My imagination runs wild with you

The first time we talked, you had responded to something I posted online. Neither of us knew what we looked like so our thoughts and opinions were our only window into each other. We were both looking to have fun, for someone to match our energy. Someone to hold hands with outside, and someone to grab our hair and moan into the other’s ear while we’d fuck like animals. But we didn’t show the other that side just yet.

But my thoughts, they seemed to wander. Into some dirty places, when I think of you. Not a clue of what you look like, I could vividly imagine you leaned in on top of me and moaning into my ear every single hot thing you sent me over text. Everything you said you’d do to me, to my body. How you’d grab the back of my neck, stare into my eyes lustfully and stick your index and middle finger inside me like a hook. How you’d bite my neck mercilessly as I moaned in ecstasy. I’d lay naked in my bed, thinking of getting used by you.

I thought it would be different when we met. It was obvious for my imagination exaggerate you and how good you’d be. Slightly awkward and sceptical, I agreed to meet you. Your first blind date, second for me because the last one had been such a disaster. Should I go back? Tell him I need to reschedule? Text from you, “I’m really looking forward to this.” Fuck it. I couldn’t do this to a stranger, cancel at the last minute. “Let’s see where it goes.”

What came ahead was a wonderful evening with a wonderful guy, funny and adorably annoying, and delightfully cute. I was tired and got tipsy in one drink, and understandably horny. Sliding your hand up my dress as I was on a call, blood rushed to my cheeks and vagina at the same time. I looked at you, looking dreamy with the sun setting behind you, charming and innocent. Oh the things wanted to do to you. Sit on your leg and kiss your face, as my wetness flowed from my vagina onto your leg. Nibble on your ear and moan as I rubbed myself against you. Gently caress the inside of your leg with my other hand and feel your breathing take pace.

You followed me in the ladies room, pinned me against the wall and kissed me. Hard. Asserting your strength, that you could have your way with me as you pleased and I was to obey abide. I kissed you back just as hard, agreeing to serve you to satisfaction. I could feel your crotch against my leg, your bulge calling out to me. The urge to suck you, have you slap my face with your meat and call me your favourite babygirl. No matter how much it turned me on to do you in a public place, I didn’t want this to be just another hook up in the restaurant washroom. I wanted you to lay me down and overcome my body, for me to blindfold your eyes when I gently lick the tip of your rock hard cock. Suck on your balls while you cock rests on my pretty, sloppy face and my perky tits rub on your leg. Sit on top of you just perfectly so my juices flow onto your body, grinding in a slow rhythm, your cock fitting perfectly I’m the crevice of my ass. Teasing you, looking into your eyes with lust. Have you bend me over and eat my drenched coochie with my head pinned down, ass in the air. Calling out to you, craving you. While you stare into my eyes, owning me, grinning like the proud daddy that you are.

This, and more, till we meet again.


கண்டிப்பாக .... விரைவில் எதிர்பாருங்கள் ...

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