Game Of Thrones – Reimagined Tales

As you all know world famous Game of Thrones series was a TV rendition of George RR Martin’s Epic Fantasy Novel: A Song of Fire And Ice

The show was already more than filled with sex, nudity and incest. While I’d admire and love the show, I have felt that there were some really good situations in the story which could have been used to fill in with some juicy sex scenes between totally unexpected characters.

Whoever have watched the complete series of Game Of Thrones and are also interested to know what would have happened if totally unexpected characters had sex when they encountered each other as per the original storyline and not at all deviating from it, then those will love these reimagined lust filled missing episodes which I am going to publish here.

Guys who feel that I am ruining the good show for them can stay away. If you are such person Exit the thread right now. Only people who can dare to let go their imaginations run wild into the deepest fantasies can stay and watch out for some really good list filled fantasy tales in this thread and have fun. It’s all for fun end of the day.


The Wolf and The Lion
Katlin Stark has taken Tyrion Lannister, known as the imp, as her prisoner, accusing him of an attack on her son Brandon Stark. She headed towards the Erie of Vale to meet her sister Lysa Arynn, along with her entourage of a dozen men including the dwarf. Bronn, a well known playboy who only likes two things in the world, fighting and fucking, was one of her bodyguards who was constantly eyeing her beautiful slim body wrapped in a northerners costume. How can he help himself if Katlin was so sexy even at this age?, she was pushing fifty and yet had a body of a thirty year old women. She had a beautiful face and a pleasant smile. Fit body as a northern women but her eyes gave it away that she was a freak in the sheets. Though she was a loyal wife to Honorable Ned Stark, it is to be understood that while Ned Stark is always away from home fighting Robert Baratheon‘s wars, Katlin was silently enjoying some sausage dishes on the side along with the main course or more appropriately when there wasn’t a main course available. It was evident in her eyes that she is available for the right man if he maintains the secret and Bronn, who is famous for bedding women, knew it. He knew what exactly Katlin Stark wanted. He wanted her badly too but what to do?, she is a high class lady and he is a low class sellsword. How would that be possible he thought? So he just enjoyed her beauty by watching her and observing her moves, which made Katlin very uncomfortable.

Bronn, a sell sword by profession was hired by Katlin herself but she despised him for the way he looked at her right from the beginning. She knew what Bronn’s looks meant. They meant that he wanted her. Very badly. It was difficult for her to, not to notice Bronn’s banging eyes gazing her body top to bottom. As the group moved through the rough and rocky woods, they were suddenly attacked by the barbarian tribesman and the fight between the swords and axes began. As the soldiers fought the tribesman, Katlin Stark ran into the woods for safety and Bronn who was hired to protect her followed her. The imp was struggling to stay alive between the fighting soldiers and the tribesman. 

Some tribesman followed Katlin and Bronn into the woods and Bronn, outnumbered one to twenty keeping a handful of tribesman busy with his sword and some of those barbarians started attacking Katlin Stark. They ripped her fur cloak off as she ran begging them to leave her alone. “I am lady stark of winterfell and my husband is Ned Stark. We will pay you whatever you want, please leave me alone”, She begged as she ran deep Into the woods while the tribesman chased her. Bronn’s swordplay helped him to unarm the tribesman but they were just too many. They overpowered Bronn and ripped of his armor, gold coins, sword and knife. Every tiny piece of gold or leather is a steal for the tribesmen. They stripped Bronn naked and took his pants and boots but just in time Bronn found his sword in the mud and ferociously slayed a dozen tribesmen in a jiffy. Katlin was shell shocked at Bronn’s sword play. But a couple of tribesmen tried to attack her but she escaped and ran into the deep woods. Bronn saw that and ran towards Katlin Stark who was being chased by the tribesmen and finally caught up with their speed. Slaying them one by one from behind the hero finally emerged and by the time Katlin Stark stopped running, she fell on to the ground tired and all the tribesmen were brutally dismembered by Bronn and he was stark naked (really, a nice way to put it actually) and he was covered in the drops of tribesmen blood who he just slaughtered like animals.

Terrified by the tribesmen Katlin Stark who was breathing heavily was sitting on the ground slowly relaxing as she knew that they were now safe, thanks to Bronn. But she couldn’t take off her eyes from Bronn’s naked body. With all the adrenaline rush and running and the fighting, Bronn was aroused and his huge cock bulged to its peak size gushing with blood. There was absolute silence around. Only Bronn walking on dried leaves as he cleaned the blood on his body, is all Katlin could hear. The size of Bronn’s eight inch cock was too much for her to not notice. She was staring at Bronn’s manhood and all of the sudden Katlin felt shy and vulnerable as she was a beautiful lady, now all alone in the woods with a naked man, a degenerate, a sellsword. She broke the eye contact with Bronn and stopped looking at his dick and then slowly lowered her head looking at the ground. Bronn noticed it, and smiled to himself that Katlin was intact interested in his cock. He stood firm right in front of her as his huge erect cock was stiff and pointing towards Katlin Starks face. 

“There is nothing like a good fuck after a fight”, he said rubbing his thick cock up and down. Katlin knew what Bronn was saying. He wanted to fuck her right then and there. “This is not right Bronn. I am a loyal wife and I don’t think you should be doing it”, she said as she was watching Bronn’s cock right in front of her face, erect and huge, she was gulping and licking her lips and tried to look away. “Leave your fears behind and do the honors my lady”, Bronn said with confidence. “I know and you know that this is the right time. Nobody watching us. I am all pumped up and you are dripping too”, he said.

He was right. That’s what takes it to be a playboy. Knowing exactly how a women feels and it varies women to women. Any other women in Katlin’s place would have been in a trauma but not Katlin. She liked men who slay with their swords. That’s how she liked Ned Stark in the first place because the little finger, her childhood lover Peter Baelish wasn’t good with sword. So Bronn was right guessing that the Stark lady was also aroused and wet with what just happened. She saw how Bronn slayed those tribesmen like animals and was it was orgasmic for her in a sense. The need was clear as a crystal in her eyes. 

“Bronn…, oh my god…, I can’t believe I am doing this”, she said as she put her hands on Bronn’s huge dick and held it tight. “That’s it my lady, go on…, I won’t tell anyone. It will be our little secret”, he said and now Katlin caught his huge dick with both of her hands and pulled it towards her while looking deep into his eyes and then kneeling in front of him. Bronn took a heavy breath as Katlin pushed the skin on his cock back revealing the head and she licked her lips once again before she took it all into her mouth and started sucking it slowly and nicely. They both moaned a little when during the first contact and then it was smooth as butter. 

“I didn’t know you had such a rare talent my lady”, said Bronn while he was untieing her dress from behind and Katlin helped Bronn by holding onto his strong thighs as she sucked the sellsword vigorously while also rubbing her hands all over his buttocks. Bronn stripped the lady stark’s dress, laid it on the ground and pushed her onto it. Katlin smiled cleaning her saliva dripping off her chin and opened her legs wide. “You in a hurry”, she asked. “Well that’s right my lady, if I won’t hurry, our men will find us here and I might just miss this golden opportunity of riding a stark lady”, he said and buried his face into Katlin’s crotch by kissing and licking her dripping wet cunt. Katlins labia was thick and Bronn loved to chew on it with his lips while sucking those thick lips of her pussy and then licking them and sucking them again. Katlin was moaning as Bronn displayed his skills. His tongue was fucking her cunt and his fingers rubbing her clit. Clockwise and anti clockwise. Katlin was shivering in ecstasy as Bronn’s mouth was working as a suction on her pussy and it was orgasmic. 

Then Bronn moved upwards on her kissing on her lean belly, not very lean but lean for a women of Katlins age. She is got good genetics and she had very good shape. Bronn pulled her holding her thighs and now started fondling and sucking on Katlins beautiful round tits with erect nipples. “Oh my god Bronn, would you like to my attendant at Winterfell?, I would like to have you by side from today till my last day….”, she moaned. “Well my lady, that would be my honor…”, Bronn said as he now digged his huge erect penis into Katlins wet dripping pussy and they started fucking hard. They both kissed passionately. Bronn was sucking on those beautiful lips of Katlin as he fucked her real hard. The sound was loud as Bronn fucked Katlin Stark hard but more than the sound was her moaning. She was a moaner that’s for sure. “Oh Bronn, fuck me hard…, just like that Bronn…., please let this be our secret and I promise you I would let you have many more secrets of mine…, fuck me…, yes, yes, yes….”, she moaned. “slay my cunt with your cock just like you slayed those tribesmen with your sword. And just like you sell your sword, sell me your thick cock. I want it all to myself Bronn”, she moaned. They both were about to climax together but Katlin finished the race. She was all started right from the beginning with Bronn’s tongue at play on her cunt.

And then just before Bronn was about to climax, he pulled his cock out of her pussy and stood up and Katlin kneeled again in front of him and took the cock into her mouth and sucked it for two seconds and baam!, there goes the huge load of cum into her mouth and some of it spilled on her chin and on her tits. Bronn made her lick all of it and they both kissed in ecstasy, and while they were smiling at each other for having a wonderful sex, a tribesmen who wasn’t dead yet tried to kill Katlin from behind with a sword but then came Tyrion, who’s hands were still tied but he was holding a shield. He saw both Bronn and Katlin naked but he was more concerned with the tribesmen so he ran towards them and hit the tribesmen with his shield. He hit so many times that he ended up smashing the poor guys head into pieces thus saving Katlin Starks life.

Now knowing Tyrion we know how witty he is, so since he knew what just happened between Bronn and Katlin, out of respect to both of them, he said, “I haven’t seen a thing and I don’t want to know what just happened, but I don’t think so our men who are about to come here following me and looking for you are not as dumb as myself so they might want to know what happened between you guys. So if you guys get dressed up as soon as you can. We can all act normal as if nothing happened”. And Bronn and Katlin dressed up and then came the men. Three of them all acted as if nothing happened. Then the group continued their journey towards the Erie of Vale to meet Lysa Arynn. 

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