I was lying under her cot.

My brother’s wife Geetha was dressed in a wet blouse and a skirt reaching longer than her ankles. She drew the window curtains and removed the towel by which she was holding her wet hair. What a mass of hair she had!, it reached up to her buttocks when undone. She had enormous buttocks. They were protruding backward, when she moved they did not move but just vibrated. My prick was also vibrating then. I tried to calm him down by squeezing the end with my hand. She was standing before the mirror, I could see only from her behind. I prayed God, to make her turn to my side so that I could get a clear view of her pussy. 

She unhooked her blouse and removed it from one arm, it dangled from the other arm. She had a smooth and broad back, the spinal chord was not visible like men, instead it was a deep channel from the nape of her head and going down somewhere under her buttocks. I could have jerked off if I was able to put my prick even in that spinal canal. She was drying her hair using the towel at leisure, meanwhile she was enjoying her proud breasts in the mirror. I could see only her naked back, oh dear, please turn towards me, I pleaded silently. Then she removed her blouse from the other arm too. She was then topless, but still I could not see. Then she moved to the window to throw some hair locks fallen from her mass of hair. Then I could see her proud big darlings. What a fine pair of breasts, the jet-black nipples like a grape fruit. The big areolas were almost two inches diameter. She was drying under her breasts; she lifted each of them and dried the sweat beads and water under it. They were responding to her self-caresses, I could see goose bumps appearing on them when the towel moved away. She was standing so close to the cot that I could see only up to her thighs from the angle I was laying.  

If only I could see that precious pussy, my prick agitated like a viper kicked awaken from its coiled sleep. I suppressed him with brutal force. He was pleading, “Give me that pussy, yeah”. “Wait you bastard, don’t spoil, let me see her first”, I cursed my disobedient prick.

Then fell her skirt to the floor near me, oh god, if she try to pick it by her hand then I would be caught. I tried to move back but then I could not see her. I saw her beautiful calves like two ivory pillars. There was a blue shadow of small hairs on her legs. It appeared so sexy to me, if her legs have that much hairs then what would be her pussy. When I had applied that herbal I could not get a clean unobtrusive view. Then she threw the skirt to the corner of the room using her legs, her silver ‘kolus’ ( a jingling ornament worn at the bottom of legs) made musical sound. She moved again to mirror and she was fully naked!. I could see her fat thighs almost up to her buttocks. She took a sandalwood powder and started showering it generously on her neck, shoulders, armpits, belly, navel in the respective order. She poured a generous amount into her hands and then applied to her busy armpits. She had cut her pussy hairs using scissors, but she did not do anything about her bushy pits. Then I saw her frontal view, what a big melons she was holding on her chest!, how could my brother hold them in his hands, lucky guy, but he was an unromantic always a serious man. They were jutting proud like never been handled by a man. What a temper they have even without the support of brassieres they stood firm. What a fine bushy armpits, they resemble like Villu’s pussy I had munched. One can satisfy him with those pits; her armpits were damp with her sweat and the long bush. Thus they got an appearance of a pussy. So she cut only the hairs from her pussy, the uncovered portions of her body were of ivory color. The contrast between always-exposed midriff and starting of her hairline down below from her navel proved it. Then she put her right leg on the cot and started rubbing her asshole and the canal between her buttocks using the wet towel. Even then I was not able to look at her pussy, fearing a movement from my side would attract her attention. She dropped the towel very near to me, I could inhale the sweet animal fragrance of her butt channel, mixed with soap smell and powder. I sniffed at it like a dog. 

Then she turned away and put a new skirt over her head and tied the string around her midriff, I thought that show was over. But she did not put a brassiere soon. Instead she moved half naked again to the mirror. She lifted one big breast and to my dismay she sucked the tip , there was a black mole about size of a small coin. 

It must be her beauty spot, “give it to me I will kiss there a thousand times dear”, I said without any sound. 

Then my mother called her from outside, “Geetha, where have you put the matchbox?”, 

“In the kitchen itself”, she replied. Hurriedly she dressed her brassieres followed by her blouse and unlatched the door. She went to kitchen and using the opportunity I too jumped out of the room. My heart was beating like a drum. 

I need to empty my prick, so i get out of my house … 

Then I saw the boy and Villu’s mother going to market taking some tapioca for selling. That means Villu would be alone in her house. I walked to her house.

“Hello Villu, don’t you have type writing lessons today?”, I asked. 

“Oh, I didn’t go, I have no mood”, she said.  

“Why, any love problems?”. 

“Love?!, who is going to love poor me?”, she said. 

“Well there are people like me who like you very much”. 

“Is it, but you are so younger no, you are a small boy?”. 

“Are you sure I am small, you have seen my big tool”. 

“Chhee, don’t be naughty, I cant marry you”. 

“But you can then hold my tool and see how big it is”, saying this I pressed her buttocks with my angry lion struggling to vomit after seeing the astonishing sexy body of my brother’s wife. 

“Don’t press me, your prick will tore my ass”, she said. 

“Well please hold it for a while, haven’t I licked your pussy, now its time to repay for the medicine I applied”, I said. 

“So you want fee, you said its free, why did you come now, mother may come soon”, she said. 

“Then I want to see your breasts, at least you can do that favour to me”. 

“Ok, I will open a hook of my blouse, you don’t expect much”, she opened the top hook of her blouse. I put my hands into her blouse from the top and pressed her hot boobs for a while. I got idea that her nipples are raising and I kissed her cleavage and her soaked armpits, she smelt of burning sulphur. She had a strong odour but I had worse last time when I sucked her fishy pussy. 

She opened one more hook and I was pulling her armpit hairs, I took my fingers and sniffed at her raw sweat smell of her pits, the odour was stronger and pungent there. She by that time lowered her hand and from the downside of my khaki knickers took my prick.  It was then well groomed and the foreskin had gone back, the pre cum was oozing from the red top of my prick.  She felt it and said, “your prick is oozing gum, but it has a smell like ladies finger when chopped”. 

“It’s a nice fluid, taste it, you will see how delicious it is like chicken soup”. 

“Is it, well lets see, she kneeled and was inspecting my red bell topped prick, I shoved it to her face cleverly. Before long her mouth was open and my prick was inside her mouth.  “Well its not soup, but rice juice may be”, she said. 

“Suck it Villu “, I pressed her head to me. By that time my hands were busy milking her boobs and with my free other hand I moved my prick in and out of her hot mouth and slightly masturbated too. Before long the prick was ejected and her mouth and lips were full of my white fluid, she tried to spit it and some dropped on the floor. “I cant swallow it, its so sticky” she said. 

“Don’t worry, its alright, now let me do you”, I said. 

“Do what?”. “I want to suck your pussy dear Villu like old times”. 

“No Vasu, I haven’t bathed today, you will suffocate and someone may come”, she tried to move.

I forced her to lay on a wooden bench and hiked the skirt above her waistline and her steaming pungent pussy was open to me. It was really pungent and smelling urine, a very difficult task to suck at it. I felt my stomach trying to vomit, but I controlled and began sucking her pussy. I opened her pussy and the outer folds were jet black and looked like dried tobacco leaves, she was hairy too, added to that the smell of rotten egg, there was something white like frozen oil inside the inner folds. Perhaps its what is referred as white discharge. My god, I volunteered a damn nasty job, but once it was started I wanted to finish it with a peak. 

“Ohh..haa ha aaa yes,suck me..oooha Vasssssssuu , lick me there ..feel my clit…yaa aha hhhhhhha ahhhh hooo yeehhhhhhhhh”, she was moaning. 

She came to an orgasm pretty sooner than I expected. But I was sure it was only tip of an iceberg, a bigger one was in the anvil, then I heard some foot steps. 

I looked at the front door which was open. None was there, better cover myself. I adjusted her skirt down and while she was beginning to sit on the bench, the door from kitchen was pulled open and my sister-in-law appeared. Oh god!, she missed my cunt lapping by a precious minute.

“Oh, Vasu!, you were here, mother was looking for you, to go to market”, she said. 

She then turned to Villu who was embarrassed with her sudden appearance and was adjusting her dresses and asked, “Villu I want some common salt, we are out of stock”. 

“I will take it”, Villu replied in relief and tried to go to kitchen. 

“Villu, is it so hot here, you have your blouse opened, that’s why I asked”, she began another digging. A countryside Sherlock Holmes!, bitch, I guessed that she was trying to caught us red handed and she was so desperate to get some proof.  

“Well one hook missed, sorry”, Villu said. 

“Oh, don’t worry, Vasu was treating you for your leach bite I hope, is his remedy applied today?”. 

“No chechy, its already cured, Vasu was just passing by this way”, Villu tried to evade her questions. 

“Ohfo, Villu were you drinking rice juice, its all over your face and on the floor”, Villu was taken aback, she tried to smear her lips as if some semen was there. 

My brother’s wife was playing a number, that Villu did not understand. 

“No rice juice here”, I intervened. “But, see its all over the floor, perhaps it may not be rice juice, some awful smelling thing, is it gum, were you making gum ?”. She was asking again. “Ok, carry on I will take the salt myself”, she walked to the kitchen. She took a pinch of salt and added,” Villu why are you keeping everything open, salt will melt no?, never keep anything wide open, something will happen”. She was clearly hinting her opened blouse and hiked skirt. 

“Vasu come with me, mother wants you”, she walked towards our house.

I followed her watching her big buttocks moving like two elephants in her linen lungi. 


When we reached our house, my mother asked, “Geetha, where were you, how did you meet Vasu?”. 

“Oh Vasu was at Villu’s house, I went there to take some salt, it was not here”, she replied. 

“Salt, are, we have a jar full of it, where did you look for it?”, my mom showed a big jar full of salt. 

“Oh, sorry I did not see it”, she said. 

When my mother moved away, she said to me, “Vasu, its very little time required for getting ill name, better you keep your medicines and all that in this house, people are not that blind”. 

I flinched, what a lady, always spying and bitching on me. What to do with her, I wondered.

To Be Cont….

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