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University Bathroom Fuck

NB: This is my first time posting here, but I thought this would be fun to write. Be aware, I’m reasonably drunk so forgive me if I make any grammatical or spelling errors. Also, I welcome constructive criticism as I am actually a budding writer so any feedback would be appreciated. Though this is mostly for fun.

So this is the third night I’ve had at University, and the second party I’ve been to. It’s a Beach-themed party, so everyone has to go in what they would wear to the beach – I was wearing shorts and a Star Wars t-shirt (yes, I’m a geek). So I’m at this party with my mate Elaine, and around two hours into the party (I’m reasonably drunk at this point) I go to the bar to get a couple beers for us. Unfortunately, just as I’ve bought them I get a text from Elaine saying she’s had to leave and go back to the dorms because she was feeling a little sick.

I go to the side of the room and lean against the wall, considering my options. I do have a couple friends there I could hang out with, though I don’t know them particularly well, so I instead decided to leave.

(NB: I’m changing styles here. May seem weird but it’s basically the easiest way for me to write this story).

I decide to give these beers to one of my friends, but before I can find them I spot a girl near me, also on the outskirts of the club. She is dressed in a gorgeous lace dress which, I’m gonna be honest, showed a fuckton of cleavage and pretty much nothing else. If her dress were any shorter, her panties would be showing. She wasn’t a small girl – actually quite large – but she had that weight in all the right places. She had a huge, protruding ass and tits I’d estimate to be E-cups. She had long brown hair and deep blue eyes. And did I mention the cleavage? Holy fuck. However, she seems sad, lonely even so I go over to her.

‘Hey, you OK? You look a little lonely?’ I ask.

‘Oh yeah I’m fine. Just…adjusting I guess’. she says with a smile. She looks at me and reaches out her hand. ‘I’m Alice by the way.’

‘Thomas’, I respond, taking her hand and shaking it. Her skin is ridiculously soft to the touch. After a second I realise she doesn’t have a drink, so I offer her one of the beers.

‘Oh, thanks so much,’ Alice responds, beaming. She takes the beer and pounds half of it in about three seconds. While she did that, I notice how fucking gorgeous her lips were. They are rosy red, very full and with a slight overbite… essentially the perfect blowjob lips. And as that image comes to mind, of her lips wrapped around my cock, I feel my dick start to harden. I try to ignore it, but unfortunately that doesn’t particularly work. You see, I don’t want to sound phony here but I have a reasonably large dick. Around 6.5 inches to be specific. Not huge, but above average if I’m correct. And as this was a beach party, I was wearing quite tight shorts, which made my erection pretty damn prominent.

‘So, d’you have any mates here?’ I ask, trying to distract myself from my now-raging hard-on.

‘No. None of my housemates wanted to come, but I decided to check it out anyway and -‘ she abruptly stops talking and I instantly realise why. Her eyes are glued to my crotch, where there is a very visible outline of my cock. She takes a couple steps towards me, not taking her eyes off it. ‘Though maybe that was a good thing?’ she asks in a seductively questioning tone. Then she asks me something which threw me off completely.

‘Dyou want to have sex? Cos you’re hard, I’m horny and it’s always a good way to break the ice?’ I stammer, bewildered. I’ve fucked a good few girls in my past and had some real fun (one trip to Disneyland really comes to mind) but never have I been asked so directly. Before I can get out a full response though, she grabs my cock through my shorts and starts lightly rubbing. Then she leans into my ear and whispers (well, whisper shouts seeing as we’re in a deafeningly loud club) something I’m still thinking about now:

‘With that cock, I wouldn’t be against a good facefuck?’ I could’ve come right there, though thank God I didn’t. Instead I grab the back of her head and pull her in for a long, intense kiss. She is a phenomenal kisser, and I couldn’t wait to see what else she was phenomenal at.

We slam into the disabled toilets, still kissing furiously. As soon as I lock the door, she unbuttons my trousers, wrenches down my pants and pops my cock straight into her mouth. I’m quite a loud fucker and so I moan loudly as she wraps her mouth around it, rapidly moving her tongue around my shaft. She then starts to move her head back and forth along my dick and I just lose it, groaning incredibly loudly. She is by far the best dick-sucker I’ve encountered, and also the most enthusiastic. She takes my hand and places it on the back of her head, essentially asking me to facefuck her, and boy do I. I thrust my dick as hard and as deep as I possibly can into her wonderfully tight throat. I can feel the warmth of her gums and lips around my cock, and her lips sucking me dry at the base. She’s starting to tear up, her mascara starting to run but she doesn’t seem to care. After a couple minutes of thrusting into her mouth, I feel myself about to cum and so push myself as much as I can into her throat. I hold her head in place as I shoot seemingly countless ropes of cum straight down her throat. After I finish, she gets up from the floor and wipes her mouth.

‘Fuck, you’re good at that,’ I say. She smiles at me mischievously. She then goes to the bathroom door to unlock it, but I stop her. ‘Hey? Do you not want it back?’ She looks at me, shocked, her eyes wide.

‘No guy’s ever offered before.’ Can I just say, this is shocking. I mean, who the fuck gets a blowjob and doesn’t offer to reciprocate? This seems dumb.

Anyway, a couple minutes later and she’s buck naked, sat on the sink, her legs stretched out. Her tits are fucking stupendous, with large nipples and no sag whatsoever despite their size. However, the hottest thing was her pussy. Her lips were a little uneven but in a strangely hot way, while her clit was swollen and very obvious. I get on my knees, and immediately insert two fingers in. She cries out before immediately covering her mouth as I start to pump. In, out. In, out. In, out. She is whimpering, attempting to hold in her screams. With the other hand I’m slowly but firmly rubbing her clitoris. I then kneel down and put my face level with her gorgeous cunt, about to start tongue-fucking her, when she says my name. I look up.

‘Not your tongue. Your dick,’ she breathes. That’s all I needed to hear. I immediately stand back up, whip my dick back out and ram it into her. She almost bellows and I start fucking her furiously. She is moving into me as I move into her, and we get into this masterfully erotic rhythm. Her pussy walls are ridiculously tight, almost as tight as a virgin’s, and are pumping all of the pre-cum out of me possible. I bite down on her nipple, and she screams out in pleasure. She isn’t the only one being loud though. I am groaning incredibly loudly with each thrust, as every time that sopping wet cunt absorbs my dick it feels almost divine. . After about ten minutes of thrusting, nipple tweaking and clit rubbing I feel her begin to tense up, her nails digging into my shoulders. Her moans get much louder and more frequent and her thrusts into me feel a lot sloppier. She screams out and bites into my shoulder as she cums incredibly loudly and her pussy walls clench against my dick. And that tightening of the pussy…yeah that does it for me. I suddenly tense up and shake. My toes curl and I cum violently for the second time, shooting hot jizz into her wanting pussy one rope at a time.

Afterwards, we stayed like that, hugging each other, me still inside her, for almost five minutes before we parted from each other’s bodies and got dressed (though I later learned on the way back to my dorms that she’d left her panties in my pocket). We exchange Snapchat details and part ways, not caring that people were watching us suspiciously as we exited the bathroom. I was already so looking forward to seeing her again, and I am so glad I did.

I had a lot of fun in my first year at Uni, but this first fuck has got to be one of the most memorable experiences. Though, there were definitely more memorable ones, and I’d be happy to share them if you want and like my writing and style.

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