Mom’s Lust – EP 1

“Aaahhhh….ohhhhh…………. nooooooo…..aaaahhhhh….ufffffffff…..whattt……..don’ttt …. Don’t you stopppp…….. Ohhhhhh ggoddddddd…..Ooooooo maaaaaaaa……uuufffffffff”. These are the groaning and shouting sounds of my mother!! Coming from the most interior part of our home. I was standing at entrance of our shut main door of the house. But the sounds were quite audible. And god! If am not wrong then my mother is surely fucking with somebody. Because I know these sounds; actually I see quiet a lot of porns.
“Hey, don’t forget to complete the homeworks. I need help with them.” Said Soham after dropping me near my home.
“yeah, sure buddy. Always ready to help you.” I said with a big smile on my face. Soham is my childhood friend and also best friend. We both are in class ** and study in same school. Every day after school, we both go to tuitions. Today we both were not in mood to take the tuition class so we decided to return to our homes. And that means today I returned home eartly.
Hello friends, its Raja here. And am here to share with you about the encounters of my mom. My mom is the dearest person to me. Her name is Chitra Neogi and my dad’s name is Sumant Neogi. My dad works as senior manager in an MNC company whereas mom is a housewife, always busy with her household chores. Dad’s position surely gave a handsome income, a super position, a status etc, but in return it snatched some quality family time. He had to remain busy and mom had to manage and engage herself in household works. She is not fair. Actually dusky in complexion. And as you all know, duskyness has it’s own beauty. To be very frank her complexion falls in between fair and dusky. Height 5’1. Weight nearby 60 kg. Hairs were really long and were up to her hips. Her vital status is 38-32-36 along with a sweet soothing voice. Always draped in homely sarees, sometimes in salwar too. Although she prefers to be in nighty in nights but many times she would just change into just blouse and petticoat of thin material with no saree and inners. If urgently she has to talk to me or I have to talk to her face to face, then she would just put on a towel or a dupatta on her upper body. Yes, it’s hard for me to accept but she does love to flaunt her curves to the strangers and would just love to tease them to the extreme; but in a very modest way. She always used to show that it’s not her and actually the men who love to see the curves of a homely devoted loyal woman. Even my friends get boner once they see her or at least seeing her saree-blouse covered boobs. People and neighbor used to talk indirectly nasty things about her in front of me but I never paid any heed to them. I always respected her and almost kinda worshipped her but soon some events happened (in some of them I was also involved) which really shaked my faith and I had to rethink of my opinions about my mother.
Coming back to the story, after repeated knocking when no one came to open the door, I decided to do the other way round. I went around to the back from where one could access the balcony to the inner rooms, especially my parents’ bedroom. I climbed up and luckily the backdoor was open. Slowly I made my way inside. And when I went to the main bedroom, I was surprised to see my mom sitting with only her inners. Her saree and petticoat were lying on a distant chair and blouse was under the bed. Mom was in black bra and panty. She seemed to be very drowsy and three guys were ogling her and smoking. I looked at them. My God! They are the workers who were hired by my dad to check the pipe leaking, wiring and to make one or two small furniture. That means amongst the three, one is carpenter, second is electrician and the third one is the plumber. Suddenly, one of them came and unclasped her bra. Slided the straps over her shoulders and threw her bra. Mom smiled at this and asked the guys to make love to her. The three guys got up. They removed their pants and pulled out their cocks. All were hard and fully erect.
She took one in her mouth while stroking the other with her hands. The remaining guy went to her boobs and began fondling them and sucking them. My mom was giving a nice blowjob and I was completely turned on as well. She was taking turns blowing their cocks while the guys were squeezing her breasts and abusing her. The remaining guy meanwhile slid down to her waist, pulled down her vagina and began licking it. He told the others that my mom is a hot whore and that made them even hornier. They pushed their long dicks deep inside her mouth. Soon they came in her mouth and on her face and she drank every drop of their cum. The guy who was licking her vagina now pulled out his monster.
They made mom lie down on the bed and they sat beside her. The carpenter came between mom’s thighs, opened and stretched them as far as possible and after that applied some spit on his huge dick he guided it to her pussy lips. 2-3 hard push and the bare member entered the pussy with mom giving a deep moan. With a few stokes and slaps, he began pounding her. My mom pushed her hips upward so as to get more pleasure. The guys took turns mouth fucking her and she did it expertly. Then another guy took to her pussy and began fucking her. He started very slowly but when she shouted at him to do more, he increased his pace and he was so hard that she was nearly in tears. However she continued blowing each of them as they took turns fucking her. Then they spoke something in Bengali that I couldn’t hear properly.
They made her lie on all fours and one guy began licking her asshole. She knew what they had planned and begged them not to fuck her there. They ignored her. They were commanding her.! Soon one guy, the electrician, licked her asshole insanely and after it was very wet, he got into the position and pushed his dick deep down her hole. At first, it was painful for both of them but very soon her asshole started to give room for dick to enter. The mushroom head of the dick stretched the asshole to its extreme. She let out a loud cry, “aaaahhhhhhhhh….ooohhhhhh…maaaaaaa……….aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”. And he began pounding her even faster. She was almost crying. They surrounded her and she began blowing and stroking her dicks. Now the other guy, the plumber went down, licked her pussy and then, began fucking her. She was having a double penetration while another guy was mouth fucking her. I still completely erect and now I too began stroking it over the pants.
They kept on abusing her.
“you bitch, you were feeling very cool of yourself by showing us your cleavage and curves and tormenting us to the core. Haan……now take this,,,,,and this….. and this……. Take more.”
Mom was crying in pain, “Ooooohhhh….pleaasseeeee…..pleaseeee… don’t do it….. not there……. Ohhh godddd….. I have..aaahhhhh… never…ooohhhh….taken there……. Please……uuugghhhhh …. Have pity …………………..hhhhhgghgghggmmmmm”.
Hearing that she has never taken dick in her asshole, eyes of all the three guys started glowing. “Woooowww….. at last we really are going to take a kind of virginity of yours. Hurraahhhh…..!” they all shouted and cheered.
They switched positions and continued fucking her. Although she was in pain, my mom was extremely satisfied. They kept fucking her for nearly one and half hour or so, till she went completely tired. Then, one of the guys gave support to my mom to stand on her feet, helped her in getting dressed and after that planted a soft kiss on her lips. She was looking very happy and satisfied. All the three guys kissed her lips and squeezed her bum before getting out of the room. I quickly jumped off and went outside and after sometime again went to the house. Till then all the three guys had left. I asked mom why she was so late in opening the door. Mom told that she was tired and she slept. She apologized. I said OK and went to my bed. After spending an hour, I went to her room and saw that she was fast asleep and her face and the visible body parts are still red. That whole day and night, she was limping and when asked about the reason, she just said that she fell in the bathroom that day. But I knew the actual reason and decided to keep shut. After that, she had regular sex with those guys every day until they finished their work and left.
And day by day, I too started to dream about my mom and shag on her name. !!


கண்டிப்பாக .... விரைவில் எதிர்பாருங்கள் ...

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