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Honeymoon Gone Wrong

Sumit and Riya were newly married and both the couples in their mid twenties were united from a match made by their families. Sumit in his late twenties works at a multinational company while Riya in her mid twenties had just finished her studies. Both of them only could meet a couple of times before their marriage and so decided to make out to a romantic honeymoon trip to know each other better.

Sumit was maniac about visiting Bangkok since his college days but had never got the opportunity to do so before. But now given a wide range of choice to choose for his honeymoon he leapt in joy and chose for nothing else but Bangkok. The two families came to the airport to bid the couple farewell on their week’s trip to the heaven (they thought) the flight to Bangkok went uneventful with Sumit indulging himself in the pleasure of free wine and Riya all excited about her first trip aboard an airplane.

The flight landed in Bangkok in time and both of them got out of the airport following the immigration checks. They hired a taxi which took them to the hotel they had booked. It was almost 8 in the evening by the time they checked in and so went back to have dinner after putting their luggage in the room. The night streets of Bangkok left both of them jaw-dropping while they roamed around the streets through the pubs and the restaurants which offered plenty of entertainment.

Finally they settled at one of the restaurants and finished their dinner before returning to their hotel. At night Riya went in to change and get fresh while Sumit ordered for a beer for the night. Riya stood in front of the mirror combing through her long pretty hairs. She wore a white laced night suit which flowed beautifully through to her legs and she looked extremely beautiful in it. She didn’t realized when Sumit came behind her silently and wrapped his hands around her waist.

And when she turned he bent down closer and kissed her soft lips and soon starting to nibble at her lips sucking them in turns. She allowed his tongue to enter and explore her mouth from inside while he kept squeezing her ass lovingly from over her dress. Slowly both of them shifted towards the bed where Riya laid on her back while Sumit kept kissing at her neck and shoulders making her hotter and more. He also pulled her dress up so that he could rub his hands on her bare thighs and all that made her wet from inside.

She wanted him to rub her all over her body which was burning with desire by then, she wanted him to pull her dress off spread her legs and fuck her wildly. She was within her thoughts when suddenly a chill ran down her body bringing her back to what Sumit was doing. He had pulled her dress to her waist by then and had slid his fingers in her panties and was now rubbing her clits with two fingers.

Riya was now trembling with pleasure while the rub at her clits were making her damper with each stroke. Sumit could feel her juices wetting his fingers while he started enjoying the restless figure of her wife. She was now biting her lips with a fisted palm, breathing heavily wanting Sumit to rip her clothes off from her and give her a good wild fuck. Sumit as if realizing her state of mind pulled the dress off her body and threw aside.

She was now in her bra and panties only. The black piece of clothes against her milky white skin made her all the more desirable. Once again Sumit started kissing her neck, shoulder and all over her body. He unhooked the straps of her bra and pushed her hands inside, pressing both of her breasts and making her moan in pleasure. Unable to withstand she took off her bra and lay topless on the bed for her husband to suck and press her breasts as he wished.

Sumit kept sucking her breasts in turn while his hands were pushed deep down in her panties rubbing her clits once again. She winced and squealed but gritted her teeth trying hard not to moan out loudly, but Sumit was making it impossible for her to control her feelings. Sumit had by then shifted her focus completely on her cunt by pulling her panties down and sliding one of his fingers deep inside her. Soon he found the g-spot and kept rubbing it intentionally, while the color on Riya’s face changed in renewed pleasure

Sumit quite came to enjoy the helplessness of her wife and kept keeping her at the edge. Soon Riya came to moaning loudly and throwing her legs in wild kicks not able to control her desire within herself. She felt as if some hot load of juices were on the verge of explosion, the more he rubbed her from inside the more the intensity rose until when it became unbearable for her to hold her bladder. At first she thought she was urinating but only realized that it was her warm juices which were now flowing uncontrollably.

Sumit pulled her hands back relishing the view of his wife’s warm juices squirting out uncontrollably on the bed as Riya still reeled from her extended orgasm, Sumit pulled his pants down letting his erect cock jump out into fresh air. And before Riya could take a breather she felt his cock rubbed on her cunt. She opened her eyes to see Sumit between her legs rubbing his cock on her wait cunt lips and before she could close them back he pushed it slightly and the rest was done by her already wet cunt.

The cock was sucked in like a magnet and a rhythm set in with which Sumit started banging her. The exhausted and helpless look on her face made Sumit all the more kinky and he thought how it would feel to see his wife being fucked by a stranger like that, or by a group of men who would show no mercy and would fill all the holes of the little bitch.

Thinking within his mind he produced the greatest orgasm like never before and both of them snuggled up mixed in their own juices unable to move or clean themselves. Riya laid down with a clean mind still reeling from the heavenly orgasm, Sudhir laid down lost in thoughts or kinks of seeing her fucked by a stranger, who knows what might be possible after all they were in Bangkok. And both of them slept like never before.

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