Transformation of Innocent wife

My name is Ragu and am from a settled family in Chennai. I run a small company.I got married to one of a distant relative girl from south. My wife name is Meena.Its been 6 months since we got married. We live in a separate house from my parents who live in other part of the city.
Though She is from village she has completed her degree and looks wise fair and charming like a city girl. Her stats is 38c 34 38. You can Imagine her as like actress Asin.

My wife is an Innocent girl who is matured but still believe everything and helping mind. Though she is from village and was initially hesitant to wear modern dress like Tshirt and jeans outside, I convinced her slowly that its normal in cities and she must patch up with other girls in the city. I transformed her slowly from a village girl to a city girl. Like everybody I got bored of sex after 6 months doing same stuff. I did like to explore more and browse online and came to know about cuckold. Though I didnt have that much interest in cuckold initially few incidents changed my mind totally. so will discuss about those incidents 1st.

Incident 1.

One day we went to a Theatre for a movie. She was dressed in a Tshirt and Jean. As usual the theatre is crowded .Since it was a sudden plan we didnt book tickets, I stood in queue for buying ticket. one old guy aged around 45 to 50 was looking at her. She felt uncomfortable and told me. I said that is normal in cities we cant do anything for that. Later we entered inside the theatre. Our tickets was in the 1 row before the top row and 1 seat before corner . The other sides men were sitting. So I sat on the men side and made her sit on the other seat before the corner row. Movie started and the corner row was empty. After 10 mins one guy came and sat in the corner row , its none other than that old guy. My wife became uncomfortable. But I convinced her just enjoy the movie there wont be any problem. But she wanted to exchange the seat , so we exchanged and sat. After few mins she said the other side guy hand was touching her hand. I said it would have not been intentional and asked to watch the movie. after sometime she said the same thing and she again asked me to exchange the seat and we sat in the initial place, she sat near that old guy.

After few mins I got a call from office so i went outside and came back in 10 mins. I saw my wife and that old guy laughing and discussing about the movie. i asked my wife whats going on. She said he didnt understand the scene and so she was explaining him. I suspected something and decided to watch whats happening. The old guy stood and started to walk to restroom , by the time he started he slipped hitting my wife legs and while try to balance he kept one hand on her thighs for support. He said sorry and started to walk. As my wife is Innocent and helping mind she didnt mind that. But i felt that was intentional. I noticed one more thing, seeing other mans hand on my wife thighs my penis suddenly got erected.He then came back and sat.

Interval time I went to buy snacks and came. While I saw them they were talking like they were known to each other. one side I felt angry on the other side again my penis stood seeing my wife laughing with 50 year old guy. At that time I dont know why this is happening but it felt new and good. So I wanted to see what will the guy do in my absence. I just said my wife again pretending i got a call from office and will return back. I started to walk but didnt go outside instead stood at the end of the row. luckily I saw the top row corner seat alone was empty so I went there and sat silently without them noticing me. Its 5 mins after the Interval so 1 hour remaining in the movie. I thought to go after 30 mins and till that wanted to watch whats happening.

Since I was not there the guy again started to discuss about the movie. I can somewhat hear them what they were talking. The guy asked my wife whether he can keep his hand on top of the chair (literally over the shoulder) as it was paining in single position for long time. She thought for once said no problem. Initially he had his hand on the chair shoulder and gradually brought down to her shoulder. since she was watching the movie keenly she didnt notice at all. She offered him some popcorn so in the act of talking popcorn he moved closer to her. My penis started to grow every second. I went to the corner called her and told that some important call it will take 15 more mins. She said ok. The guy heard the call and became more confident.

That time there was a romance song started. The guy looked at my wife expression seeing the romantic song and slowly started to caress her shoulder. She couple of times removed his hand but he kept on continuously started to caress her shoulder. she gave up and watched the screen. I could understand that her mood slightly changed while seeing the song and was afraid looking for me. She told him to remove his hand as I would come anytime. The old guy said few more mins please and will remove it before i come. Then she again concentrated on the song. The guy as caressing her shoulder slowly moved his hand little down and almost on the beginning of her boobs. Her breathing increased. by the time he asked her for some more popcorn. she gave him. In the pretext of taking popcorn he lowered his hand much more now correctly above the boobs. my penis stood rockhard watching some 50 year old unkown guys hand on my wifes boobs. To distract her he asked some doubt about the movie scene , she had no other choice but to explain , meantime he started to draw circles around her nipple. she became uncomfortable. He enjoyed her facial expression during this. He then went to her ear and asked her slowly that her boob size is 38c right. she was in shock and asked him how did he know. he then immediately cupped her boobs and told like this i know. She let out a small moan and tried to remove his hand. but he didnt give up immediately. He massaged her boobs for 1 more min. She then gave up. I know its time I have to go there. I started to walk. While seeing me at some distance he removed his hand and sat normal. On seeing me my wife got normal. I said sorry it was an important call from auditor bla bla and sat. There was 15 more mins left for the movie. That old guy still didnt sit silent even after i Come and tried to touch her right side boobs. I pretend myself like watching movie and not knowing whats happening at the side. After 5 mins struggle he successfully cought her right boob. Inorder to avoid me seeing she folded her hands . For 5 mins he massaged her boobs and nipples nicely. At times she let out small moan when he pinched her nipples. She had no other choice but enjoyed his caressing as her body started to react.

The movie got over . When we came outside the old guy constantly started staring at her while we were in parking. She pleaded in her eyes to him to go. he made some signs showing as boobs and made a flying kiss. The expression from my wife was not disgusting instead a small romantic look.

All this while i didnt see them directly but know what was happening. The expression from my wife when that old guy gave a flying kiss shocked me .

We then went home and had an enormous sex after long time. Infact I bannged her 2 times repeatedly.

Incident 2.

The next day what happened in theatre was running in my mind constantly. I decided to take leave and told my wife some silly reason.

one thing I want to understand is that whether she was helpless or she enjoyed. If she had enjoyed then I can expect more from her. Else I have to make things happen. SO I asked her the reason for good session last night. The conversation below.

Me : Anything special happened for last night. I never saw you like that wild for months?
Meena : No nothing It went just like that.
Me: No there is something. Don’t hesitate If there is something let me know.
Meena : Actually something happened after you went for call.
Me : what happened.
Meena: That guy next me groped my hips while you were away.
Me: (she didnt say boobs and also about the last 5 mins)Angrily ” why didnt you say that time I would have trashed that guy then and there right.
Meena: I dont want to create a scene there thats why.
Me: So this is why you were exited last night.
Meena: No No not like that. I didnt like that , I didnt have a choice so kept quiet.
Me: ok forget about that. I have some work to do I’ll be in our bedroom you can watch TV or what ever you want. saying I took the laptop and went inside.

I still cant understand why she had to hide, whether I’ll feel bad or did she really enjoyed. So I Kept on thinking what to do next. I had a plan. I went outside to a known medical shop
bought some viagra tablets and came home. I wanted to see how she behaves whole day. So around 10 am I went to kitchen making tea, I mixed 1 viagra tablet in her tea and gave it to her.
I then came to bedroom and watched her reactions silently. I can sense her body is getting hot from her face reactions. Then there was one astro guy on the road. He knowcked our gate and asked whether we want to check astrology. Since my wife is from village background she believes all those stuffs so she invited him inside. The guy looked 50+ dark skinned 5.5 feet high same as my wife height and bald head. Though he is an astro guy from his face he didnt seemed a good man. My wife called me but I said I am not intrested and told her to keep the door closed aways in day time and closed the door and went inside. I was getting exited. My wife was wearing a saree and that astro guy was wearing a white shirt and white dhoti.

He took her hand and seeing the palm stated to say some things about the past in general, infact osme of them were true. She was little surprised and was keenly listening to him.
She then asked her about the future, for that the astro guy said he need to see the moles in her body in order to say the future. she showed her hand backside there was one mole. The astro guy said these are common moles , this doesnt have any significant impression and he need to see the moles which will generally not be visible outside. She was hesitant for a second, looked at the bedroom. The astro guy sensed she was little worried about me and said he just wanted to take a close look at and nothing to be afraid. She agreed with half mind.
She then said she had one in her thigh. He then asked her to spread her legs a little and slowly moved the saree upwards. As the tablet already in effect She got little tensed and exited at the same moment. He raised the saree just above the thigh and found one mole on the sides. He touched that with little pressure, She left out a small moan. He noticed that and in the pretext of looking he started to massage slowly and started to describe about future. her eyes started to fade slowly on the massage. After he described the future she removed his hands slowly covered her legs. He sensed if he could get couple more private parts he can have more of her.

He then asked to show the next mole. She said enough, but he held her hand softly and insisted that we should not stop now and not to worry, he is just going to analyse. She then said she have one mole in her breast. He kept her hand on her shoulder and tried to remove her saree. she immediately stopped and said her husband is inside and if he sees it will be a problem. He said then we will go to other bedroom and finish it quickly. she was little hesitant and said enough. he asked her do you have any children for which she said no. he said the mole in breast will say about children and wealth. As the tablet waas already working her body and that touch in her thigh made her hot so she agreed. Before going to other bedroom she came to me and said the astro guy went and she is going to sleep for sometime in other bedroom. I said nothing required. Infact I have 1 more hour of work you can go to sleep. SHe closed the door and both went to the other bedroom and closed the door. I can see his erected dick following her. I immediately went outside and stood near the window which faced backside of our house. Luckily it was not bolted and just closed with little see through gap.

After they went inside they both sat on bed, she started to remove her saree. My wife inside our bedroom without saree with a 50+ ugly balded old man made my cock rock hard. She then said she is feeling shy and never let anybody else than her husband to see her private parts. He assured her that he is just doing his work and she can show him like she is showing to her doctor. he gave an idea that if you feel shy you can tie a cloth around your eyes. while she was thinking he took a big kerchief in nearby shelf and tied her eyes. She though was little tensed but became little confident that I wont come for now and they are safetly inside a room. Its been 1 hr since she took the tablets and her body is so hot which could be seen from her face. He started to unbutton her blouse hook, she let out a moan when his hand touched her inside part of boobs. He then know that he have her for 1 hour and can get maximum out of her if he proceeds slowly. he then removed her blouse. he said he didnt find any mole. She said its inside her bra.meanwhile he said his dhoti is making him uncomfortable while sitting so he told for a time being he will remove it as she her eyes are tied. She said ok. He didnt have any underwear and his cock is as double thick as normal cock and 10 inches long just like in porn movies. I cant believe my eyes and just imagined what if it went inside my beautiful wife’s pussy. precum started from my penis.

He then placed her hands on her back to remove the bra, she said cant you just check with the bra on. He said he can’t take a proper look with her bra on and started to remove the bra hook. He successfully removed the bra and my wife is topless with this 50 year old unkown in her own bedroom. This guy’s cock stood harder on seeing a milky white 38c firm boobs with dark arola and dark nipples. He just took his toungue and wiped his lips. he said madam I dont see any mole here. She said its near her left boob arola in shame. ok Madam I will check saying he held the left boobs nipple in her fingers and went closer. She can sense his breath in her boobs. he said yes madam i can see one mole here , but he was watching my wife’s face reaction with his fingers holding the nipple. My wife said in husky voice please make it fast. he said checking madam and and in the pretext of checking he tweaked her nipples with much more pressure. she bite her lips. he started to tell something about children and said he need to examine the nxt breast if she has got any mole. she said there is nothing on the other, he said let me check madam and took other nipple on the other hand. now both the nipples on both of his hand.She at the height of extreme pleasure not able to resist let out a sound shhh hmmmm. seing this he waas pinching her nipples more and asking her what happened madam. she said shhh ahh nothing nothing carry on. Seeing this I was about to explode.

he became confident and started to press both her boobs. She slowly started to lie in bed ,she forgot for what she came inside and her husband is in other room she started to moan. he then having one boobs pressed took his other hand went down and started to grill his navel. He then started to suck one boob pressed the other while fingering her navel. SHe was not able to resist this tripple attack and was constantly moaning. he sensed this opportunity and started to untie the knot of petticoat. he then bit one nipple hard which made her jolt her body and using this chance he suddenly removed her petticoat upto knee level. she was not aware of this as she was in height of this extreme pleasure. he then slowly moved his hand further lower and started to touch the outer part of the pussy. It was fully wet. she kept moaning continuousy. He then moved closer to her face and removed the kerchief tied her eyes. She with extreme pleasure looked in his eyes. when she look he inserted his 2 fingers in her pussy in one stroke, she opened her mouth and moaned that time he took the chance and kissed her and inserted his toungue inside her mouth and started to suck her mouth. I exploed seeing this scene. I could never imagine the pleasure i had this time and and the amout of cum is 5 times higher than usual.

He kept her fingering for couple of mins and kissing. My wife exploded after this. he removed her hand from her pussy and let her relax for a min. both laid next to each other. he then stood and she saw her 10 inch cock she was shocked. but at the same time she was alos got exited. he then went to her knee and started to remove her petticoat . She stopped him and pleaded him please no. He understood that she had her climax just now so he acted immediately and took her and and placed on his cock. she held his cock and was looking at that. meanwhile he slowly started to remove her petticoat. her resistence weakend on holding his cock and he completely removed her petticoat. he then spread her legs wide. but to his bad luck some one pressed the calling bell, it was the courier guy. Both got alerted and stood up. he cannot believe his badluck. I also do not wanted this to happen so soon else all my pleasure will come to an end so soon, i wanted to her explore more. so I stood there behind the window for some 5 mins and watched the astro guy leave our house. My wife went to check my room and I was not there, she was little bit afraid. I pretend myself coming from upstairs with phone in hand. She then got relieved seing me from upstairs.

I want to check one final time whether these incidents happen just without her consent or she is really accepting what happens. So I wanted to know what happens in my absence so I installed hidden cam at hall, bedroom and bathroom .

The next day I purposely made repair of bathroom pipe and told her there is some leakage problem in bathroom and i’ll send our company plumber to repair it.
As usual i mixed viagra tablet in the food she ate without her knowledge and started to office. Our company peon is 55 years old with bald head and pot belly literraly an ugly old man.
But I have seen him starring at office staffs with lust. SO I knew If he had some private time with my wife he might try something. At the same time i dont want to get things out of my hand. SO I went out and called the plumber to come and check the problem. Meanwhile I told my wife to get bath before that so that I can enter the house with duplicate key.

I entered the house and hid myself in one room. Meanwhile wy wife had completed her bath. She usually wears nighty at house but to my surprise she wored a semi transparent saree.
After 10 mins the calling bell knocked , it was the plumber. her hairs were still wet and she looked like an angel as fresh. Her blouse and her navel is visible in that saree. The plumber looked stunned after seeing my wife. he kept staring from top to bottom which made her uncomfortable. She then allowed him inside to do the repair. The plumber as soon as he went in found the issue and knew its a matter of 10 mins work. But he dont wanted to waste this chance with a beautiful young wife. So he made some more repair so that he can stay for more time. I was watching all of this in the laptop in the room.

The plumber thought for sometime and devised a plan. He took a soap in the mug with some water mixed it and then poured in the bathroom. He then called my wife. my wife went inside the bathroom. By this time its almost 1 hr since she had the tablet so the tablet would have taken the effect. she went inside and asked what he wanted. The plumber said that he needs to tighten some screws and needs help in holding the pipe. She went in front of plumber to hold the pipe that time the soap water in the ground made her jerk and she was about to fall. The plumber immediately caught her from behind such that he caught hold of her 38c melons tightly and gave it a sqeeze. My wife still not able to hold the ground for few seconds somewhat able to ground her feet. All this while he was holiding her boobs. he gave a push and his rod pushed against her butt hole and whispered in her ear ” careful”.

She slowly coming to senses felt uncomfortable of his hands on her boobs , softly said ” ok please remove your hand”. He gave another squeeze while removing her hand. As the tablet started to take effect she let out a small moan.

He then asked her to hold the pipe so that he will tighten the screw. she held the pipe. Instead of tightening the screws he did reverse which made the water splashed from the pipe in full force. since she was holding the pipe and unable to move because of that soap water both became fully drenched in water in few seconds. he then tighten the screw and stopped the water flow. now both of them drenched fully and he pallu slipped of her saree and her wet boobs in her jacket was visible clearly. he started at her with lust. She understood his staring and said she will change the dress and come. The plumber said, I am also fully wet so I need to change the dress as well. she said ok and turned back and was about to leave. He held her hand and said , what if the water spash again while repairing, the dress again will become wet so instead bring me a towel i’ll wear that and work. Since i need your help also You can also wear a towel wile helping me. her face turned red and asked how can she wear a towel with him alone , she said no. He said we both are alone, no one will come to know. also it will take more time if we keep on changing the dress. he was still holding and caressing her hand while telling this. he assured her need not worry and will finish the work quickly and go.

watching all this in hidden camera I thought she will refuse, but instead she went and came back wearing a towel and brought him one. Not only the plumber even I was stunned to see her in a towel. her 38c boobs only half covered and the towel was barely upto her tigh. the plumber was looking at her like she is going to eat her. she said dont look at me like that I feel shy, quickly finish the work. The plumber said You look more sexy in the towel and never seen a beauty like you. she blused and gave the towel and turned back. He removed all his clothes including the underwear and just towel. Though he is 55 his cock stood rock solid at 8 inches and also thick. he called her and asked her to hold the pipe again. when she turned back she saw his bulge and then turned her eyes away and went to hold the pipe.

he went behind her, she was holding the pipe and in the process of tightening the screw he went closer and closer and almost in hugging position. his bare chest touched her bare back.
and he positioned his cock right in center of her as and gave a push. She moved her ass little front. He adjusted his towel such that his cock came out of his towel.he told her to hold the pipe little above , while doing her towel rised a little and alomost her lower part of the ass was visible. he again in the process of moving front gave another push , this time his cock went in between her tigh and he held her tightly. she let out a moan ” shhh ahhhh”. he went near her ear and asked what happened. She said “nothing continue”
He knew she is slowly falling and in few mins she can fuck her nicely, he decided to spice up more , he did something to the screw and told her to hld the pipe tightly else water will splash, she hold the pipe tightly, while bringing down his hand he brough it near her boobs and removed the knot without her knowledge. The towel slowly started to fall. she noticed and shouted the towel is falling. he in the process of grabbing the towel he grabbed her naked boobs and gave a tight squeeze and removed his dick and pushed it again in between her thigh. she let out a bigh moan ” shhhhhhhh ohhhh ahhhh” . he said sorry and grabbed the towel and again grabbed her boobs this time along with her towel and slowly started to caress her boobs. she bit her toungue in order to avoind another moan and asked him in soft voice ” what are you doing please tigh the towel soon”

he said he was not able to do it from the back so he will come in the front and tie it . He held the towel and came front. bent to her chest high and in the process of tieing it he removed the towel and saw her big boobs closely. she in ackward situation turned her face away. He thought this is the chance to spice up things. he went closer held her back with both hands and sucked her boobs. she in shock tried to push him away but as the tablet is already in effect she was not able to resist for long time and when gave a bite in her nipple she surrendered. He knew she surrendered and decide to take it slowly. he pressed one boobs and sucked another. An hour ago she would have not imagined a 55 yearl old bald ugly lowl class plumber would suck her boobs in her bathroom. He expertly sucked such that she forgot everything and started to moan loudly . he made her lie in the bathroom itself. went on top and started to suck both melons for 10 mins. He then went above saw her cherry lips liplocked her, though she surrendered she cant imagine 55 year olld dark balk head guy kiss her. so she try to turn her head but he held her head firm and started to kiss her. he tried to penetrate her mouth but she was firm. After few seconds he pinched her nipples , she opened her mouth he entered his toungue finally and explored her mouth, he was sucking her mouth for some 5 mins, his saliva flowed on the side of her mouth.

He then got up hugghed her gave another tight kiss, this time she was kissing him more passionately as he was exploring her pussy in one of his hand. the more he explores the more she sucks his mouth. they broke the kiss.seeing this scene I cum another time anothe huge load of spearm. never experienced this much orgasm even while fucking her. He then carried her to bedroom. I knew where this is leading and dont want the fuck to happen with this plumber decided to stop the play. I went outside silently. Pressed the calling bell 3 times.
After 3 mins. The plumber opened the door with his towel on , Pretending to be shocked asked him what happened and where is my wife. He told he repaired the leakage and during the process his dress got drenched and waiting to get dried and my wife is taking bath in bathroom. I could see his anger in his eyes while telling me as he missed a good opportunity.

I gave him one of my old dress and asked him to leave. he left politely. I went to the bathroom asked my wife to open the door. saw her in towel. same position exaclty like i saw her few mins ago. She gave a look as if nothing happened but looked like a sex bomb. cant cotrol, carried her to the bedroom and fucked her for 10 mins. She had a big orgasm but I didnt as i cummed few mins ago. when i saw her lips that plumber liplock came to my mind. I immediately went to top, before even she is ready shoved my cock in her mouth and fucked for another 5 mins and cummed fully inside her mouth. She was satisfied and also in shock that I was never wild like this before.

the 1st Fuck

I had to find a horny man with strong big penis so that he can throughly enjoy and same time give pleasure to my wife and me. one day i went to a tailor shop to stich my clothes.
Usually take ready made, but sometimes buy cloth and stich. My regular tailor shop was closed So Ilooked for a new tailor and saw a shop at some distance . I have never been there
when I went I small boy greeted me and there was one more guy in mid 30s stiching clothes. I said I have stich a cloth. The boy said that tailor is taking measurements inside and please wait and went inside a room. I was wondering why to take measurement inside. Then the boy came opening the door, in that gap i saw a old man 50+ age strong built with small pot belly and bald head was taking measurement of a young girl probably a housewife, but to my shock she was in bra. that is all I could see in that 1 second. The boy told it wil take some 30 mins and told to wait. I was curious and want to know whats hapenning inside. As I have never seen girls giving measurements in bra.


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