Good Girl

I’m blindfolded, arms handcuffed behind my back. My legs are pinned beneath your weight. I’m helpless.

Defenceless as you tease me with your hands and mouth and cock; squeezing and slapping my ass, sucking my clit, running your cock along the entrance of my pussy. You make me writhe and whimper beneath you until I’m a quivering mess. You slide a hand down to check and find me soaking wet.

So you lick me to the edge of orgasm, first slow, long, deliberate, then hard and fast, circling my clit and sucking on it before playing with my pussy. I wiggle underneath you and you grab my hips to hold me still. I can feel myself getting closer and closer, urged on by the feel of your mouth on me. I tell you I’m about to cum and all the sensations stop, making me cry out at their loss. You’re denying me it. Instead you flip me over, spank me hard, and I feel your cock parting my pussy lips, pushing into me.

I moan as you stretch me with your cock; you moan at the tighteness of my slutty little pussy. I fucking love how you feel inside me, it makes me feel so full, so hungry for more, makes me your needy little slut, willing to do anything for more of your cock.

You fuck me slowly at first, and I can feel you squeezing and pushing my ass together, making it ripple under your hands and cock. Then you start to speed up, making me moan, and then even more when you grip my throat with a hand.

You force me to suck on a few of your fingers to keep me nice and quiet as you slow down, as you proceed to fuck me incredibly hard, deep. I try to beg you not to stop but my words come out unintelligible. I’m drooling too hard at the rough treatment anyway. For some reason I try again anyway. You pull your fingers from my mouth.

“What was that babygirl?” You croon.

I moan as you thrust into me just before I was going to answer.

“You didn’t answer me kitten,”

I whimper as you fuck me hard again and pinch my nipples. “I wanted… to tell you to… not stop daddy.”

“Tell me?”

“I meant ask… sorry daddy…”

You lean forward and whisper in my ear, “You will be, slut.”

You place your hands on my lower back, holding me still so you can get deeper. Then you spank me, as hard as you possibly can, making my ass ripple under your hands.

I have to muffle a moan into my pillow.

You grab my hair and wrap it around your hands, using it like reins. The only thing that would make this more complete is a belt around my neck.

I’m lost in the feeling of your cock pounding me, slow and deliberate; you know exactly how to use me in order to get the most out of your slut.

You spank my ass, first one cheek, then the other. It ripples under your touch; the pain is delicious and I have to bite my lip hard.

You stroke, then squeeze it gently before spanking me again, much harder than before. I cry out; shock and pleasure mingling in the sound.

You groan and pull out of my pussy. You cum all over my ass, the red handprints you’ve left on my skin. I can feel liquid warmth dripping down the sides of my ass, pooling at my lower back and thighs. I’m covered in your cum and I love it.

“My little cumslut… Such a good girl.” You whisper, stroking my hair tenderly.

I wish this never had to end.


கண்டிப்பாக .... விரைவில் எதிர்பாருங்கள் ...

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