Sexy Twist in Hot Wife Shwetha’s Life – 03

Shwetha stared at him in shock. She never expected a man would ask her so directly about her panty. Sindhu was anxiously looking at her praying that her friend would not get angry and explode at Vishwa.

It took Shwetha a while to come out of her initial shock. Then she thought fast what to say. She asked herself why she came here – to have fun right? Then why should she not play along? After all, this little group was so open about sex and she did not want to look prude in front of them.

Mustering all her courage, Shwetha said, “It’s blue.”

Muscles on Sindhu’s face relaxed. She gave a little appreciative pet on her friends hand.

“Blue is my favourite,” Vishwa said.

Bottle spun again. It stopped at Vishwa this time. “Dare,” he said.

Manoj took the opportunity to dare him. “Are you guys traveling tonight in sleeper bus or semi-sleeper?”


“Then you must eat Nikhila’s pussy in the bus.”

“Yes, I am ready to do the adventure.”

But Nikhila objected. “The dare is for him right…then why involve me?”

“Dare is for him but fun is for you,” Sindhu said.

Nikhila laughed. “Okay, I am in.”

Shwetha wondered how they were able to talk so freely about sex. She had never used words pussy and cock even with her husband. Their sex life was very formal. Whenever he got into mood, he would kiss her and press her boobs. Without any further foreplay, he would undress her. Sometimes, he would not care to undress…just lifting her saree or dragging her leggings down was enough for him.

Then he would fuck her. However her husband was a great fucker. He made sure that she got orgasm then only he would splash his sperm into her pussy.

Shwetha would not consider herself as sexually deprived as they have sex wherever possible but they never tried something new. The act had just become routine to her.

Now, sitting here, in the hall of her friend, Sindhu, she wondered if she should try something new. Was this an opportunity for her to try unknown territories in sex?

“Shwetha, it’s your turn again.”

She came back from her thoughts. The bottle had stopped at her again.

“Dare,” she said, without a second thought.

Sindhu was surprised. She had never imagined that her friend would ever be ready to take a dare.

Shwetha was waiting for the challenge with excitement. She was determined to do anything at any cost.

Shwetha was waiting for the challenge with excitement. She was determined to do anything at any cost.

Nikhila said, “You go to a lingerie shop and buy a bra for yourself. Manoj acts as a salesman.”

“That’s excellent!” Vishwa said.

Without delay, Manoj sat up, announcing, “My shop is open for the ladies.”

Feeling a little bit shy, Shwetha came in front of Manoj as if entering into a shop.

“What do you want, madam,” Manoj, the shopkeeper, asked.

Shwetha did not answer for a moment. She glanced at Sindhu, who winked, giving her courage.

“I want a brassiere,” she said.

“We have all types of bras, madam. Push-up, padded, convertible, strapless, lace, sports – you name it.”

“Show me lace types.”

“Let me show you designs. What is your size, madam.” Manoj’s eyes traveled to her bust for a second, which made Shwetha red in the cheeks.

“Thirty four,” she said coyly.

“Cup size?”

“You are asking too many questions, Mr. Shopkeeper.”

“Sorry, madam. But that’s my job. The more I know about you, the more happy you will be.”

What a double meaning dialogue, Shwetha thought. “Okay, show me D cup.”

The shopkeeper this time stared at her boobs for a longer time. “Madam, I think you should go for DD cup.”

“What the hell! I know about myself.”

“Don’t get angry madam. I have been running this shop for fifteen years and I know what is good for you. When you came four months back, you bought C-size. Now they are D-size. It seems your husband loves your boobs and he is using them very well. I am sure they will grow to DD in a couple of months. If you buy D size now, all your new bras will go waste.”

Shwetha became bashful again by his words. However she came out of it soon and assaulted the shopkeeper. “Is this the way to talk to women? I make a scene here so no women will buy anything here.”

“Don’t do that, madam. This shop is my livelihood.”

“Then without uttering another word, show me lace bras,” Shwetha commanded.

“Time up,” Sindhu announced. She hugged her friend. “That was a daring performance.”

Vishwa and Nikhila clapped.

Shwetha felt a sense of accomplishment. She was giving up inhibitions pent up in her all these years. She proudly took her seat and smiled at the group.

The bottle span again and this time it stopped at Sindhu. Inspired by her friend’s performance, she announced, “Dare.”

“Let me give you a task,” Manoj said. “I know you have a fantasy. Here is the chance to fulfil that fantasy. You are a prostitute and standing roadside at night for customers. Vishwa will come and approach you for the services.”

Vishwa whistled. “I am ready.”

Shwetha whispered, “I don’t know you have such a fantasy.”

“Yep, I always wonder how much money I could demand from customers with my beauty and assets.”

Sindhu sat up and stood like a prostitute by the roadside. Her bust jutted out showing her fullness. Her waist arched to show off the curves. On the whole, she looked like a high class slut in skimpy clothes.

Sindhu sat up and stood like a prostitute by the roadside. Her bust jutted out showing her fullness. Her waist arched to show off the curves. She just looked like a high class slut in skimpy clothes.

Vishwa approached her whistling. He looked at her from top to bottom, checking her figure. “Nice assets,” he said aloud.

Shwetha looked at Manoj to see how he would react to the comment on his wife. He seemed to enjoy the drama unfolding before them.

“How much?” Vishwa asked Sindhu, the slut.

“Full night or one shot?” she asked.

“Full night.”

“How much can you give?” she countered.

He looked at her undecidedly. Then asked, eying her breasts, “Are they real or padded?”

Sindhu feigned anger. “Real.”

“Five thousand”

“What? Seems you go to cheap prostitutes. I am high class.”

Vishwa sneered at her. “Then why are you standing on the roadside?”

“One filthy customer canceled the booking at the last minute.”

“Okay, then I will give you six thousand,” he offered.

“Not a rupee less than fifteen thousand.”

“That’s too much.”

“Then go to your cheap sluts.” She started moving away from him.

“Come on! Seven thousand.” Vishwa followed her and slapped her ass.

The slut Sindhu turned back angrily. “Don’t touch me.”

“Okay, ten thousand,” he offered, pacifying her.

“No way! Fifteen thousand fixed.” She was adamant.

Vishwa looked at Manoj playfully. “What is this yaar. Tell your wife to reduce her price.”

Manoj laughed. “She already offered a discount price. I would have given her thirty thousand for one shot.”

All laughed.

Vishwa once more slapped her ass. “I will give anything for this ass.”

Shwetha was amazed at the way the two couples were behaving. Vishwa was openly touching Sindhu in front of her husband and Manoj was not at all feeling jealous. Ditto with Nikhila. She was not at all feeling insecure as her husband flirted with another woman in front of her.

Shwetha missed her husband, Pradeep. If only he was here and as open-minded as the men here and they would enjoy all the fun together.

After the Truth or Dare game, all moved to the dining table. As Vishwa and Nikhila had to catch their bus at 9, dinner was finished quickly along with the kids.

As Vishwa’s family got ready to leave, Shwetha strangely felt sad. A few moments back she hated him for checking her out. Now she was unhappy that he was leaving. She felt confused about her own feelings. However she was enjoying every moment here.

While saying goodbye, this time Vishwa did not just shake her hand but hugged her. Her boobs crushed on his chest. That’s not all! He pressed her soft ass.

“We should soon meet again,” he said, letting her go. Shwetha felt a little shy and her face became red.

After the couple left, there was a strange silence in the house. To make the environment lively, Sindhu switched on the TV and played 90’s Hindi movie. The three elders and the two kids soon engrossed into the movie.

After some time, Mahek said, “I am feeling sleepy.”

Sindhu’s daughter, Hasini, said, “Let’s go to my bedroom. We will sleep together.”

Mahek looked at her mother for permission. Shwetha nodded. The two girls disappeared into Hasini’s bedroom.

“I am also feeling sleepy,” Manoj said.

“So early?” Sindhu asked. “Let’s have a long chat with Shwetha.”

“Don’t worry about me,” Shwetha said. “You both go and sleep. I will enjoy the movie for a little while.”

“Are you sure?” her friend asked.

“Yes, dear.”

Soon Manoj and Sindhu too disappeared into their master bedroom.

Shwetha sat alone and watched the movie.

After entering the bedroom, Manoj made sure the door was not closed completely. He left it ajar. When his wife tried to close it, he stopped her. “Don’t close it. Keep open a little bit.”

“Why so?” she asked.

“You will know soon,” he smiled playfully and a little wickedly.

After entering the bedroom, Manoj made sure the door was not closed completely. He left it ajar. When his wife tried to close it, he stopped her. “Don’t close it. Keep open a little bit.”

“Why so?” she asked.

“You will know soon,” he smiled playfully and a little wickedly.

Then Manoj dragged his wife to the bed. “Aren’t you sleepy?” she asked.

“I am horny,” he said. Without giving chance for her to talk any further he peeled off her shorts and shirts in swift motions. In the next minute his wife was standing naked in front of him.

Sindhu was not a woman to give in to the age. She kept herself fit and fuckable. Vishwa always commented, ‘If my dick never fails to get instant hard-on seeing you naked even though I see you like that every day, what about the poor men who see you very rarely!’

What Manoj liked most in his wife was her huge ass and whenever she sat on top of him and rode his dick, he could not take his eyes off her W-shape of the ass. He would slap her ass as long as she rode him.

Now Manoj had no intention to waste time. He threw his naked wife onto the bed and jumped on her. He generally took things in a slow motion in the bed, with proper foreplay first. But this time, Sindhu observed, he did not do any foreplay and positioned himself between her legs. His dick already oozing with precum.
“So fast today,” she commented.

But he gave no fuck to her and started pumping her hole.

‘What happened to him?’ she asked herself. Also, she felt a little pain as she was not wet yet.

Oblivion to her feelings, Vishwa was pounding her. Soon Sindhu too started enjoying the fuck, thanks to her husband’s magical cock. Their room started reverberating with the sounds of his strokes – his cock ramming into her pussy.

“Slow!” she urged. “Shwetha is still in the hall. She may listen.”

“Let her listen. That’s why I kept the door open,” Manoj said.

“You dirty boy! You want to arouse other men’s wife by fucking me hard!”

“Yes, my dear wife dear.” Saying so, he gave her more noisy strokes.

With the thought that her prudish friend, Shwetha, was listening to their fuck sounds made Sindhu horny and her cunt started oozing enormous juices. As an accomplice to her husband, she too started making loud noises. “Fuck me hard, pleaase…fuck me, fuck me more Manoj.”

He understood his wife and started ramming her tight cunt more and more.

*** As she hated sleeping alone, Shwetha decided to watch the movie till the end. But soon she was disturbed. Some strange noises started dominating the TV sound.

‘What was that,’ she wondered. She took the remote control and decreased the TV sound a little bit. The noise was now more clear.

Thap, thap, thap, thap, thap…

Was it coming from the master bedroom?

She was a little confused and looked towards the master bedroom. Oh my gosh…bedroom door was open!

Now she knew what that sound was. Sindhu and Manoj were having sex! It was just a few mins they went to their bedroom and they already started out! So Vishwa was not sleepy but horny!

Shwetha’s face became red with every second. Soon she started hearing Sindhu’s voice. Fuck me hard please…fuck me more…

Shwetha smiled to herself that her friend was having hell of a good time. She began enjoying the sounds emanating from the bedroom and, before she realized, there was a wet patch between her legs. Her boobs became heavy and nipples became taut.

Oh no! She could not do this sitting in the center of someone else’s living room. She tried hard to control her feelings. But she knew it was impossible to do so while hearing the noises from the room.

Should she try to close the door? Shwetha started evaluating the pros and cons of her strange thought.

‘Should I take that risky step and close the door?’

To Be Continue….

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