Wife and her Older Brother

My wife had always disliked her older brother and I never really understood why. He was a bit of an asshole, but nothing that would warrant the level of animosity coming from her. After some pushing and a few glasses of wine I finally got her to open up about it.

The summer before she started college her brother was home from school before his junior year. They had a Jack & Jill style bathroom between their rooms and one morning while she was showering she forgot to lock the door to his room. She heard the door close and her brother apologized but said he had to piss really badly. She wiped enough of the steam away from the glass shower door for her to glance out and his back was to her as he relieved himself.

He startled her by asking if she like the show and it was then that she noticed he could see her reflected in the mirror. She couldn’t speak but kept watching as he turned to the side and gave her a better view of his cock as he finished pissing. He laughed when he was done and said that it was his turn to get a peek, he turned, and before she realized what was happening he had flung open the shower door.

She covered herself as best she could and yelled at him to get out but he just stood there holding the door open with one hand and his cock with the other. She tried to wait him out, hoping he would give up, but soon realized that he wasn’t going anywhere. She said she wasn’t sure why, but that she decided to finish showering with him watching.

She began to soap up her body and as she washed herself she kept her eyes on him. He released the door and pulled his shorts the rest of the way down and kicked them off. His cock had gotten hard and he began to slowly stroke it as he watched her shower. When she leaned back to wash her hair he reached up and cupped one of her breasts. She slapped his hand away and he slapped her on the ass in response and then grabbed her breast again.

In spite of the situation she said she could feel herself getting aroused and her nipples became hard. He pinched them, which made her yelp a little, and then slid his free hand down her stomach, stopping with his fingers resting in her pubic hair. She froze then and looked at him, unable to speak, and he slid a finger down and into her slit.

She said her legs shook a little then and he made some comment about how much of a little slut she was. He turned her to face him and then clumsily fingered her while she stood in the shower. She felt an orgasm building and had to brace herself to keep from falling as she began to shake and her legs got weak.

When she finished he stood a little closer, almost in the shower, with his cock standing straight up against his abdomen. He reached up and grabbed her wrist and pulled her arm down until her hand was against his cock. She said she felt like she was watching someone else as her hand grasped his cock and he began to work her arm up and down, jerking himself off with her hand.

After a minute he took his hand away from her arm and stood staring at her. She didn’t release his cock and started to slowly jerk him off on her own. He talked to her the entire time, alternating between telling her how good it felt and what a little slut she was, and after a few minutes he placed both his hands on her shoulders and forced her down to her knees in the shower. She said she never released his cock and kept stroking it.

Once she was on her knees in front of him she was afraid he would try to make her suck his cock but he didn’t and instead he told her to play with her tits and he started jerking himself off again. She complied and it didn’t take long before he started to groan and then thick, hot cum began shooting out of his cock and landing on her tits and in her hair. She said a few of the first spurts hit her face above her eyes and his cum ran down over her eyes and her lips.

Once he was finished he looked at her for a second and then grabbed his shorts and went back to his room. She sat there in the shower on her knees in shock for a few minutes and then got up and washed his cum out of her hair and off her body. Once she was dressed she went to the kitchen and he was in there with her parents eating breakfast. They didn’t speak and she quickly left to go about her day.

That night after everyone was in bed she heard the door to the bathroom open and a second later felt his weight on the bed as he sat down. He sat quietly for a minute and then stood up and pulled the covers back off of her. She rolled over to face him and from the light coming in her window she could tell he was naked and hard. She said at that point she was in almost a kind of trance as she sat up and pulled off her t-shirt she was sleeping in. She was naked underneath and lay back on the bed and spread her legs.

He stood there for a minute staring at her and she could see his cock twitching. He told her to stand up and she complied. He felt all over her body then, roughly handling her tits and inserting a finger into her, and then pushed her down onto the bed and rolled her over onto her stomach. He grabbed her by the hips and pulled her backwards until she was bent over the edge of the bed with her feet on the floor. She felt him working the head of his cock against her slit and then some discomfort as he started pressing in to her.

Her body responded and she was soon wet and he began to pound into her from behind as hard as he could, whispering awful things into her ear about how much of a slut she was. She was ashamed at how much she was actually enjoying the rough treatment and came several times. He then grabbed her arms and pinned them behind her and slammed his full length into her faster and faster. He grunted and then quickly pulled out and came all over her back.

Once he finished he just left and went back to his room. She cleaned up and lay awake all night wondering why she’d enjoyed being such a slut for her brother. She said that over the course of that summer he fucked her almost every night and if one of them was in the shower the other was usually in there watching and masturbating. Years later she felt a huge amount of guilt for those months and hated her brother for what they did together.

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