Our Servant Gopal & My Wife

I had bought a new web camera and it came with a sophisticated software. I was eager to try it out. After installing it , I discovered that it had many security features too, for instance the webcamera could also be used as a cctv, but recording only when it would detect a movement. I am not very tech-saavy, so I was astounded.

“Have your breakfast” I was brought to reality by the sound of my 35 year old wife Sandhya.”You are going to get me late today.”

It was 9.30 am .Not too late for me, but definitely late for my wife . She had to be in her office by around 10am. I normally used to go a bit later.

I had my breakfast and Sandhya left for office immediately after that.

I got back to fiddling with my new toy.

I set it up and did a few experiments with the webcam and they were successful.

After a while I realized even I had to leave.

By 11 am I was also ready to leave for my office.

“Gopal, darwaza band kar lo. Main ja raha hoon” I instructed our servant

“Theek hai sahab” He replied.

By around 4 pm I had completed my office work and was sitting around with nothing much to do. Suddenly an idea struck me. I had kept my camera on in our house and it was logged onto the yahoo. I wondered whether I could access it from my another yahoo id ?

I tried it. I sent a request to my other id to watch the cam. As far I remembered, I had allowed both my ids to be able to “Always” connect to each other. After a few seconds of waiting, it was confirmed I was right.. My house’s empty bedroom came into view on my cam window. I got a bit angry though seeing it, as the bed was still untidy. Gopal hadn’t yet cleaned it.

I was about to put off the cam when I saw Gopal enter the room. He is a timid looking young fellow from Uttar Pradesh. He started cleaning the room and bed. I cooled down a bit. Better late than never.

It was amazing to watch my own house, my bedroom from my office. Gopal cleaned up the bed an the rest of the room. And then he surprised me as he started going opening the cupboard. We trust him so don’t keep it locked. Moreover, it doesn’t have any valuable or money. Money or no money, I was again angry with him, he was betraying our trust.

He started hunting for something amidst our clothes. He didn’t seem to find what he was looking for in the cupboard and started going through the bin we have in our room for dirty clothes we intend to get washed. What was he upto ?

I almost fell off my chair when he pulled out an used bra and panty of Sandhya’s and started smelling them ! I was getting angry and wanted to put off the cam and rush home and fire Gopal from his job, but curiousity was getting better of me.

He then kept those used panty and bra on the bed and went back to the cupboard and started hunting for something more. He brought out her freshly washed panty and bra too and laid them on the bed. He placed them in such a way that the bra and panty were at an angle and distance from each other, similar to if someone had worn actually worn them and lied on the bed. He then took off his own trousers and underwear and lay down on his stomach on the bed over the bra and panty . Sandhya’s panty was below his groin and her bra was under his chest. Then he took the used panty and bra in his hand and started smelling them, as he started rubbing his groin against the panty on the bed.

I was both disgusted as well as aroused. I didn’t want to be, but couldn’t help my mind an body reacting to our servant’s antics. My cock was stirring. I got up and closed the door of my chamber.

Even I took out my cock and started rubbing it as out servant masturbated on my wife’s clothes, while smelling her pussy in her used panty.

Gopal came before me. He got up and held her panty on his hand. It had his thick cum on it. He brought his finger to it and evenly spread his semen all over her panty and in the the inside of her bra. After that he placed them in the similar way it was previously kept in the cupboard. It seemed he wanted my wife to wear the panty and bra with his dried up semen sticking to it ! Seeing this was more than I could take and immediately came.

Then he put my wife’s used undergarment’ s back in the bin and left the room.

By the time I returned home, my wife was already back. She was instructing Gopal something about our dinner, which he just kept timidly nodding yes to.

Gopal looked timid and obedient . It was hard to imagine that someone like him could be upto what he did earlier in the afternoon. And ofcourse my wife had no idea about it.. If she did she would blow her top and I don’t think Gopal would be standing even for a minute in our house.

“memsaab, khana tyar ho gaya” Gopal announced like he does every night. Everything seemed so normal , yet so so strange. Gopal was always scared and obedient towards my wife. My wife was authorative and treated him as if he were a child who should listen to everything, which he did and because of that we trusted him a lot. My wife actually hardly even thought Gopal was a grown up individual with his own thoughts. Quite often I would hear Sandhya reprimanding Gopal and he would respond to her scoldings and shoutings with lowered head. He never ever spoke back.

We both thought of him as an innocent timid viilager, so much so that Sandhya was hardly much cautious of herself and her clothing, with him around. She would wear nighties or skirts in the night, and at times while lying down on the couch and watching TV, they would expose her legs and calves. Its not much compared to what younger girls wear these days, but Sandhya was the kind who wouldn’t expose anything at all. Always dressed prim and proper. This was the level to which she trusted him and took no note of his presence at home. She thought of him to be as harmless as the house furnitures.

Well, I was seeing Gopal in a new light now. And it was having an arousing effect on me.

The next day I set up the cam again before leaving for office.

I kept my cam window on the whole day in my office comp. Around 2 pm, I saw Gopal enter out bedroom. Needless to say he repeated the same thing again. And I masturbated to it .

For me this was more erotic than any porn film. This went on for a few days, and my wife had no clue about it.

One day I had an idea. I searched in my home PC , for the sexy pictures of Sandhya which I had shot. I found the folder. It had many pictures of hers, including the one where she was masturbating with her vibrator. I made some prints of those pictures, put them in an envelope and kept them next to her clothes in the cupboard. To add to it , I also placed her vibrator next to the envelope.

Even while doing that, I was getting a hard on imagining what I would see on the cam later in the day.

I got ready quickly and left for office . Moment I was in my chamber, I put on the cam.

Normally, nothing happens till afternoon, but I didn’t want to take any chance.

It was a long wait, but finally at about 3 pm I saw Gopal entering our room and opening the cupboard. My cock was throbbing with anticipation.

Minutes seems hours, as I kept looking at the webcam window impatiently. I had left home earlier than Sandhya and I could see she was getting ready to leave for her office. She took out her clothes from the cupboard and took them along with her to the bathroom. We have an attached bathroom to our bedroom. Everything seemed as usual as my wife disappeared into the bathroom. The window cam was empty and I was wishing that she would take her bath quickly and leave for office, so that Gopal could begin his sexual play. For a couple of minutes, I just kept staring the at the empty webcam window, when suddenly Gopal appeared in our bedroom. He started peeping through the keyhole of the bathroom. As he intently peered through the small opening, he maneuvered his cock of his trousers, not taking his eyes of the keyhole even for a moment. As his cock came into view I saw that he already had a hard on. That was pretty quick considering he had hardly spent a minute in front of the bathroom door.

My wife must be absolutely naked inside and our servant was seeing her like that. Till today he was using only her undergarments, but now he was also seeing her fully naked in real. He must have got emboldened seeing my wife’s vibrator and photographs the previous day. Perhaps on realizing that my wife was a sexual being as well !

All these thoughts and the sight in my cam window, gave me a throbbing erection too. I begin to masturbate seeing our servant do the same as he watched my naked wife take her bath.

It did not take long for Gopal to cum. He wiped himself and went out of the room. After a few minutes , Sandhya appeared from the bathroom. She ofcourse had no clue what had happened while she was taking her bath. That our servant was watching her in the nude and masturbating.

In another fifteen minutes time she left for office.

Later that day, I saw Gopal masturbate two more times using her clothes. My wife must be really turning him on. And I could see his lust for Sandhya was growing by the day. And so was my voyeuristic fascination. I wasn’t satisfied with seeing anymore, I wanted to hear too. I wanted to know if Gopal muttered anything about Sandhya, while cumming.

Later that night, I took out hardware mSandhyaals and instruction books. Somewhere I remembered having read that one could use a handycam as a webcam too.

Necessity is the mother of invention, and because of my lust, I was slowly gathering a lot of knowledge about technical things. Till late that night , I kept reading the two computer books I had. I finally found the section which spoke of how to use the handycam as a webcam. Excited like child, I immediately started testing my knowledge. It was almost past 2 am when I manged to successfully install the video camera as my webcam. Satisfied, I went to sleep.

Next day too I left early for office, as I again wanted to see Gopal peep into the bathroom as my wife took her bath. I was even more excited this day, as I knew I could hear too.

The previous day repeated itself. Gopal watched my wife take her bath through the keyhole of the door and later after she left , he again masturbated on her clothes.

I could hear sounds too, but it was quite muffled. Gopal’s moans did reach my ears, but the audio quality was bad and I couldn’t understand anything he said while cumming, Though I was sure that he kept saying something, while he was cumming.

Later that night at home, I attached an external microphone to the computer. After doing a test I was sure that the audio quality would improve drastically because of the microphone. I took the wire from the behind the book shelf and and stuck the microphone on the bed in such a way that that it wouldn’t be visible to anyone.

I was again early to office the next day. The office peon was surprised that I had regularly started coming early. Atleast due to this, I was giving the image of working hard !!

I turned the computer toward me. Even if anyone walked into my chamber no one would be able to see the images on the monitor. I waited eagerly for the videocam window to connect. I enabled sound too. However, seeing Sandhya lazily cleaning the bedroom, despite it being past 10 am, I realized it was a Saturday. On Saturdays she usually went late to office. I was a trifle disappointed as she wouldn’t be taking her bath anytime soon. She had a broom in her hand and she was cleaning the bedroom.

“Gopal, idhar aao” My wife called out for our servant. (Gopal come here)

I was delighted to hear that this time the audio was very clear.

“Aaya memsaab” came the distant reply. (Coming memsaab)

In a short moment, Gopal appeared in the room

“Gopal, tum us chair par chardke, upar waale cupboard se woh kitaabein neeche le aao” My wife told her “bahut dhool jam gaya hai” (Gopal, bring climb onto the chair and bring down those books from the upper cupboard. Lot of dust has collected on them)

“Accha memsaab” Gopal replied and climbed onto the chair.

He reached out for a set of books, but my wife stopped him.

“Arey woh nahi, ukso rehne do” my wife instructed him “woh bagal waale kitab” (Not those books, but the ones next to them)

Gopal fumbled with the books, as there were a lot of different piles of books and magazines in the loft.

He started pulling out a pile of magazines.

“Arey Gopal, magazines ko choro, uske bagal waale kitaab” my wife said in an irritated tone (Gopal, leave the magazines, bring down the books besides the magazines)

“Woh hare or lal rang ke jo kitaab ….” Sandhya stopped short with her words and changed her plans. “Acha choro, Gopal tum neeche aa jao. Mein utaarti hoon” (Those books with red and green cover.. ok, forget it. You come down Gopal. I will bring down the books myself)

Gopal climbed down and my wife took his place on the chair.

“Chair ko theek se pakro” my wife ordered Gopal “hil raha hai” (Hold the chair properly. Its shaking)

As Gopal held the chair tightly, my wife stretched up to reach for the books.

Sandhya was wearing a violet nightie . It wasn’t too short or skimpy, but as she was stretching upwards, her nighitie was getting pulled upto slightly above her knees and her ass was jutting out tightly against the fabric of the nighty. Her panty was clearly outlined against the nightie. Atleast that’s what I thought , from what I saw. It could be an aberration of the camera, but I was almost sure it was her panty outline.

As Sandhya tried reaching for the books, she didn’t realise her ass was wriggling right in front of our servant’s face.

But ofcourse Gopal saw my wife’s ass right in front of his face and it had an immediate effect on him. While he was holding the chair with one hand , he placed his free hand on his groin. I couldn’t believe Gopal’s guts. Sandhya was just a few feet away and she would freak out if she saw Gopal rubbing his groin. I was curious and anxious and my eyes were riveted on the webcam window.

Even through the webcam window I could see Gopal had a hard on. Sandhya was trying hard to reach for more books and that was making the chair wobble. Before she could steady herself , she lost her balance and slipped backward. Gopal reacted instantly and blocked her fall with both his hands.

It would have been a bad fall if Gopal hadn’t help her up. My wife heaved a sigh of relief.

“Thank you Gopal” she said still breathing hard. But within a fraction of second she realized Gopal’s both hands were supporting her and were placed on her ass. This made her visibly embarrassed and she quickly got down the chair.

“Gopal, tum zara try karna” She said in an authoritative voice trying to get over the awkward moment ” main tired ho gayi hoon”

Saying this she left the room, and Gopal climbed on the chair trying to finish the incomplete work.

Once in a while Sandhya would come to the bedroom and then go back to the other rooms, while Gopal went on with his work of bringing down the books.

To my dissapointment, she took her bath while Gopal was bringing down the books and only later even he must have realized the same. I could hear Sandhya call out for Gopal from the Kitchen.. He got down from the chair and did as instructed.

The room was empty for a while and I couldn’t see or hear anything, until I heard the main door being shut. Sandhya had left for office and needless to say I was disappointed.

But I had other plans. I was really getting obsessed with the cam thing.

On way home I bought a couple of long USB cables.

The next day was Sunday. I could not really expect anything to happen while I was at home. Gopal was a well-behaved servant , and we had always considered ourselves lucky to have such an obedient, timid and an efficient servant at home. His present behaviour was a complete surprise to me. I could never in my wildest dreams imagine him to be like this. However to my surprise I was not feeling angry but instead the whole situation was turning me on. Though, if Sandhya got even an inkling, she would fire him from the job. God knows, even hand him to the police. She was perfectly capable of that.

I wasn’t expecting the weekdays to repeat itself on Sundays, but I had other plans !

I brought out the long USB cables from the packet and attached them. After joining them the length must have become atleast 10 metres . Then I took out the webcam and placed it in a small cardboard box and cut a small hole in one of its sides for the lense to stick out. Once in place, I taped the camera onto the box from inside, so that it wouldnt move or get displaced. Satisfied, I brought out my laptop and attached it to the webcam with the long cable. I connected the laptop to the net through the landline at home and tested the webcam. It worked. The test run was successful. Now it was time to put the webcamera in the right place and I waited for an opportune moment.

As Sandhya entered the bathroom to take her shower I sent Gopal to go to the market to buy a magazine, just a pretext to have him out of the house. The door closed and I got into action. I went to the kitchen and started scanning for a proper place where I could keep the webcam, without it being noticed. The cupboard on top of the kitchen window seemed to be an ideal place, as I could easily take out the cable from the window, without it being conspicuous. I climbed onto a chair and placed the camera in a corner on top of the cupboard and surrounded it with boxes and bottles in an attempt to camaflouge the camera. And after pulling the cable out of the window, I moved to the drawing room. I stretched out and pulled in the other end of the cable. I was just hoping Sandhya wouldn’t finish her bath before I was through with my work.

I brought the cable upto the cabinet where the music system was kept and deftly slithered it through the hole meant for electrical wirings to enter the cabinet. I pulled into the cabinet as much of the cable I could and then attached it to the laptop. I did the same with the phone cable and placed the laptop inside the cabinet.

My work was done !

I was feeling like a little boy, excited by his new toys. Sandhya finishes her bath in another few minutes and Gopal too returned with the magazine.

I informed Sandhya that I needed the telephone cable to test my laptop, so it wont be working the whole day. She had her mobile so she didn’t really feel a need for the landline.

I was anxiously waiting for the day to get over. Monday did finally appear.

Before leaving for my office I connected the laptop to the net and yahoo messenger.

The kitchen and bedroom was now under the surveillance of my eyes.

The first thing on reaching office was to connect my office PC to yahoo messenger.

I was hoping the laptop, which was connected through landline wouldn’t have disconnected by now.

As Yahoo Messenger got connected I saw two of my own ID’s online, one from my personal PC in the bedroom and the other from my laptop.

Excited I sat down on the chair, keeping an eye on the monitor. I requested for cameras of the both the Ids to be connected. Two windows popped up, but only one connected, the other was dark. I was disappointed. I had to see the cams one by one.

The bedroom was empty. I waited for a few minutes and then disconnected the bedroom cam and connected the one in the kitchen. Both Gopal and Sandhya were in the kitchen.

Sandhya was wearing a nightie, which she usually wears at home.

Though, I couldn’t hear anything I could make out she was giving instructions to Gopal on how to cook a particular dish.

Gopal was standing closeby and just nodding, obedient and silent as ever.

In a few minutes, Sandhya left the kitchen. I hurriedly changed cams and connected the one in the bedroom. I preferred the cam in the bedroom as it had audio too, being a video camera.

Sandhya opened one of the cupboards and took out few of her clothes. She was going for her bath and then would leave for her office. This was her daily routine.

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