I got dominated by my manager

I’d just turned 18 and was at work as usual, I was excited as that night was the work end of year party and I could drink as much as I wanted. Everyone else I work with is in their 20s 30s and so on. I’m the youngest by far and I’d worked there for 3 years. My manager was quite shy but very kind, he did his job well despite the owners of the hotel being awful.

He was under so much pressure but he always managed to keep his cool. He was 27 years old with dark thick wavy hair that curved off to the left. His eyes were ocean blue and his smile was so friendly. He was about 6ft 3 and had a fit and healthy body. I liked him. I’m 5ft 1 small but thick body, round bit ass and D cups. Anyways, that evening at the party everyone was drinking and having fun and chatting and I was chatting to my manager (let’s call him Harry). We were drinking and talking and I was flirting with him.

It took him a few drinks before he was confident enough to flirt back with me tho as he was usually so shy. By the end of the evening everyone was drunk and happy and just having a good time and so we continued the party and went back to one of the other colleagues houses. Me and harry sat on the sofa and continued to drink and talk and everyone else in the room was doing the same and not paying attention to us.

All of a sudden harry leaned in and kissed me, it took me by surprise as he just confidently went for it. It was super hot that he made the first proper move. I kissed him back and soon I could feel his tongue at the back of my throat. No one else in the room really noticed as everyone was drunk. It was super hot how confidently he just went in for the kiss, I was super wet at this point wondering what will happen next. I wasn’t wondering for very long as he pulled me up onto his lap, I was straddled over him and kissing him.

I could feel his hard cock pressing up against wet pussy through our clothes. He grabbed my ass as I grinded on his cock. I wanted to take all my clothes off and let him completely dominate me and I’m sure he did too. I grabbed him by the hand, got off him and lead him too the bathroom. As soon as the door closed, my usually shy manager just let loose. He ripped my clothes off leaving me in just my bra and thong.

We kissed some more as I rubbed his hard cock though his jeans. It felt massive. I just wanted to see it. I unzipped his jeans slowly teasing him a little, he obviously couldn’t stand the teasing as he just quickly and forcefully turned me round pushed me up against the bathroom sink and shoved his hard as fuck cock into my wet pussy. I moaned so loud with the shock of the sudden penetration. His cock was about 9 inches and I was not used to taking that much.

My pussy was so tight and he was just destroying me, it hurt so bad but I loved it. Seeing him release everything and just fuck me was so fucking hot. He grabbed my tits while he was fucking me from behind and pinched My nipples, my knees gave way with pleasure and satisfaction, I fell to the floor unable to remain standing. I was weak from pleasure. I had came so many times already and every pump into me made me cum. I was screaming and moaning so loudly I’m sure the others heard but at this point I didn’t care. My manager from work who was usually so shy was fucking me so hard and I loved it. I let him take full control of me and use me as his toy.

He fucked me and fucked me until he finally came in my pussy. I got into the shower to wash off and clean up but after about 5 mins of cleaning myself Harry jumped onto the shower with me and started to wash me. He dripped the body wash all over my chest and rubbed it all over me. Making sure he rubbed every part of me. I loved it. I loved the fact he was almost 10 years older than me and he was over a foot taller than me. It felt so good to be dominated by a man like him, especially as he was my manager and had so much authority over me anyways.

It was nice, after he washed me he did fuck me in the shower again as he couldn’t keep his hands off me and I couldn’t keep my hands off him. I loved his big hard cock. It felt so good inside my tight little pussy. After we finished showering we stayed in the guest room of the house as we couldn’t drive home and couldn’t be bothered to call a taxi. We got into bed and just cuddled and fell asleep together no sexy stuff just nice…. But the morning was a different story.

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