Innocent Village girl stuck in USA | 02

She immediately dunked the glass as her throat needed something to cool off. He lifted her up and carried her to the couch. He made her curl up in his arms while sitting on the couch and he opened another bottle of beer.

Meghna was so physically and mentally fatigued that she didn’t realize that she was finding solace in the arms of her tormentor. But her relief was short-lived as Travis took her hands and wrapped it on his cock and made her give him a hand job. Meghna was so dazed that she was only subconsciously aware of what she was doing.
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Soon Travis became erect again, much to Meghna’s amazement. He slowly lifted her and allowed her to sit on his cock, pulling her legs apart. He could see the hairy monster slowly eat up his cock and allowed gravity to take care of their union for a while.
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Meghna once again started moaning as his erect cock was hitting her G-spot. It had penetrated deep inside her but some of it was still outside. Travis held her waist and slowly started rocking up and down.
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Meghna started feeling the pleasure rise once more. She adjusted her legs so that they were placed firmly on the couch and started moving her hips on her own. She didn’t realize that she was now a willing and willful partner in this act of betrayal. Meghna loved the rush of his penis sliding inside of her, threatening to tear her apart.
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She started moving on his cock as fast as she could. Travis held her tightly so that she didn’t slip. Her body became pink and sweat was once again coming out, glistening her body with tiny beads of excitement. She was panting loudly but she didn’t want to lose the momentum. With a loud shriek, she had her second orgasm of her life and then fell on Travis like a sack of bricks.

But Travis hadn’t cum yet. He made her wrap his arms around his legs and put his hands on her buttocks and lifted her. He also stood up and Meghna instinctively grappled her legs around his thighs. He started moving his hips to change guard and continue the session.

Meghna was fresh from an orgasm and she couldn’t believe he had started giving her another one. Honestly, she never knew that someone would actually have sex while standing. He was lifting her so effortlessly and his lips alone were moving so well while his entire body was perfectly still. Her pleasure centers were going into overdrive and she was delirious with the mind-breaking sensations.
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After a few minutes, Meghna achieved another orgasm. Travis too approached almost at the same time. Meghna felt another spurt of semen inside her. Travis’s legs buckled under the intense activity and he fell back to the couch. Meghna was also tired by her second effort, and the third just drained what remained of her stamina. She kept hugging him and they both just dozed off on the couch.

She would have slept even more had Travis not started shaking her awake. She looked at the time. It was almost 2 pm. The semen had actually dried up in her inner thighs. They must have slept for at least 3 hours. She immediately rushed to the bedroom and wrapped the nightie around her.

“Do you have anything to eat?” bellowed Travis from the living room. Meghna rushed to where he was as she had to usher him out before Prasad returned home.

“We have only sambar and rice,” she said.

“What the f*ck is that?” asked Travis.

She took him to the kitchen and showed the orangish brown liquid with some vegetables floating around. Travis made a squeamish expression on his face .

“I ain’t eating no curry,” he said, “I’d rather eat something outside.”

He came back to the living room and started getting dressed. Meghna heaved a sigh of relief as he finally had decided to leave. He went to the door but turned back.

“I had a good time, and I know from your moans that you had a good time. However you are welcome to complain to the cops if you want. But that means your husband will know everything we did.” He grinned like a shark when he said that, “I know in Sharia law, the women are always blamed in such cases.”

This statement hit Meghna hard. Not only did this man bang her for the past 3 hours, he was also confident that she wouldn’t complain and now is mocking her directly to her face. But what in the hell was Sharia law?

Travis removed the chair which he had used to block her escape and almost unlocked the bolt and stopped suddenly.

“What the f*ck!” he shouted and came towards Meghna.

“Please no,” begged Meghna “My husband will come home soon.”

“Then let’s have a quickie,” said Travis and pulled her hand. She tried to wriggle out of it.

“Stop resisting now,” he said, “Just one last fuck before I leave for Florida. Do you want your husband to come home to find you riding my black cock?”

Meghna felt deflated, but a little excited. She understood that she could not reason or negotiate with this man. It was probably best she just agreed to his demand and stopped resisting. He swung her around and made her bend down and put her arms on the couch. He dropped his pants and positioned himself behind her. He made her pull her buttocks apart. He gave each one a tight slap making her wince in pain.He spit on his hands and lubricated his cock.
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He pushed all of his cock into her pussy in one go, resulting in a loud scream from Meghna. He then slapped her ass as he kept ramming inside her. Meghna was crying in pain as he kept slamming into her as fast as he could, all the time slapping her ass. He used his left hand to pull her hair, while his right hand kept slapping her ass cheeks until they became red with his marks.
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She was having a tough time holding her composure. . Meghna felt embarrassed because she was actually enjoying this pain along with the pleasure.
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Travis then lifted her leg and repositioned her so that he was holding one of her legs and was going into her pussy at a slant. Meghna used an elbow to support her body as she held Travis’ hand using her other hand. She noticed that she could see her reflection in the mirror and became red.

She could see this enormous brute holding her nonchalantly and fucking her. His thick black cock was going in and out. Her breasts were shaking around like jelly. But she couldn’t stop looking at it. Travis too realized that and he pulled her face around to give her a kiss. She responded well this time and they kept kissing until she finally climaxed. He too didn’t take much time and he shot his final load. It was much less this time and then he abruptly pulled out of her.

Meghna fell on the floor and a stream of semen seeped out of her pussy,forming a small shiny pool. In the corner of her eye, she saw Travis lift up and button his pants. He opened the door and left without saying a single word nor did he even glance back at her.

“Huhh… huhh… huhh…”

The shallow pants of Prasad were louder than Meghna’s moans as he was humping on top of her in the dark bedroom. During a normal day, Meghna would be praying that he lasted longer but tonight she just wanted to get it over with. She convinced him not to switch on the light as she was afraid it might expose the “love” bruises and marks made by Travis.

With a huge grunt, he finally came and ejaculated inside her. Her husband then rolled off and within two minutes started snoring. Meghna was unsatisfied. It was one thing until very recently when she never had an orgasm, but after the marathon session today with Travis where she was showered with orgasms, she felt more irritated after tasting the forbidden fruit.

Meghna got up and draped her nightie over her shoulders and went to the bathroom. She cleaned herself but her body was shaking as it craved another orgasm. She sat on the commode and touched her clitoris with her hand. She felt a mini electric surge. She started rubbing herself, and it felt so good. She used her fingers to roll around it, then put two fingers inside her vagina while her thumb was caressing her clit.

‘Wow, this is so much better than sex from Prasad.’ she thought. She had heard vague ideas from friends on how to masturbate but there was also an urban legend that it could tear your hymen and make you not bleed at first night. This then cast doubts in your new husband’s mind if you really are a virgin or not.

But now she has no issues with that and she kept doing it faster. Images of Travis flashed in her mind where he was inserting his big hard cock inside her. She subconsciously used her left hand to caress her breasts. She lost control over herself and was moaning automatically. She totally forgot that Prasad might wake up and find her in the bathroom as her mind was full of visions of Travis and his huge cock. Why was she so fascinated looking at that unaesthetic piece of muscle on his body?

Meghna kept doing it as fast as she could. Her fingers were hitting the roof of her inner walls and pressing her G-spot. She finally had her orgasm. It felt so good but it wasn’t as intense as the one Travis gave her. She rested back for a minute as she tried to get back her breath.

Once the euphoria of orgasm settled in, tears automatically started falling out of her eyes. The dam of resistance had finally broken and she came back to reality. She didn’t just cry but was bawling loudly as if she lost everything. She realised that she had just masturbated to an orgasm while thinking of her rapist.

What a bad wife she was. She had cheated on her husband and hid it. But wasn’t she banged? She wondered if she really got banged. Didn’t she enjoy it? So much that she just masturbated thinking of him?

But wasn’t she forced? But didn’t she buckle too easily? Would it still be called bang? What did she actually know about bang? Very little really, other than protests were held now and then in India, only for people to forget until another poor girl met the same fate.

The only thing she knew about bang were the 80’s Bollywood revenge movies of Amitabh bachchan or Mithun Da where the hero turns vigilante after his sister gets banged. They usually have an elaborate bang scene to titillate the audience. The villain usually chases the woman into a forest or his manor. He tears off a piece of clothing on an insignificant part of her body like an arm or a leg as Indian censor boards don’t allow nudity. He falls on her and she struggles while he tries to hold her. Then the camera shows the sky followed by a loud scream, and in the next scene she is seen either crying or dead due to the ordeal.

Her’s wasn’t anywhere close to that. She was so docile. She took him to the bedroom and voluntarily removed her clothes despite knowing his intentions. But he threatened her that he was an ex-convict and her primal instincts opted for self-preservation.

But her mind was reminded of the practice of jauhar, which originated when the I₹lamic invaders used to bang the womenfolk of the region they captured and then sold them as sex slaves. Therefore, once the news arrived of the fort getting breached, the women used to jump into open fires so that even their corpses weren’t available for the invaders to bang. Having come from such a society where chastity is revered, how could she justify that she had sex with her rapist?

What would Prasad think if she told him? Would he believe that she was banged? Already he was apprehensive that she might cheat on him and he would use this as proof. Even if he didn’t think she was banged, his family would be happy to dump her. After all, they had conned 10 lakh in the name of dowry. She cried even more thinking of how her father would be the laughing stock of the village if his daughter was branded a whore. Travis was right. She couldn’t tell her husband.

The next two days were hell for her as the pressure inside was building up like a pressure cooker. Meghna felt she would burst if she didn’t find a way to vent it out. She couldn’t talk to her mother without the presence of Prasad and she couldn’t trust any of her new friends. But maybe there was one person who would understand…

Steve was watching the highlights of the NBA match on his cable when he heard a quiet knock on his door.


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