Secret club for Indian couple

Manasi had completed her post-graduation from reputed college of ****. She was very smart girl in her college days, She had arranged marriage with Vishal and she is housewife. She get married at age of 23 just after giving exam of her post-graduation. She is now 25 years old.

Vishal work for Multinational company and earn good money, they own house in ****. Vishal was little shy type and Manasi was his faithful wife. He love her lot, He consider himself lucky because despite his older age(32) he got beautiful college girl, in fact hot college girl to marry.

Manasi used to get bore at home and now she was very active on Facebook, what Sapp. No prize for guessing that Manasi had lot of male friend on what Sapp and Facebook. She used to chat with all of male friends but she knows her limits and never cross it.

Her bonding was her friend was very good; she used to send her pic to lot of male friends. If she wears new saree, new dress she used to post it on Facebook and send it to her whatSapp friends. This was not strange for her, she doesn’t feel it odd or she didn’t take it in bad spirit, her intention and her loyalty was very clear.
Vishal obviously don’t like it but he trust her and don’t want to hurt her. She also had one dummy account on yahoo and Skype. She had lot of friends there also. She had permission of vishal also for this account. She used to chat here, mostly adult. She also exposed herself without face obviously. But Vishal didn’t know that she expose herself on Skype or yahoo. He thought this account is only for fun.

Her profile pic on yahoo messenger and Skype was her boobs covered in Kameez with mangalsutra dangling on her boobs. Her name one yahoo messenger and Skype was her real name as she know there will be thousands of Manasi in world and no one will be identify her on name only.

One day she receive one invitation email on her yahoo messenger, Its subject line was “Welcome to secret club”. She opened it and she liked the content of it. They have given one Skype messenger ID and asked to do voice call to listen terms and condition. This email attracted her because at bottom it was written, “Only Couple call, No single female or male”

Manasi know if it was fake club then they would have invited only girl also, because most people are craving for girl on internet and this email say no single girl allowed, it make Manasi believe that it is genuine club. She decided to give a try and she give voice call to that Skype id.

Person receive a call, it was surprise for Manasi as he received call only in second attempt of ring, that means they have dedicated team for receiving call, it also make Manasi believe geniuses of this club.

Manasi :- Hi Manasi here..

Operator: – Hello Manasi madam, welcome to Secret club(It was male voice), I am operater5, how could I help you?
Manasi: – I got invitation for secret club and just want to know about it(Manasi was little nervous but she know she can always back out as this was her dummy Skype account)

Operator5: Great Manasi madam May I know your age, sex and location?
Manasi: – I am Manasi 25 years old, female stay in ****.
Operator5:- great, as you know this club is only for couple, so you are married or you have boyfriend.

Manasi: – I am married for two years to Vishal.(She told real name of hubby, she know its not that big deal)
Operator5:- Manasi madam, could you please add your hubby in this conference call, as it is secret club only for couple, we don’t talk with single.
Manasi: – but my hubby is at work and he will coming home tonight at 8 PM.
Operator5:- No worries, we will setup time for you, is it ok if we call you at 11 pm?
Manasi: – Ok, but can you please let me know little before I introduce my hubby to you?

Operator5:- sorry madam, its our policy we only deal with couple.
Manasi: – Ok, thanks, We will be ready at 11 PM.
Operator5:- Great, I will send you some rules of first meet, be ready. It will be video call not voice call, we will call you, if interested then receive video call.
The voice call was cut, Manasi was very surprised, till now everywhere boys was running behind her and she was one who used to cut call, this time operator 5 cut the call. She was impressed by this club, this is something she want to at least give try. But her doubt was about video call, how can she present herself to stranger.

Manasi was in dilemma whether to join night Skype call or not. though she was impressed, but video call was too much for her. She suddenly received another email from club member. Subject line was “Gift for beutiful wife and rules of first meet”

She opened email and she find attached gift voucher of rupees 10K, She was very happy. She initially thought its fake voucher, but when she tried i work and she purchased few new dresses for herself within 15 minute of receiving email.

Now she opened second attachment which say rules of first meet. She opened it there was strict instrucion given there that this rules has to be read by couple together. There was one more sentenced in bold dark, she read it. it was writtin as below.
“The gift voucher we present you is secret between you and club Manasi, dont involve your hubby in it, This club can make you super rich as couple and give you great lifestyle”
Vishal come at home at 8 PM, Manasi narrated her entire event of secret club, but she hide gift voucher thing deliberately. She was unconsciously following every instruction mentioned in email.

Vishal promise her to read rule and join Skype call but he also told her that he will backup if he find something very outrageous. Manasi was hoping that her hubby wont find anything outrageous, even Manasi don’t know how she is attracted to this club.

Vishal at 9 PM was sitting on chair in front of their computer and he ask Manasi to join, so that they can read rule. Vishal was also very excited about what kind of club is this. He was also very hard, becuase her wife chat with lot of males, She had joined lot of adult group but she never tell vishal anything, neither vishal invade her privacy.

Manasi arrive in bedroom, and Vishal was surprised becuase she was totally nude, no cloths on her body. Vishal know when Manasi has to make him agree on something she use her body as tool, so it was clear to vishal that its very difficult for him to denied manasi for this activity.

Manasi come and sit on his lap, as she was trying to sit on his lap, he tried to remove his short, but Manasi say no to him and sit on his lap, now her naked ass was in touch with his penis which was covered by underwear and shorts. Naturally his hand go to her boobs, this time Manasi don’t oppose and allow him to touch it. Manasi always love when someone touch her boobs, right form her college days, though she don’t have boyfriend but when someone molest her in crowd she used to enjoy it.

Vishal try to kiss her, but she don’t allow him, She is very hygienic and she only allow him to kiss after mouthwash. Now Manasi was sitting on his husbands lap totally nude where her hubby is covered in his short, he had taken his hand from her armpit and playing with her boobs, his head was resting on her shoulder, both were looking towards screen, Manasi was operating computer as Vishals hand was busy in molesting her boobs.

Manasi open rulebook, she have already deleted all things related to gift voucher. Below were content of that email.

Hi Couple,

Welcome to secret club, This is formal invitation to you guys to join our first call so that we could let you know the rules of our secret club. Rest assure, this is very secret club and we have lot of great male personalites part of this group, so its more important to us to keep it secret than you.

I want to told you guys that this is adult club, In this club we only select couple. We dont select all couples, our selection percentage is only 20 percent that means we reject 80 percent of couple.

This email is only for rules of first meet, but I just want to hint you that in this club only girl(wife or girlfriend) will be active and Mens(hubby or boyfriend) will be passive. Enter in this world only if you trust each other.

Rules of first video call:-

You have to attend this call as team, both female and male must attend call
This will be video call, but we understand your fear so you guys can mask your face with black cloth, we want to assure you that no recording will be done from our side.
In this call girl have two type of attire, one for married couple and other for unmarried couple
Unmarried girl should wear either Tshirt and jeans or Salwar-Kameez.
Her Tshirt or Kameez has to be tight and hint of cleavege should be visible
Most of upperchest must be open, her shoulder should be exposed.
It has to be sleveless, Kameez or tshirt.
She must wear bra, her bra strap must be clearly visible on her shoulder.
Her nailpolish should match her bangels and her dress colour.
She should not wear anything in her neck.
Her jeans or Salwar should be tight fitting.
Married girls should wear saree.
Saree has to be transperent and she should wear below her navel.
Her blouse has to be sleveless and it should show lot of cleavege.
Bra strap should be clearly visible on her shoulder and on her back also has to be totaly open exposing bra strap.
Her upperchest must be totally expose.
She must wear her mangalsutra in such way that end of it should reach her cleavege.
Her nailpolish, her bra, her bangles colours should match

  1. Males(Hubby or boyfriend) dont have any dress code, they have to be totally nude.
  2. Couple should maintain distance between themself during video call.

Thanks for considering this club, if you still agree on all condition then receive our video call on skype at decided time. Remember Mask your face so boys dont worry much about your nudity.

Your club owner.

Manasi and vishal was surprised, Vishal dick was very hard reading this email, Manasi look towards him and kiss him, this is very rare occasion when 25 years old Manasi was allowing her hubby kiss without mouthwash.

once they finish kiss, Manasi insisted on joining the first video call, she ask vishal there is no harm as their faces will be mask, and anyway she will be totally dressed. Vishal also realize there is nothing to loose, His wife will be totally clothed with her face masked, so its pretty safe. He agree to join video call which was due after one hour.

He wanted to fuck Manasi in one hour, he pick her and throw her on soft cushoion of bed, he jump on her as if he is banging her. she also struggle like if she has been banged and run away, the continue this roleplay for some time, finally Vishal caught her, now Manasi was under vishal and vishal try to kiss her. Manasi cleaverly save her mouth from his

Manasi :- Vishal, I have to get ready, I have to dresses as per the club rules. you know saree, nailpolish, exposing blouse, bra.. its lot of stuff.
Vishal :- Manasi allow me to fuck it only take 10 minute, please..
Manasi :- Hey, you dont have to get ready, you only have to wear mask and sit there, try to understand.. its first meet I dont want to make any bad impression.

Saying so she bite him, Vishal also leave her realizing she is not ready to fuck now, she send vishal out of bedroom and ask him to go to store and bring some mask to hide their faces properly, she ask him to bring red nailpolish, it was clear that she is wearing red blouse, red bra. Initially Vishal was confuse why she select red but then he realize Manasi had red bangel in her hand and she is just matching color.


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