Doctor Ride

Anu (cousin sis) was shouting at the other side of the door, Hey Vicky just get ready soon your getting late for your duty. Coming Anu… Wears my dress pull out my phone from charger walks out of the room, while Aravind Anu’s hubby having dinner at the dinning table, pull the chair next to him sat with plates Anu serves the dinner for me and Aravind. Bye bro and Good night Anu haha don’t sleep on duty Vicky. Haha… Drives the car towards the hospital while most of the city members on the road was returning back from office to home. Parked and Sign in walks to my cabin. 

While Nurse bring a report of patients informed about the details wants to monitor them 3 hours once. Saw the Unread message from my girlfriend Swetha. While I have been meet her in one of the friend birthday party then we become closer now. Having sexy chat with her since she at her home. Swetha knew that I have been in the night swift duty she just teasing me by sent her hot pics in between the chat. Really I want to fuck her if my duty was not there. Nurse knot on the door Doctor may I come in? Yes come in. Doctor I’m Varsha Duty Nurse you want to see few Patient in the ICU Mmm okay you wait for me in the ICU I will come there. Once she left remove my pant adjust my dick and gone to ICU check the Patient and mention of the Report leaves out to back to the cabin. 
Called Varsha, check the message from Swetha she sent nude of her, oh shit saw opposite Varsha was standing their, Get a glass of Tea, with biscuits. Yes sir… Swetha says she gone for sleep as she need to go for office tomorrow. I don’t by my dick was half erect still now, Varsha (Nurse) come back with a glass of Tea and Plate of Biscuits. On 1 Pm repeat the checking of Patients in ICU, whole block was silent since with a good night without any emergency causes. 
Just opened my cabin opposite side Varsha was standing Sir, Need tea or something. I don’t answer for her just scanning her top to bottom, she was not the regular Nurse (Meena). I knew my little need it to do. I moved closer to her says I don’t need Tea but instead I need something rubs my hands on my pants. She Knows what I mean!! Sorry sir, I have a boyfriend. Ohh but Varsha was not sexy as Meena has slim body and small assets but something made me attracting on her. Come on darling I too have a Girlfriend. Please Sir I Not interest she tries to move away from me just blocked her way to out. Bolt the door take her hand place on pants to feels my dick erectness. Sir but I think it wrong to do it. Nothing is Wrong Varsha it’s safe no issue hugs her feels her body undoing her Nurse uniform strip her in Bra and pantie. Varsha was bit shy hide her tits and pantie with her hands. 
Uff… your hot darling you never been done other than your boyfriend yes doctor, call me Vicky just for now. I loved her shyness which I never seen from anyone, it’s different feel for her as she cheating her boyfriend and going to have a affair with Duty doctor. Move her with me to the Sofa while rubbing my hands on her nude skin actually mind was imagine Swetha. I notice a small patch of wetness on her pantie, that will be good feel to enjoy her. Took her hand which hide her pantie grab it and place her hand on my dick feels her soft palm, Varsha was feeling my dick in her hands suddenly see turn her face down looking at my dick. What happened darling it’s so big Vicky. Oh then you need to enjoy that bae kiss her cheeks moves my hands inside her pantie elastic feeling her trimmed hairs her pussy area was warm touch her cunt which was bit of leakiness of wetness. 
Varsha lean back on me moans aaaahhhh… lick her back remove her bra her nipple well point out twist it with my hands lick her ears moving my fingers in her cunt she was bites her lower lips, I knew her pussy walls was tight her boyfriend should been have a tiny one. Her hands on my dick was jerking off… She really enjoy it but the problem I don’t have proper place to fuck her will full romantic one. Push her to my desk widen her legs place my dick on her cunt she was moaning bit loud took her pantie push back on her mouth, I was feeling like a virgin pussy, with lot of effect my whole dick was inside her damn hot her pussy was hold her hips and fucking her harder just imagine swetha, Varsha was just moan from her pantie filled month both our body was getting sweating in A/c room. I knew Varsha done her second orgasm now I was been closer to climax slap her ass butt hard fucking some hard stoke erect my cum in her, within an minute her pussy was leaking with our juice. 
Pulls out my dick from her cunt make her knee down she remove her pantie from mouth took my dick in her mouth, oh that good, her boyfriend teach a good blowjob she done that fully clean my dick with her tongue and lips. I sat on the chair made her to sat on my lap inside my finger on her cunt back made it court our juicy well on my fingers made her to taste it she suck on fingers tasting it while I busy play with her tits suck and bites her nipples. Both of them back to normal watch the clock it’s 4 am. Took my phone adds her contact have nice lip lock clean and dressed. Goes to ICU for third checking marked the report and signed off. Before leaving from duty call Varsha give a i-pill and kiss her play with her assets. She says Doctor I never feels these good then before. Good morning darling slap her ass and leave back to home.  


கண்டிப்பாக .... விரைவில் எதிர்பாருங்கள் ...

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