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Mom Taken During Navratri

We live in a posh area of the city. I am the only child of my parents. We are an upper class family and quite rich but I won’t boast on that. My dad is a rich person and holds business while mom is a home maker. She used to be a part of a dance troop in her earlier days.

Even after she was married to my father she continued it till she had me. Speaking about my mom, she is not any ordinary girl. In our locality, men flock around our house just to have a glimpse of her. Such is her looks that once she even got a proposal on the doormat when she got up to take newspaper (old story)! She used to maintain her body well with gym. Her face was beautiful. My mom is just 38 this year but even then u would be surprised looking at her saying that she was just married.

Any man can get erection when they see her. She was just awesome. Her figure was 34c-33-35 which I came to know from her jeans size and bra size. But the thing that troubles me is that even my friends’ lust for her. They have never spoken to me about it directly but I have heard them talk behind my back saying hot and erotic things about her like” who to randi se bhi mast hai ” “uski gori badan ka kya jawani hai saali chikni” “ek bar bahoon main aa jayee ,bas choos choos kar meri raani bana dunga” and stuffs like that.

Sometimes it makes my blood boil when I hear things like this. They speak about my mom in such a rude way like she is just a sexy piece of hot meat, but then I didn’t want to quarrel with them as some of them are very bad boys like gangster types. Apart from all this I loved my mom too sexually after I came to know of the word incest in internet. It was then that I realized that those friends of mine were indeed true. She was sexier than the young girls in my school. She had dark brown hair like Priyanka Chopra, smooth white skin like Navneet Kaur, thunder thighs and sexy waist like Deepika Padukone and superb delicious back. Men at the malls would stare at her when she wore jeans and at parties when she wore deep neck blouse exposing her back and chest, even my dick gets turned on man!

It was then when I recall the erotic things that my friends talked about her, that I started masturbating thinking about her. She became my fantasy.

I had a very good friend called Arun. Another called Mohan was also in my class but I rarely talked to him. He wasn’t a good boy, but Arun and Mohan were friends too. They used to frequent my house very often. But I knew Mohan’s intention was to stare at my mom‘s beauty and jack off at night thinking about her. So I used to ignore him at home but even then he didn’t mind and always looked at mom rather than me and used to give smiles to my mom .I used to get angry at this but never said anything.

It was Navratri (Festival) time in Gujarat. One day Mohan and some unknown friend of his came to my home. Mohan introduced him to me as Ranveer. I had heard his name from some of my friends. Ranveer used to be in their batch in tuition and had a bad image for being the most notorious and foul mouthed boy of some other school. I was disgusted in having him in my home but didn’t say anything against him because I knew how he and his gang will handle me if I was rude to them. I allowed them in after greeting them.

We chatted for a while in the living room and Mohan told me that as his bike had broken down, Ranveer agreed to drop him. So they were on the way when he thought to give me a visit. But even then I doubted their intentions. My mom came into the living room from kitchen and saw them. Mohan greeted my mom saying “Hello aunty” (which he never did before) and my mom smiled and said “Hi”. That day my mom was wearing a white tight top and a capri showing her smooth & creamy white legs.

The top was so tight that it thoroughly showed off her beautiful figure and nice round and firm breasts. The thin silver necklace on her creamy neck looked so seductive that anyone would have wanted to give a bite there.

She asked me who the other one is. I was about to reply when Ranveer himself said his name and said that he was another friend of mine. I just saw him today for the first time and he says that he is a friend of mine?

I wanted to slap him, such was my patience tested. He got up and offered to shake hand with my mom. My mom was about to walk away into the kitchen but then she shook hands with him and I could clearly see the lust in his eyes. He held my mom’s palm very tightly and while loosening the grip he did as if savoring her skin on her palm and took away his palm slowly. It all happened in front of me though my mom did not take it seriously. She went into the kitchen to prepare squash for them to drink.

When she came back and served, Ranveer purposely acted as if adjusting himself in the seat and tried to look into her top to catch a glimpse of her boobs when she bent with the tray. She then kept the tray on the table and again went to the kitchen. While doing this they both were staring at my mom’s tight ass as she walked like a model. I was jealous of mom seducing them innocently. After a while they left. Similar incident happened the next 2 days too.

The third day mom was getting ready for garba (dance festival) and so was I. And even my mom used to go for garba. Not to mention though boys and teens staring with watery mouth to kiss on every possible place on her body. Mom was to leave separately in her car, while I in my bike with Arun. Mohan was also coming to my house so that we could go together. Arun, Mohan and to my shock Ranveer also arrived when my mom was just about to leave. They were in the living room and my mom soon appeared. They were flabbergasted!

They stared at my mom with wide eyes, from top to bottom. Open silky straightened hair, pink lip gloss, and backless chaniya choli with just three strings behind to hold her top. The strings were tied like a shoelace and tempting for anyone to open them and lick her bare smooth and sexy back. She had the perfect of the waist anyone had seen. You would have liked to pinch her. Even her top was sleeve less type showing off her sexy white shapely arms. By the way the top was short that her tummy could be seen and her navel too.

Standing along with my friends there in the living room who were staring at her, made me feel proud of my beautiful sexy and hot mom. It seemed as if all wanted to kiss her and bite her everywhere. She gave me the keys saying “goodbye honey, see you” smiled and left in her Santro. Ranveer and Mohan didn’t take off their eyes from her waist and back while she was walking away. Those naughty perverts!!! We too left for united ways after a while.

After reaching there we had a fun time with some of my old friends who had left school and then we started our dance. After a long time I saw mom. She asked me where others were and said that her friends are about to go early so she was left alone and had no option but to go back alone. I told ok but my other friends insisted that we could keep her company; initially she denied but then agreed after many of us urged her to stay back.

Of course who would not want a sexy hot woman as a partner to dance with them. But she was only one and we were five including me. We accommodated ourselves in the line in between the ground. After a while when they declared a break, my mom said she would go have some water from the stall outside. The moment she left Ranveer too gave an excuse and went after her. But I felt something fishy as she left alone and Ranveer went after her. I decided to follow them. She went to the parking area where she had parked the car.

I slowly followed without them knowing. I hardly had any idea where she had parked the car. She went on walking. I first thought why is she going so far? My heart beat began to rise when thoughts of her meeting another man came to my mind. But then I saw our car parked outside the entrance to a new society which was undergoing construction. Suddenly she turned around and saw Ranveer. “What happened do you need something? “. He asked her aunty are you going home early. Do you feel lonely?

“Oh no beta I need to go home it’s urgent.”

“Urgent? At 11:30 in the night? May I help?”

“It’s so sweet of you.”

“Mujhe malum hai aap ko kyun acha nahi lagta. Hum sab hai na, come on aunty, we will keep you company. Or else you can be my partner. ”

My mom was about to put her car keys in the lock when suddenly he snatched the mobile in her hand and said, “Aapko aana hi padega or else mobile nahi dunga” in a childish tone.

I was shocked at this gesture! How dare he? I saw all this from hiding behind a car .

Hey give it back, Ran ran whatever your name is” but he didn’t listen , She came behind him and tried to snatch the mobile herself , but in self-defense, he held her sleeve in his hand and pulled it ( I knew he did it purposefully) Her sleeve tore and her bare shoulder and a lot of cleavage could be seen. My mom “got shocked at this. She looked at her cleavage and tried to cover herself. He started at mom’s flesh but didn’t say a word. How could she when her sexy view was in front of his eyes. “Oops sorry ” he said and started running.

“Aaye Tu idhar aa what sorry”, and she too started going after him. I didn’t move from behind the car. He headed off into a house still being constructed (not having any front door or back door). My mom on reaching the entrance looked around here and there to make sure no one was watching her.. I knew that she was scared as the place was deserted. Then she entered inside. After making sure she had completely gone inside, I moved and crossed the pathway and reached the entrance.

I stayed still to hear of any noise. Nothing but silence. Why wasn’t my mom moving? Did anything bad happen? My heartbeats were rising!! I stayed there for some time so that my eyes got accustomed to the darkness. Even during that time no sound was made!! I was getting scared and at the same time I waited there. Then I moved in. My mom was nowhere to be seen. I went inside the first room no one.

I then removed my sandals at a corner so that I don’t make any noise. I peeped into the kitchen no one. Then into the bathroom. Still no one. I then looked up the staircase no hands or legs. I started taking steps slowly. Just then I heard series of hurried sounds of footwear on the unpolished marble. And then some muffled noises. What happened? I got down the stairs, not to get caught and hid inside the room. But those sounds still could be heard, not increasing nor decreasing. I slightly looked inside towards the staircase. No one! What was happening up there? Why weren’t there voices? Why aren’t they coming down? I hurried up taking as many steps that I could take at a time and saw what was shocking to me that ever in my life!

Ranveer had caught my mom from behind, his one hand on her lips to avoid her making any noise and the other on her front side on her bare tummy! My mom was struggling to get free but couldn’t! His tongue was making circles on her flawless neck and sometimes on her bare back. He removed one of the laces of her back less blouse with his teeth and bit her. My mom wanted to shout but she couldn’t.

One thing I need to say here is that I used to see such scenes only in TV and porn and used to get instant hard on seeing it! Here too in this situation I couldn’t control myself.

My rod got erect seeing a beauty being ravaged by a beast. He was pinching my mom’s tummy and then feeling her skin by moving his palm. Meanwhile he licked and bit her earlobes. I think mom liked this because her resistance decreased and she arched her head backward. I didn’t want all this to happen but still I was eager to give more to my lusty eyes. Then he locked her legs with his and dig his fingers into her silky hair moved his fingers as if giving her a massage. He was such a pervert!

My mom was wriggling in his grip but very slowly. Was she giving up? Was she crying. Cause I could her some sobs. It was like seeing a lusty dog make her his bitch. He slowly slid his fingers into her ghaghra from her tummy. My heart beat faster as I saw his fingers and then his palm disappear behind the cloth in front of her pelvic region. Suddenly my mom gasped heaving her chest up and down as if panting for breath.

I could make out the circular motion he made on my mom’s vagina. He then started moving behind and was doing something on her vagina which I couldn’t make out. He started dragging her along with him to the balcony and I saw my mom’s light pink satin lingerie slid out beneath her feet onto the floor!! oh my god!

He made her naked underneath and he still held her mouth shut with his palm. Now he spit some saliva onto his fingers and inserted it again inside her ghaghra and my mom again moaned ”Aahh” !! This was the first time in my lifeI had heard my mom moan, it felt so erotic that my legs started trembling as thoughts started pouring into my mind. Thoughts of my mom in ecstasy filled my mind. Moaning and moaning. Her moans echoing in my ear!!

My dick was hard. Completely. My mom had her eyes closed. He started fingering mom. She for once opened her eyes wide and then closed it with other sensual moan. After sometime he removed his hands from inside her clothes and started pressing her boobs one by one. Then he licked his fingers and then again inserted his fingers into the blouse from beneath and started pressing her nipples and pinching them. Mom’s moans grew louder.

He turned mom towards him. He held her waist with his left hand and with his right hand her mouth. He inserted his left palm inside her ghaghra again onto her ass crack and then to her butt pinching her and then he let go of his right hand freeing her to moan freely. He then lip locked her and kissed her started kissing her like a beast. She again started to struggle but to no use. He held her tight and both her hands with his other hand. She had to give it to him. He lifted her and laid her on the floor of the balcony. She opened her eyes to look at him.

Tears welled up in her eyes and she nodded her head at him “please no”. He wiped her tears with his tongue and gave her a smiled and lip locked her again. He started massaging both her boobs, the removed the remaining laces behind her back and removed the blouse. To his delight her round perfect hard boobs sprung out before his eyes! My mouth went dry when he licked her pink nipples for the first time his saliva shone in the moonlight. The Garba songs could be heard at a distant. He then started biting and massaged her boobs so hard that her moans grew louder again and I was afraid that if anyone passing by heard it then what would happen?

He inserted his middle finger into her mouth and with his other hand started pinching her waist and he kept licking her chest and shoulder. He then moved down and started lifting her ghaghra. On the way he was kissing her smooth soft legs. He slid his palm into her cloth onto her inside thighs exposing her milky white thighs. He moved it till her waist. Her pussy before his eyes made his tongue hang out and with a single lick he licked it from her ass crack to her vulva and kept moving his tongue inside it. My mom grabbed his head in her hands and groaned and started breathing heavily.

I sat there unzipped my pants and took my hot cock into my hands and began playing with it. I whispered to myself “I love you mom”. She was so beautiful!! Like a princess! He meanwhile also licked and bit her inner thighs. “Oohhhhhh, Aaahhmmm, baby” my mom couldn’t stop herself.

He buried his face into her pussy. Flung open her ghaghra and threw it in my direction. He again bent and buried his face onto her pussy and encircled both her thighs with his hands. My mom was moaning louder and louder “Ahhhmmmmm, Uffff beta, nooo.” but she enjoyed what he did. She bit her lips! She closed her eyes and was starting to have as orgasm! Shit! I thought to myself!!

If I had known my mom was this horny I would have tried my luck!! How many times I have masturbated thinking of her but thought it was wrong. But seeing my mom enjoyed by this bad boy made me feel guilty. I had just met him recently!

She shuddered He drank her juices. Looked at mom Her eyes were still closed. He did not shift his gaze. He got naked and his 9 inch dick sprung out! I was shocked! It was huge. He stared at my mom and locked his gaze on her face and without moving his gaze he quickly inserted his middle finger all the way up her pussy.

“Huh” Mom gasped loudly and opened her eyes “Aah” He smiled and quickly removed it. She again gasped. This time again he did it with two fingers and kept on doing this repeatedly. Mom started moaning louder. Just when she was about to climax he stopped. He lied on her and was about to kiss mom. Mom closed her eyes and pressed her lips tight and moved away. He slid his hands down took his cock and rubbed my mom’s wet labia with the tip of his dick. She gasped. Her breathing started to increase heavily.

Not losing this opportunity he lip locked mom and rammed his cock into her pussy. She moaned into his mouth “Mmmm” Wrinkles formed on her forehead and she screamed in pain. She held his biceps with her palm as he started ramming her. “Amhhh Mhhh”. He kept her lip locked. Then suddenly he started biting her nipples and she started moaning and groaned “Aahhh uffff fuck betaaaaa”

He did all this to her and even then she called him beta? I had never heard her swear! It was the first time I heard her say “fuck” He made her take doggy style and just when he was about to enter she got up to run away. But he was quick and caught hold of her waist and pulled her down. Her face was towards the floor lying on her tummy. He got on top of her from behind and bit her bare back, her neck and shoulder. Then he inserted his dick from behind. They fucked like that for some time and meanwhile he kept licking her face.

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